SUMO Affiliates Pro v7.9 – WordPress Affiliate Plugin

SUMO Affiliates Prois a comprehensive WordPress affiliate plugin that you can use to run an affiliate system on your existing WordPress site.

You can reward affiliate commissions for affiliate registrations, form submissions, product purchases, and more.


Features SUMO Affiliates Pro - WordPress Affiliate Plugin

  • Comprehensive WordPress affiliate plugin
  • with advanced integrationWooCommerce
  • Via - Contact Form7 - Affiliate Committee to Submit Form -strong form- WP Form
  • Affiliate commission for email subscriptions via - MailChimp - ActiveCampaign
  • Affiliate commissions for accessing a single page/post using the target commission shortcode
  • User membership registration form
  • Users can attach documents when submitting the membership registration form
  • Option to direct users to become affiliates when creating an account via WooCommerce
  • Users with existing accounts on the site can also become members
  • When a logged in user tries to become a member, the site administrator can choose - Manage the member account within the existing account - Create a separate account for member promotions - Let the user decide
  • Site administrators can choose to be notified and receive notifications of member activity via SMS and email
  • Provides a separate board for site administrators to manage branch offices
  • Webmasters can choose to auto-approve all membership applications/approve after review
  • Separate dashboard for managing affiliate ads for affiliates
  • Site admins have the option to create unlimited extra tabs in the affiliate dashboard
  • Affiliates can create unlimited affiliate links
  • QR codes can be generated for affiliates and can be downloaded as images
  • Affiliate's validity may be limited to the product for which the link was created
  • Refer a friend form to affiliates
  • Webmasters have the option to create unique landing pages for affiliates
  • Affiliate link validity can be customized by site administrators
  • Option for site administrators to determine links based on - Affiliate ID - Affiliate Name
  • Option for webmasters to allow their affiliates to customize affiliate slugs
  • Option for webmasters to allow affiliates to create easy-to-read affiliates (Nice Links)
  • Your members can promote products on your website without using Affiliate Affiliate
  • Branch MLM System
  • The number of direct referrals, tiers of MLM commissions awarded and commission rates for each tier can be customized
  • Site administrators have the option to set commission rates for individual products at the affiliate level
  • Affiliates earn referral commissions when referrals use WooCommerce coupons associated with them
  • Webmasters can choose to reward affiliates with lifetime commissions on purchases from their referrals
  • Separate form to capture URLs accessed by Affiliate
  • Recommended actions for conversion of separate board records
  • Site administrators can choose to automatically approve recommendations/approve recommendations after review
  • Referral commissions may be limited to specific products / categories
  • Site administrators may choose to stop giving affiliate commissions in the following cases - Referred users exceed the specified number of orders - Referred users exceed the amount spent on the site - Referred users exceed the amount spent on orders
  • Site administrators allow their users to select an option for affiliates at checkout so that affiliate commissions for that transaction will be awarded to that affiliate
  • Option for webmasters to allow their affiliates to view their referrer's row details
  • Webmasters can choose to earn a commission on purchases made by their own affiliates
  • When a user completes a referral with multiple affiliates, the webmaster can choose - first affiliate bonus - most recent affiliate bonus commission
  • Webmasters have the option to set the maximum commission amount allowed for any referral action
  • Webmasters can process referral payments for their affiliates using any of the payment methods listed below - PayPal payments - Bank transfers - Affiliate wallets - Rewards Points (SUMO) Rewards Points plugin)
  • Site administrators have the option to attach files in emails sent to affiliates
  • Site administrators can choose to automatically generate and send payment reports as PDF files in payment emails
  • Option to notify website and member administrators via push notifications for recommended actions
  • Option for webmasters to display member leaderboards
  • Site administrators and affiliates have the option to view detailed reports of affiliate advertisements on the site
  • Webmasters have the option to send periodic reports to their affiliates via email
  • Option for site administrators to export the following data to CSV - Affiliates - Visits - Referrals - Payments
  • Option for webmasters to create promotional banners that affiliates can use to promote the site
  • Compatible with SUMO Rewards Points - Affiliate Commissions can be awarded as Rewards Points (requiresSUMO Bonus Points Plugin)
  • compatibleSumo SubscriptionAllow webmasters to receive affiliate commissions for the following: Initial Payments Only - Initial Payments and Renewal Payments
  • Compatible with SUMO payment plan - Affiliate commissions for products in the payment plan will be awarded upon receipt of final payment for the product
  • Compatible with SUMO pre-orders, allowing webmasters to earn commissions - Prepaid products - Pay when products are released

Changelog SUMO Affiliates Pro - WordPress Affiliate Plugin Free Invalid

Version 7.9 on 18 October 2021
New: Added "In Progress" status in the Referrals Tab
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.8.1 & WooCommerce v5.8.0

Version 7.8 on 22 September 2021
Tweak: Compatible with PHP v8.x
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v5.6
Fix: "Mark as Paid" option is not working in the "Referrals" Tab when choosing in "Bulk Actions"
Fix: Fatal Error at Wallet Menu[Conflict with PHP v8.x]

Version 7.7 on 19 August 2021
New: Option to set the commission based on Coupon Code in "WooCommerce Coupon Linking" Module
New: Option to set a separate email id for admin to receive affiliate related emails
New: Option to set the Referral Status[Unpaid/Pending] for Referral Actions
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the "Referral Code" on Affiliate Dashboard
Tweak: Following improvements made on Affiliate Dashboard for Mobile Devices, - Displaying the Submenu - Displaying the Title in Wallet Menu Table
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.8 & WooCommerce v5.5.2
Fix: MLM Commissions are awarding to Direct Affiliates[Conflict with Affiliate Wallet Module]

v7.6 on 20 July 2021
New: Shortcode to display the Username submitted through Contact Form 7 in Referrals Tab
New: Shortcodes added to display Billing Details, Billing Details Alert, Affiliate Application Status & Payment Method Alert
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the Child Affiliates in MLM Tree
Tweak: Improvement in redirecting to Affiliate Dashboard Page after completing the verification link via Email
Tweak: Tested WooCommerce up to v5.5.1 Fix: Shortcode to display the Campaign Section is not working
Fix: MLM Tree displaying for Guest Users

v7.5 on 18 June 2021
Tweak: Tested WordPress up to v5.7.2 and WooCommerce up to v5.4.1
Fix: Fatal error at Frontend Affiliate Dashboard[Referrals, Visits, Payments] when WooCommerce Plugin is deactivated
Fix: Order and User details are not displaying using "Referrals" Shortcode

= v7.4 on 28 April 2021 =
New: Compatible with WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher
Tweak: "Total Earned Commission" field present in MLM Module can be customized
Tweak: Improvement in "Terms of Service" link present in the Affiliate Registration Form
Tweak: Improvement in Frontend JS
Tweak: Tested WooCommerce up to v5.2.2

= v7.3 on 08 April 2021 =
New: Option to restrict the Landing Page Commission based on IP
New: Option to restrict the Affiliate Link usage based on parent affiliate
New: Shortcode to display the Referral Code
Tweak: Username field is editable on the edit affiliate page
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the URL in Visits Section
Tweak: Tested up to WordPress v5.7 & WooCommerce v5.1.0
Tweak: POT File Updated
Fix: Affiliate Registration Checkbox is not displaying at checkout
Fix: Fatal error while using Affiliate Fee Module

= v7.2 on 03 February 2021 =
Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce v4.9.2
Tweak: Validating the space in "Username Field" under "Affiliate Registration Form" & "Campaign Field" in "Affiliate Tools"
Fix: Commission calculation issue on Renewal Orders[Conflict with SUMO Subscriptions Integration]

v7.1 on 01 January 2021
New: Pagination size added in the "Referrals" Tab at admin end
Tweak: Improvement in "Affiliate Email Verification" Module
Tweak: RTL supported for the Email Notifications
Tweak: Tested up to WordPress v5.6.0 & WooCommerce v4.8.0
Tweak: POT File Updated
Fix: Unable to access the settings present in the Modules when WooCommerce is deactivated

v7.0 on 27 November 2020
New: "WooCommerce Coupon Linking" Module supported for Manual Order
New: Option to award Signup Commission after First Purchase
Tweak: Improvement in "Affiliate Fee" Module
Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce v4.7
Tweak: POT File Updated

= v6.9 =
- Tweak: Decimal Value supported in SUMO Memberships Integration
- Tweak: Improvement in displaying the data at Frontend Affiliate Dashboard
- Fix: Fatal Error at frontend when WooCommerce is deactivated
- New: Option for site admin to set the payment method for Affiliates
- New: Option to restrict the referral product purchase commission based on quantity
- Tweak: Validation when not selecting the products/categories under "WooCommerce Product Restriction" Module
- Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce 4.6
- Tweak: Pot File Updated