SEOPress PRO v5.4.2 – Seo WordPress Plugin

Improve your traffic instantlySEOpress PRO! Simple, fast, powerfulSEO pluginfor WordPress.

Quickly enable/disable features, change title tags in seconds, everything you needSEOpress PROinsert. Google structured data types are supported. Generate XML sitemaps for Google News and more.


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Features SEOPress PRO - WordPress SEO Plugin

  • Title and Metadata
  • خريطة موقع XML
  • خريطة موقع HTML
  • Content analysis with unlimited keywords (even for free)
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Google Local Business Data Type
  • Dublin core
  • Open the chart
  • twitter card
  • Google Analytics (GDPR ready)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google ads
  • Import/Export settings
  • Redirect attachment to post parent URL or file URL
  • Ad-free?
  • No footprints?
  • 404 monitoring
  • URL書き換え
  • white label
  • Intuitive interface
  • Import metadata from a CSV file
  • Google Structured Data Types (Schema)
  • Google suggested
  • Auto/Manual mode with advanced conditions
  • SEOPress BOT - Broken Links
  • Backlinks (requires Majestic API key)
  • خريطة موقع XML للفيديو
  • Google Analytics Statistics in the WordPress Dashboard
  • Redirections 301, 302, 307, 410, 451
  • Edit your bot. text file
  • Edit your htaccess
  • Breadcrumbs
  • google page speed
  • WooCommerce
  • Google News Sitemap

Changelog SEOPress Pro - SEO WordPress Plugin Free Cancel

= v5.4.2 =
* PHP 7.2 is now the minimum requirement to use SEOPress. Contact your host to update.
* NEW WordPress 5.9 compatibility
* NEW Choose which search engine to use for instant indexing (Google and/or Bing)
* INFO End of the complete removal of the compatibility center for more performance
* FIX Google / Bing instant indexing
* FIX Prevent Guzzle conflict
* FIX Search / sorting / filtering in Redirections manager
* FIX Homepage metadata editing with SEO metabox

= v5.4 =
* NEW Google & Bing instant indexing (first iteration - 🎉
* NEW Add menu / acceptsReservations properties to global Local Business schema (SEO, PRO, Local Business)
* NEW Notification to detect if mbstring PHP module is missing on your server
* NEW Notification to detect if "IndexNow", "Instant Indexing", or "Bing Webmaster Url Submission" is installed and activated on your site to prevent any conflict with our Instant Indexing feature
* NEW "Description" field for manual / automatic article schema
* NEW 'seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_html_class' + 'seopress_pro_breadcrumbs_html_class_ol' to filter the breadcrumbs HTML classes (
* NEW 'seopress_stop_attachment_url_to_postid' to disable attachment_url_to_postid function
* INFO Performance improvement for OG image tags
* INFO Improve Redirections UI with new view filters and bulk actions
* INFO Improve FAQ schema user interface
* INFO Improve Local Business widget (new HTML class "sp-lb-closed-all-day", display "closed" only if "Closed all the day?" option is checked)
* INFO Use custom meta title if no FB title available for oembed sharing (LinkedIn)
* INFO Minify metaboxe.js to reduce file size by 43% when using the universal SEO metabox
* INFO Do not exclude custom canonical if equals to permalink in XML sitemaps
* INFO Localized our news widget for French audience
* INFO Add all social settings options to wpml-config.xml file to translate them with WPML / Polylang
* INFO Improve UI
* FIX Ping button for News XML sitemap
* FIX Missing URL tag in XML sitemaps if custom canonical tag
* FIX Warning Undefined variables Redirect tab on term taxonomies
* FIX Term taxonomy invidually set to noindex in XML sitemaps
* FIX Empty "wpseopress-faq-answer-image" div if no image for FAQ Block
* FIX global product identifiers parent / child inheritance with automatic product schema and variable products
* FIX Fatal error tribe_is_venue or tribe_is_organizer with the Events Calendar plugin in specific cases
* FIX Conflict with PODS
* FIX Conflict with WooCommerce Memberships
* FIX Textdomain

= v5.3.1 (23/12/2021) =
NEW ‘seopress_titles_the_title_priority’ hook to filter the title tag priority (
INFO Add Page Speed Insights API key field to use your own API key (by default Google limits to 25K queries per day, we invite you to use your own key:
FIX Conflict with Events Calendar and title tag generation on Venues and Orgnizers term taxonomies
FIX Conflict with Elementor and Universal SEO metabox
FIX Google Stats in dashboard AJAX 403 error
FIX Universal SEO metabox social tags editing
FIX Page Speed Insights scores

NEW Regular expressions for redirects (PRO)
NEW Autocomplete for Redirections (PRO)
NEW Conditions for Redirections: if user logged in, logged out, both (PRO)
NEW Page Speed Insights redesign, now with Core Web Vitals score, Desktop + Mobile scores, Save as PDF, CRON (PRO)
NEW Exclude WPML hidden languages from XML sitemaps (post, page, post type and term taxonomy)
NEW Exclude Polylang PRO hidden languages from XML sitemaps (post, page, post type and term taxonomy)
NEW Accordion for SEOPress FAQ block (PRO)
NEW Ping Google and Bing daily automatically for XML Sitemaps
NEW Drag and drop for SEO dashboard cards
NEW Notification if a physical robots.txt file already exists
NEW Notification if your site has disallow all in robots.txt
NEW Autodetect WooCommerce fields for automatic product schema on creation
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_xsl_css’ hook to filter XML sitemaps CSS (props @edwinsiebel –
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_xsl’ hook to filter XSL sitemaps (props @edwinsiebel –
NEW ‘seopress_before_redirect’ action hook to run custom code before the redirection (
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_single_url’ hook to filter each URL fron single xml sitemaps (
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_term_single_url’ hook to filter each URL fron term xml sitemaps (
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_xml_ping_url’ hook to filter xml sitemaps URL sent via the ping (
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_xml_ping_args’ hook to filter xml sitemaps args for the ping (
NEW ‘seopress_faq_block_inline_css’ hook to filter inline CSS for FAQ block (
NEW ‘seopress_faq_block_html’ hook to filter the HTML of our FAQ block (
INFO Redirect sitemap_index.xml, wp-sitemap.xml to sitemaps.xml to avoid resubmit sitemaps in Google Search Console
INFO Author subtype for schemas will now use the website field first, else the author archive URL
INFO Add GTIN12 to product global Identifiers type (PRO)
INFO Remove nofollow links from comments area to content analysis
INFO Update updater
INFO Edit your social images (Facebook and Twitter) by clicking on the preview
INFO Display 100 entries in Redirections post type
INFO Knowledge Graph is now outputted on homepage only
INFO Improve hyphenation in Google Snippet Preview
INFO Disabling RSS feeds will redirect them to homepage if requested
FIX Exclude custom canonical URLs from xml sitemaps
FIX Product price amount OG tag
FIX Temporary fix to remove Add to cart GA event for archive page / related products if Elementor PRO is enabled to prevent a conflict
FIX Duplicated queries seopress_get_page_by_title()
FIX Publisher logo
FIX News xml sitemap with “&” in Publication Name field
FIX Documentation panel for Insights
FIX Author URL in schema (automatic and manual)
FIX Disable Orgnization / Person schemas from Knowledge Graph if Social feature is set to OFF
FIX “seopress_rich_snippets_publisher_logo” missing for wpml-config.xml file (WPML and Polylang users)
FIX Publisher logo Width and Height (it might be necessary to reupload it from SEO, PRO, Structured Data Types)
FIX Custom Shop page breadcrumbs
FIX Help link for Google Ads option
FIX Universal SEO metabox error with singular WC product in frontend
FIX Google Analytics dashboard widget configuration settings
FIX Conflict with Thrive builder
FIX Conflit with Remove /category/ in URL with Events Calendar plugin
FIX CRON tasks
FIX i18n

= 5.2 (28/10/2021) =
NEW Universal SEO metabox now with schemas
NEW Performance improvement and code factorization
NEW Import CSV metadata now supports comma and semi-colon as delimiter
NEW Breadcrumbs: add new options to translate “Page” and “Attachments” from SEO, PRO, Breadcrumbs
NEW Add “nofollow noopener noreferrer” rel attributes to the comments form link (SEO, Advanced, Advanced tab)
NEW %%archive_date_month_name%% dynamic variable in meta to output month name in archive page
NEW ‘seopress_get_tag_site_url_value’ hook to filter site_url tag in meta / schema (
NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_html_cpt_name’ hook to filter custom post type name in HTML sitemap (
NEW ‘seopress_rss_dyn_vars’ and ‘seopress_rss_dyn_vars_value’ hooks to filter dynamic variables in RSS feeds (
INFO Display Blog page for date archive in Breadcrumbs
INFO Add new HTML class to wrap post and product categories in HTML sitemap
INFO Remove author meta in source code
INFO Remove WooCommerce products with visibility “hidden” from XML sitemaps
INFO Update updater
INFO Author URL missing for automatic schemas
INFO Check user capabilities before displaying automatic redirection suggestions notices
INFO Add image field for HowToStep (How-to schema)
INFO Remove Action Scheduler
FIX Remove /product-category/ with paginated archive pages (flush your permalinks if you’re using this option)
FIX RSS feeds: display content before / after each post (excerpt of full text)
FIX Wrong quick tags for global meta description template
FIX Export Redirections to CSV file
FIX Missing tooltips from SEO universal metabox
FIX Green circle of the SEO score in the list of posts
FIX JS Arrow state for each analysis
FIX Warning Opening Hours (Local Business schema)
FIX Warning in Schemas post type list if a taxonomy no longer exists
FIX Page Speed full report button link
FIX WPML / Polylang config XML file
FIX White label for SEO dashboard and Wizard
FIX CSS conflicts with default WP theme for Universal SEO metabox
FIX Trying to get property ‘name’ / ‘term_id’ of non-object in HTML sitemap
FIX Uncaught TypeError: array_sum() in /wp-seopress-pro/inc/admin/dashboard-google-analytics.php:224
FIX Warning: Undefined array key “ui_theme” /inc/admin/page-builders/elementor/inc/admin/class-document-settings-section.php on line 37
FIX WPML: Fatal error when adding ‘og:locale:alternate’ link to non-existent post (thanks @vdwijngaert for reporting this)
FIX Redirections: Filter by Count

= v5.1 (26/08/2021) =
NEW Internal linking suggestions  (PRO)
NEW Video and News sitemaps added to universal SEO metabox
NEW ‘seopress_automatic_redirect_cpt’ hook to filter post types to watch for automatic redirection suggestions (
NEW ‘seopress_beacon_svg’ hook to filter beacon SVG icon for universal SEO metabox
INFO Update French language
INFO Add author URL in schema
FIX Broken link checker (go to SEO, BOT, Settings and select post types to scan)
FIX Compatibility issue with Slider PRO
FIX FAQ block: duplicated image and incorrect alt text attribute
FIX Fatal error is_plugin_active in rare cases
FIX Local business schema manual type (automatic)
FIX i18n
FIX Missing information from Social Preview
FIX Conflict with Post Types Order plugin
FIX Global social image buttons for each post types
FIX Use published date in xml sitemaps if modified_date is older
FIX Universal SEO metabox with Block Editor
FIX Words counter / keyword density with Oxygen Builder

= v5.0.4 =
* NEW Edit homepage with universal SEO metabox
* INFO Disable Universal SEO metabox by default (will not affect users who already have version 5.0 of SEOPress)
* INFO Add an option to disable the universal SEO metabox from the configuration wizard
* INFO Strengthening security (thanks to Wordfence)
* FIX Add schema notification
* FIX Pixel counter for title and meta description
* FIX Notice: Undefined index: bestRating wp-seopress-pro/src/JsonSchemas/Review.php
* FIX WordPress < 5.0 compatibility (is_block_editor() error)
* FIX PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: method_exists(): Argument #1 ($object_or_class) must be of type object|string, null given in wp-seopress/src/Actions/Admin/ModuleMetabox.php:44
* FIX Warning: Undefined variable $sp_seo_admin_menu in wp-seopress-pro/inc/admin/admin.php on line 134 (Multisite only)

= v5.0.2 =
* NEW Allow user to drag and drop the beacon
* INFO Allow users with edit_posts capability to use the universal SEO metabox in frontend
* FIX Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: method_exists() in some cases
* FIX Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function seopress_feature_save() (WP multisite only)

= V5.0.1 (30/07/2021) =
NEW Option to disable the universal SEO metabox from SEO, Advanced, Appearance tab
INFO Improve a11y
FIX Wrong link in SEO Dashboard page
FIX Fatal error in Breadcrumbs.php

= v4.7 (19/05/2021) =
NEW Apply automatic schemas based on post ID
NEW Speakable schema (visible under Article manual or automatic schema)
NEW ReviewBody property for Review schema (manual and automatic)
NEW Menu and acceptsReservations properties for Local Business schema (manual and automatic)
NEW Video property for Recipe schema (manual and automatic)
NEW Author property (custom) for Article schema (manual and automatic)
NEW Add Organizer Name and Organizer URL properties to Event schema (manual and automatic)
NEW Add Start Date Timezone property to Event schema (manual and automatic)
NEW ‘seopress_schemas_mapping_select’, ‘seopress_schemas_dyn_variables’ and ‘seopress_schemas_dyn_variables_replace’ hooks to filter available dynamic variables for automatic schemas (
NEW “noindex on attachment pages” option (SEO, Titles & metas, Advanced tab)
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_article_json” hooks to filter article automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_lb_json” hooks to filter local business automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_faq_json” hooks to filter FAQ automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_course_json” hooks to filter course automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_recipe_json” hooks to filter recipe automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_job_json” hooks to filter job automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_video_json” hooks to filter video automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_event_json” hooks to filter event automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_product_json” hooks to filter product automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_softwareapp_json” hooks to filter software application automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_service_json” hooks to filter service automatic JSON schema
NEW “seopress_schemas_auto_review_json” hooks to filter review automatic JSON schema
INFO Dutch language updated
INFO Improve UI for Opening hours property with Local Business schema
INFO Automatically disable SEO options from Jetpack plugin to prevent any SEO conflicts
FIX “location” property with Event schema with specific conditions
FIX Trying to get property ‘term_id’ of non-object
FIX Video schema : Warning A non-numeric value encountered
FIX recipeCuisine property for Recipe manual schema
FIX %%currentmonth%% and %%currentmonth_num%% dynamic variables
FIX Analytics JS conflict with caching plugin in specific cases
FIX “seopress_can_post_redirect” autoload option
FIX Dynamic variables for custom manual schema
FIX Quick edit feature for Redirections post type
FIX Archive link if not available in HTML sitemap (thanks @ajoah)

= v4.6.0.2 (29/04/2021) - =
* NEW Custom capabilities (SEO, Advanced, Security)
* NEW Bricks compatibility with our content analysis feature
* NEW %%author_first_name%% dynamic variable to request user first name
* NEW %%author_last_name%% dynamic variable to request user last name
* NEW %%author_website%% dynamic variable to request user website
* NEW %%author_nickname%% dynamic variable to request user nickname
* NEW %%_ucf_your_user_meta%% dynamic variable to request user meta
* NEW Complete refactoring of the manual schema module
* NEW "Display a text before the Breadcrumbs" option
* NEW Add og:locale and og:locale:alternate support for WPML
* NEW Option to disable content analysis metabox (SEO, Advanced, Advanced tab)
* NEW "seopress_remove_category_base" hook to filter /category/ slug
* NEW Hooks to filter manual schemas:
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_author
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_article
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_aggreagate_rating
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_brand
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_course
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_event
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_faq
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_geo
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_how_to_step
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_job
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_local_business
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_main_entity
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_main_entity_of_page
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_monetary_amount
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_nutrition_information
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_offer
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_opening_hours
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_person
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_place
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_postal_address
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_product
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_rating
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_recipe
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_review
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_service
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_site_navigation_element
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_software_app
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_thing
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_video
* seopress_pro_get_json_data_virtual_location
* INFO Improve Themify Builer compatibility with Content Analysis
* INFO Improve Oxygen compatibility in specific cases
* INFO Allow to show taxonomies in Breadcrumbs for Page post type
* INFO Elementor Dark mode compatibility
* FIX Duplicated meta robots on WC pages (checkout, cart, account)
* FIX Remove /category/ slug with WPML if the slug is translated
* FIX Fatal error when connecting Google Analytics / Google Console if no permission
* FIX Google Analytics widget logout after view lock
* FIX Google Analytics listing properties error handling
* FIX Canonical URL on paginated pages (is_singular && is_paged)
* FIX PHP notice queried object
* FIX JS Encoding for Google Preview
* FIX Missing compatibility center options in export file
* FIX Undefined index: image with FAQ Block (props to @audrasjb)
* FIX LocalBusiness widget in specific cases
* FIX SEOPress metaboxes not loaded in specific cases (props to @J-Brk)

= v4.6.0.1 (29/04/2021) =
FIX Fatal error

= v4.5.1 (08/04/2021) =
NEWWhere to display the cookie bar? option from SEO, Analytics, Cookie bar tab
INFOStop loading the CSS for the admin bar if it doesn’t show up
INFOAllow HTML in Homepage field for Breadcrumbs
FIXFatal error: Call to undefined function seopress_xml_sitemap_video_enable_option()
FIXOpening hours for Local Business widget
FIXHeading 1 in content analysis if no target keywords
FIXSEO columns design in posts list
FIXQuick edit design issue on save
FIXSmartCrawl import tool
FIXPHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements in XML sitemaps
FIXWarning: date() expects parameter 2 to be int, string given
FIXRedirections capabilities on older versions of WordPress (< 5.0)
FIXWhite Label links in plugins list
FIXPrimary category hierarchy in breadcrumbs
FIXOxygen compatibility for Word counters / Keyword density

= v4.5.0.1 (26/03/2021) =
FIXPHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function SEOPress\Tags\Schema\seopress_social_knowledge_phone_number_option()

= v4.5 (25/03/2021) =
NEWHTML sitemap enhancements: add HTML classes
NEWHTML sitemap enhancements: new option to remove links from archive pages
NEWHTML sitemap enhancements: new shortcode attribute to request specific custom post types
NEWDynamic variable: %%target_keyword%%
NEWImport tools: Platinum SEO Pack, SmartCrawl and SEOPressor
NEWAllow user to change its choice about cookies (SEO, Analytics, Cookie bar tab to enable the option)
NEWCompatibility center (SEO, Tools) for better integration with other plugins (eg: Page Builders) without adding code
NEWAdd our dynamic variables dropdown to global meta title / meta description settings page
NEWAdd heading 1 (H1) check to Content Analysis feature
NEWAdd Inbound links / Orphaned pages check to Content Analysis feature
NEWUse dynamic variables in social metadata (Open Graph and Twitter cards)
NEWMultiple opening hours (morning / afternoon) for global Local Business schema (PRO)
NEW‘seopress_resize_panel_elementor’ hook to prevent SEOPress resizes the Elementor Panel (
NEW‘seopress_titles_robots_attrs’ hook to add meta robots attributes (
NEW‘seopress_sitemaps_no_archive_link’ hook to remove archive links in XML sitemaps (
NEW‘seopress_breadcrumbs_force_archive_name’ hook to force archive name display on CPT with no archive (
NEW‘seopress_sitemaps_html_remove_archive’ hook to filter archive names in HTML sitemap (
NEW‘seopress_auto_image_alt_target_kw’ hook to use target keywords for the alternative texts of the images (
NEW‘seopress_export_redirections_query’ hook to filter export redirections query (
NEW‘seopress_gtag_ec_status’ hook to change status of WC orders sent to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (
INFO Improve accessibility for cookie bar
INFO Improve SEO columns display for posts, pages, custom post type lists
INFO Improve UI to warn users if some content are set to noindex and still included in XML sitemaps
INFO Improve UI / i18n for Google Analytics widget
INFO Improve UI if error on license activation
INFO Improve UI for BlogPosting schema
INFO Improve UI for global LocalBusiness schema
INFO Automatically add custom fields created with Toolset plugin to our Schema feature
INFO SEO and Content Analysis metaboxes are now completely independent (and prevent a lot of errors / warnings)
INFO Strengthening security
FIX Quick edit JS errors if noindex/nofollow columns are blocked (props to @mbis)
FIX i18n for Type of Employment on non English languages
FIX Webarx graph conflict
FIX Broken link checker error with 404 links
FIX PHP 8 errors with DIVI
FIX PHP 8 error with Google Preview for terms taxonomy
FIX Product variable price sent to Add to cart GA Enhanced Ecommerce event
FIX Elementor synchronization when duplicating posts
FIX Attachment XML sitemaps
FIX Oxygen content analysis in specific cases
FIX AIO import tool