Smart Notification Wordpress v9.3.7 - Web & Mobile Push, FB Messenger, FB Notifications & Newsletter

Suppose you need a notification framework independent of WordPress and running various sites,Smart Notifications WordPressis an independent arrangement.

Smart Notifications WordPress plugin can take advantage of Node JS and PHP multithreading, 15x faster than WP plugin, extremely low utilization of server assets, and includes all plugin highlights

Smartiolabs does suggest this answer for individuals with over 100k endorsers, if you reach this number of followers it means you have huge traffic and WordPress starting this phase will utilize all server assets.

Web push notifications are free. no external suppliers


It is a complete notification framework for all famous stages Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Notifications, Newsletters, SMS, Viber, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Samsung and Firefox program.Actually look now!

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Features a smart notification WordPress plugin. Web and Mobile Push, FB Messenger, FB Notifications and Newsletters

  • Support IOS/Android/Windows 10/Windows Phone 8,8.1/BlackBerry 10/Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Opera/Samsung browser stage
  • Extraordinary geofencing capabilities and programmatic geofencing notifications to send any gadget naturally within a selected area
  • Buddy Press,WooCommerce, PeepSo and bbPress automatic occasion support and an indispensable asset for identifying and making any custom occasion for WordPress
  • Send a message to a client party
  • andUltimate Membership Pro
  • Limited support so you can now download .PO records to translate them into your language
  • Send push notification messages during server work or luxury moment delivery
  • Send workspace push notification messages for Chrome/Safari/Firefox
  • 3 Unique Ways to Mention Push Authorization from Local Selection in Guest Popup, Symbol or Window
  • Delayed delivery of requests for push technology
  • Pop up boxes and symbols for various screen positions
  • Choose to show push authorization requirements only for logged in customers and administrators or special sections of your website
  • Pay to read to constrain guests to prefer your push notification management to keep reading your content
  • Visual Insights for Every Task
  • Visual insight for all tasks and all frame progress
  • Identify and track GPS areas for your guests
  • Send subscription push notification message with rehashed time
  • Support for WordPress widgets to give guests the option to buy your workspace via channel
  • Metabox for quiet push notifications or decisions to communicate to specific channels
  • The plugin can send push notifications when certain things happen:
  • Notify all customers when the admin distributes another post, or send a notification to a customer who prefers to be compared with the post class
  • Notify creator when admin endorses and distributes his post
  • Suggest creator when admin upholds his comment
  • Notify the creator when there are other comments on his post
  • Tell customers when others comment on his review
  • Tell all enlisted customers in a separate post when another update is free
  • Versatile Payload Generator in Occasion Admin
  • Edit Push Notification Occasion Messages Before Sending Using WordPress Filters
  • Support for RTL types
  • React to IOS/Android to discover and deactivate management of invalid gadgets (such as gadgets that uninstall your app)
  • Provide you with a clear report after your stay has ended
  • Amazing dashboard for handling your registered gadget tokens
  • Fantastic dashboard for sending messages
  • document send message
  • Smart Devices Eliminate Duplicate Token Information
  • Supplement gadget token information and prepare to deliver offline framework
  • Correlating and sending messages in the online frame avoids overloading the server
  • Suspend/Resume Planning and Sending
  • Send 1 million messages soon (tested on Hostgator Hatchling Shared Promotion Program)
  • Send iOS messages with custom badges, sounds, keys and images
  • Very simple introduction, very simple to use
  • Automatically reconnect if any error such as push server does not respond
  • Extra quality for sending your messages in JSON or plain format (e.g. used by engineers to send values ​​like transaction ID, open URL, etc.)
  • Handle any errors from the server during sending, eg: the server is sleepy or unreachable a second time, and may reconnect naturally
  • If there are any issues with the Google API key
  • If the message size is larger than what Google allows
  • If Apple refuses to verify files and passwords
  • Payload size dismiss error if Apple
  • Gives you some errors if your server doesn't support some capacity
  • Interface and read gadget token quality localhost/remote from any custom table
  • Join different datasets at the same time
  • Endorser division using the channel framework
  • looping an instant message to send any number of characters, it would be prudent
  • Smartly manage your information in case it exceeds the size Apple allows
  • Incredibly simple dashboard for reviewing and processing entries
  • View the moment log when sending push messages, notifying you about the status of the association, server response, and any errors found while sending
  • BuddyPress push notification support
  • Support WooCommerce push notifications
  • Support for bbPress push notifications

Changelog Smart Notification WordPress Plugin Free Cancellation

v9.3.7 - 10/06/2021
-Bugs: Fixed a bug for saving iOS PEM certificate.
-Improvements: Upgraded the test dashboard to use the new Apple API version.

v9.3.5 - 07/20/2021
-Improvements: Improved the sending algorithm speed, stability and compatibility issues with some servers.
-Bugs: Fixed a bug with schedule post publishing auto campaign.
-Bugs: Fixed issue when saving settings without Firebase authentication file.
-Bugs: Fixed auto campaign duplication bug when publish a new post.

v9.3.4 - 07/07/2021
-New Feature: Support sending specific user roles through plugin JSON API.
-New Feature: Support sending newsletter parameters through plugin JSON API.
-Bugs: Fixed minor bugs.

= v9.3.3 - 06/12/2021 =
-New Feature: Who can use and see plugin menu by user role.
-New Feature: Automatically converting Safari P12 certification to PEM.
-New Feature: Automatically converting iOS P12 certification to PEM.
-Changes: Apple old SSL API is disabled due to deprecation by Apple.

= v9.3.0 - 05/05/2021 =
-Bugs: Fixed minor bugs.

= Version 9.2.79 - 01/27/2021 =
Bugs: Fixed minor bugs.

= Version 9.2.78 - 01/07/2021 =
Bugs: Fixed minor bugs.

Version 9.2.77 - 12/31/2020
Bugs: Fixed minor bugs.

Version 9.2.76
- New Feature: New button to clone a campaign.
- Bugs: Fixed the target links of BuddyPress components notifications bug.
- Bugs: Fixed minor bugs.