Salon Booking Wordpress Plugin v7.5.0

Salon Reservationis a comprehensive and easy-to-use appointment system that can help your business get more appointments on its website while saving administrative hours.

Salon bookings are created based on the most typical needs of hair salons, barber shops, beauticians, therapists, spas, clinics and sports facility rentals.

Demo: https://code

Features: Salon Booking Wordpress Plugin

  • backend calendar
  • monthly observation
  • see a week
  • everyday view
  • Subscription exported.
  • Adding bookings from the daily view is an easy process.
  • Remove time and space from your daily schedule.
  • General salon settings
    • Notification of new bookings by email
    • Notify selected assistants by email
    • Customers will receive an email reminder.
    • Follow up via email
    • Notify review by email
    • Custom Email Notification Logo
    • Customers will receive a personalized email.
    • You will receive a text message when a new booking is made.
    • Notify selected assistants via SMS
    • Customers will receive SMS alerts.
    • Follow up via SMS
    • Anti-spam SMS verification code
    • Support for alphanumeric IDs in SMS
    • Supported providers include Twilio, Plivo and 1p1sms.
    • Support notifications on WhatsApp.
    • Choose your preferred date and time format
    • Decide the start of your week
    • As Salon Admin, WordPress Editor
  • Salon Reservation Procedure
    • There are three booking methods. Advanced/High-end/Basic/Advanced/High-end/Basic/Advanced
    • Booking time range (from least.. to most in advance)
    • There are several weekly schedule rules.
    • Selection of valid timeframes for weekly bookings
    • Several holiday rules apply.
    • Appointment interval
    • Change the order of stages in the booking form (Date Time - Service - Assistant - Checkout - Payment or other).
    • Confirm reservation manually
    • User cancels booking
    • Stop using online booking forms.
  • Salon's Payment Options
    • Online payments are allowed.
    • Choose to pay later
    • Deposits can be made as a percentage or a fixed amount.
    • Unpaid reservations may be automatically cancelled.
    • The price should be hidden.
    • Decimal and thousands separator options
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Accept custom payment methods.
    • "Mollie", "Square", "Worldpay", "Paystack", "RedSys" and "Paytrail" all have official plugins.
  • Option to leave the salon
    • Guests are allowed to stay.
    • Ask guests to leave.
    • Limit the number of services that can be booked at one time.
    • Form fields you can control
    • Log in with your Facebook account.
    • Turn on the advanced discount system.
    • custom field
  • Google Calendar Sync Two Ways
    • Bookings should be synced with the salon administrator's Google Calendar account.
    • The salon admin can add and cancel bookings through his Google Calendar account.
  • The style of the front-end booking form
    • Depending on your page layout, you can choose from three different booking form sizes.
    • Palette maker with custom colors
  • Assistant preference
    • There are several weekly schedule rules.
    • Several holiday rules apply.
    • Limit bookings to specified services.
    • For class bookings, multiple bookings for the same class can be made.
    • Google Calendar Sync
    • You will receive a text message notification when he is booked.
    • You will receive an email notification when he is booked.
  • Service configuration
    • Price
    • Duration
    • hourly unit
    • group by category
    • There are several weekly schedule rules.
    • Option without helper
    • Suspend service (now you can choose up to 3 hours, divided by a multiple of average session duration)
    • "Secondary service" is conditional.
    • link direct booking
    • Personal service
  • Advanced Discount System
    • Make as many discount codes as possible.
    • Create an unlimited number of discounts based on various parameters.
  • Client's files are archived.
    • customer list
    • A detail page for each customer, which includes a list of his bookings and notes.
    • Customer Booking Statistics
  • Reports
    • Booking and Revenue Data
    • Booking and revenue data by service
    • Assistant's booking and revenue statistics
    • Customer booking and revenue statistics
    • Weekly Email Report
  • Tools
    • Import a system from another platform (users, services and assistants)
  • front page
    • booking form page [salon/]
    • Private Customer Booking Management Page [salon_booking_my_account]
    • Assistant Booking Calendar [salon_booking_calendar]
    • 【Salon Appointment Assistant】List of Assistants
    • 【Salon Reservation Service】Service List
  • restful API
    • A comprehensive set of APIs for integrating salon booking systems with third-party applications.
    • API DOCS
  • Compatibility issues with themes and plugins**
    • Bootstrap's Javascript is disabled.
    • Bootstrap's CSS is disabled.

Changelog: Salon Booking Wordpress Plugin

v7.5.0 - 15.01.2022
* Improved UI of "bookings" section
* Improved UI of "Assistants" and "Services" sections
* Improved "Off-set" logic when more than 1 customers per session
* Fixed issues related to telephone number new UI
* Added new feature "Free locked slots" inside back-end calendar daily view
* PHP errors fixed

v7.4.6 - 23.12.2021
* Fixed php error: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getDateTime()

v7.4.5 - 22.12.2021
* Fixed php error

v7.4.4 - 21.12.2021
* Implemented new feature: Use customer's time-zone to display available slots ( PRO users )
* Re-factor "Off-set" option

v7.4.3 - 16.12.2021
* Fixed issues related to SMS notification
* Implemented a new Assistant feature: Booking specific dates only ( PRO users )
* Improved back-end "Customers", and "Bookings" UI on tablet and mobile devices
* Added a new option to disable "Wordpress Welcome email" for new user account

v7.3.1 - 28.10.2021
* Added improvements to time picker on front-end
* Fixed issue related with new service break UI
* Added new "HTML" custom fields type
* Fixed issue with time picker: first available slot

v7.0 - 05.10.2021
* New Date/Time picker UI
* New Bookings reviews short-code
* Improved service break feature
* Email notification templating implemented

v6.5.1 - 20.07.21
* Fixed issues on new booking modal window on mobile
* Fixed deposit issue
* Fixed Assistant email issue
* Added a "one minute video tutorial" on first install

v6.4 - 22.06.21
*Skip services selection step if only one service exist