SEOWP v2.2.2 - SEO & Digital Marketing WordPress Theme

Digital marketing and SEO agencies will benefit from this flexible WordPress theme.

Demo: https://theme'm afraid-online-marketing-SEO-social-Media-agency/8012838

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Changelog: SEOWP – SEO & Digital Marketing WordPress Theme

2021 May 3 - v2.2.2
* UPDATED: Adding comments to pages by default
* FIXED: Copying certain styles to non-Live Composer pages
* FIXED: Improved error handling on admin screens
* UPDATED: Adding `wp_body_tag`

2020 August 19 - v2.2
* UPDATED: Live Composer Premium Extensions Plugin
* FIXED: JavaScript bugs caused by WordPress 5.5 update

2020 January 16 - v2.1 
UPDATED: Live Composer Premium Extensions Plugin
UPDATED: Rankie Premium Plugin
UPDATED: MasterSlider Premium Plugin

2019 December 11 - v2.0.3 
FIX: Broken testimonial background on mobile.
FIX: Broken image styling.
FIX: Adjusted demo-content layout.

2019 September 23 - Version 2.0.2 
UPDATED: Live Composer - Extensions (Premium Plugin).
UPDATED: WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder (Premium Plugin).
FIX: Clickable area for menu items in the main menu.
FIX: Unwanted uppercase inner menu items styling.
FIX: MailChimp Opt-Ins plugin errors.
BETTER: Menu import process on first theme install.

2019 September 3 - v2.0.1 
FIX: Broken Social Media Services link in the menu.
FIX: Broken header design properties for old users.
FIX: Broken header design import for flat design version.

2019 August 15 - Version 2.0 
NEW: All new design version: We designed a new fresh design for Digital Agencies following the latest design trends.
NEW: Premium Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder added. Create advanced quote forms for your services or use the ones we created for you: http://seowp-dev/instant-quote-seo-services/
NEW: Premium illustrations and icons included for free in new design
BETTER: Made theme configuration notice dismissible.
FIX: Menu icon selection popup.
UPDATED: Live Composer - Extensions (Premium Plugin).

2019 July 3 - Version 1.9.12 
BETTER: Code improvements to meet new Envato WordPress Theme Requirements.
FIX: Wide and Full width blocks going out of canvas in Gutenberg.
FIX: Updated translation strings in seowp.po file.
BETTER: Added configuration .xml file for Loco Translate plugin.

2019 June 22 - Version 1.9.11 
FIX: Fixed redirection error on activation on older versions of PHP.
FIX: Fixed widgets styling when theme isn't configured.

2019 June 21 - Version 1.9.10 
* FIX: Fixed a bug in MegaMainMenu plugin integration: "An error of type E_PARSE was caused..."

2019 June 18 - Version 1.9.9
* BETTER: Adjusted theme according to new Envato WordPress Theme Requirements.

As part of the update, we removed theme shortcodes. Envato doesn't allow ANY shortcodes in the themes anymore.
Please, rename the next shortcodes in your LC Templates:
[lbmn_archive_heading] now [dslc_archive_heading] as part of Live Composer plugin
[lbmn_postpagination] now [dslc_postpagination] as part of Live Composer plugin
[lbmn_authorbio] now [dslc_authorbio] as part of Live Composer plugin
[lbmn_commentscount] now [dslc_commentscount] as part of Live Composer plugin