SeedProd Coming Soon Page Pro v6.9.0.10

SeedProd Coming Soon to Page ProCreate a simple coming soon, under construction or maintenance mode page. Privately work on your site when visitors see a "Coming Soon" or "Maintenance Mode" page

Create beautiful coming soon pages, soar your email list and limit access to it during website construction

Features SeedProd Coming soon to Page Pro

Live Page Builder

The powerful SeedProd Builder™ and built-in design controls let you customize almost any aspect of your page, which means you can create a great custom page in minutes.

Includes 500,000+ free wallpapers, 750+ Google fonts and 50+ themes

Need a kickstarter for your upcoming page design? Choose from 50+ pre-made themes or 700,000+ wallpapers from UnSplash.

Easily collect emails to get you traffic on day one!

Collect emails using your favorite 3rd party email providers like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, etc.; or save emails directly to your WordPress database.

We also allow you to send instant auto-response emails so you can start building relationships with new website visitors.

Restrict or allow access to your website

Password protect part or the entire site. Allow special client access. Include or exclude URLs that show coming soon pages. Restrict access by role or IP address.

All the detailed access controls you need are included.

Social sharing and referral tracking

Grow your email list by encouraging people to share your website.

SeedProd makes it easy for people to share your website on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Reward people when they share more content to create viral rings.

Multilingual and GDPR ready

Translate or change any text that appears in the coming soon pages into your native language, or just change the text. A multilingual website is also coming soon.

In Europe and need to comply with GDPR? We provide tools such as select checkboxes and privacy policy areas to help you comply.

Benefits, Features and Options:

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Quick response
  • custom interface
  • Easily add custom CSS and HTML
  • Using HTML5 & CSS3
  • Translation ready, i18n support
  • Multisite support
  • BuddyPress Support
  • Using WordPress Best Practices

SeedProd Coming Soon Page Pro Features:

  • Work with any WordPress theme
  • Visible only to users who are not logged in
  • Secret bypass link that lets your customers view upcoming websites without logging in
  • Search engine optimization with customizable meta tags
  • Mobile-ready responsive design and layout
  • Maintenance mode with automatic screenshots
  • Customize appearance without coding
  • Built-in Google and Typekit fonts
  • Full browser wallpaper options
  • Option to log in first and last name
  • Video can embed description just enter url
  • Show offers after registration
  • Social profiles and social sharing buttons
  • MailChimp, AWeber, Get Feedback, Continuous Contact and Activity Monitoring Integrations
  • Integrate Gravity Forms to Collect Information from Visitors
  • Built-in referral system to track referral subscribers and how many of them convert
  • Store emails in a WordPress database to export to any email service
  • Progress bar with autocomplete calculations
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Easy automatic update
  • Shortcode support
  • Option to enable template responses
  • IP Access Control Options
  • custom footer branding
  • custom favicon
  • Custom CSS support
  • Import/Export settings for backup or reuse
  • Multisite support
  • HTML5 & CSS3 gracefully downgrade for older browsers
  • i18n translation ready
  • Option to exclude specific URLs from showing upcoming pages

Changelog SeedProd Coming Soon Page Pro - WordPress Plugin Free Cancel

v6.9.0.10 – 1/28/22
Fixed – Conflict with Yoast SEO when saving a theme builder template with dynamic content.

v6.9.0.7 – 1/20/22
Fixed – Conflict with Enfold Theme

v6.9.0.3 – 1/17/22
Tweak – Fixed Has Category and Has Tag in Theme builder conditions
Tweak – Prevent duplicate subscribers
Tweak – Added Lang Attributes to Landing Pages
Tweak – Fixed Builder Debug
Tweak – Allow Theme Template Part to have revisions

6.9.0 – 1/3/22
NEW! ThemeBuilder Functionality in Pro and Elite Licenses
Ability to create themes with SeedProd.
Ability to create theme parts: header, footer, pages.
Ability to create global parts that are updated across the site.
Advanced conditions to determine where theme parts are displayed.
Global CSS to create a sitewide design system, with global color palettes.
Template tags to display dynamic WordPress content.
Post Title
Post Content
Post Excerpt
Featured Image
Author Box
Post Navigation
Post Info
Archive Title
Site Logo
Template Parts
Ability to Add WordPress widgets
Builder Updates
Flexbox Alignment on Rows and Columns
Textblock Updates: Simple Bullets and Lists, Superscript and Subscript.
Social Profile Updates: Medium, Discord, Telegram, Slack, Weibo, Vimeo, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp
Fixed Pinned Layout Panel
Advanced Margin Controls
Advanced Shadow Controls
Advanced CSS Classes and ID
Fixed and Sticky Position Rows and Cols
Overflow Control Rows and Columns

6.7.4 – 10/28/21
Tweak – Dynamic Text Query Param Rendering

6.7.3 – 10/27/21
Tweak – Added the ability for Dynamic Text to render in HTML attributes.

6.7.2 – 9/27/21
Fixed – Deprecated WpRocket Constant
Fixed – No Conlict Mode Preview Issue with Coming Soon/Maintenace Page
Tweak – Invalid comparison/assignment

6.7.1 – 7/12/21
Fixed – Resolved plugin conflic with GP Premium
Fixed – Resolved issue with EDD WPCLI command line

6.7.0 – 7/11/21
Added- Improved Menu Blocks – Use the WordPress Menu Creation System
Added- Search Block

= v6.6.0 =
* Added - Column Alignment Controls
* Added - Divice Visibility Controls
* Added - Full Length Template Previews
* Tweak - Version Sync with Pro

v6.4.0 - 5/18/21
Added - Dynamic Text
Added - Image Carousel
Added - MailerLite Support
Added - Sendinblue Support
Added - Tag Support for Mailchimp
Tweak - Mobile Editing activated when switching to mobile view

6.2.0 - 3/17/21
Added - WooCommerce Blocks
Added - Disable "Edit with SeedProd" button on pages.
Change - Added filter to top level menu position 'seedprod_top_level_menu_postion'
Change - Added imprint and privacy to default excluded pages

6.1.0 - 2/17/21
Added - Accordion Block
Added - Testimonial Block
Added - Edit with SeedProd button on WP pages - 1/28/21
Tweak - Redirect Default Login Page Behavior and added inline explanation - 1/21/21
Fixed - Background Slideshow Bug
Fixed - Tweet Share Bug - 1/12/21
Added - Login Block

v6.0.10.0 - 12/15/20
Added - Undo and Redo Functionality
Added = Permissions Filters
Fixed - Mobile Fonts Settings
Tweak - Animate Optin Button
Tweak - Moved Preview Button
Tweak - Made Sections Clickable In Free Verson
Tweak - Attribution Fix
Added - Easier Upgrade Path

v6.0.9.0 - 11/16/20
Added - Ability to link an image Tweak - HTML 5 Email Validation * Tweak - css fix in admin

v6.0.8.5 - 11/6/20 - Active With Any Key!
Added - debug tools Tweak - make sure wp-mediaelement gets loaded in the builder * Tweak - feedback request

SeedProd Coming Soon Page Pro v5.12.8 changelog
- Fixed - php 7.4.9 compatibility
- Fixed - Undefined variable notice
- Fixed - Issue where some share buttons were not consistently loading