Rhye v2.6.0 - AJAX Portfolio WordPress Theme

Rhye is a premium AJAX WordPress theme powered byElementorpage builder. Suitable for designers, photographers, creative agencies, production studios. Rhye would be a great start to showcase your portfolio with a clever premium touch.Smooth AJAX page transitions and modern WebGL effects will make your website truly stand out.

Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/rhye-ajax-portfolio-wordpress-theme/28453694

Features Rhye

Seamless Image AJAX Conversion

  • Fast site navigation without page refresh
  • AJAX infinite scroll combo demo.
  • AJAX compatibility with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrika
  • Custom AJAX code initialized for advanced users

smooth motion effect

  • WebGL distortion transition.
  • Orientation-aware fullscreen slider.
  • Mouse trailing image effect.
  • Display text animation.
  • Smooth page browsing plug-in support.
  • Parallax effect for images, backgrounds, elements.
  • Interactive mouse pointer follower.

fluid typography

  • Smooth font size scaling from desktop to mobile screen
  • Full control over every title from the customizer
  • Google Fonts support
  • Adobe TypeKit support
  • Self-hosted font support

Liquid Design Spacing

  • Easy to maintain consistent spacing across all websites on any screen size
  • Select the desired spacing in the standard Elementor section widget
  • Create fancy section offsets and overlaps
  • Spacing presets adjustable from the customizer

Adjustable theme colors

  • Pre-designed color themes for each page section
  • Adjustments for each accent color in the customizer
  • Scrolling color theme changes

Full screen overlay menu

  • curtain opening effect
  • Unlimited submenus
  • Predefined color themes per page
  • Optionales Menütext-Widget
  • Toggle between fullscreen/classic menu

Basic Theme Features

  • Precargador personalizable
  • Image lazy loading
  • Double logo version
  • Support for external video galleries (YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Upload and use custom SVG graphics
  • Google Maps with multiple custom markers
  • Translation ready
  • Multilingual website support

No coding knowledge required

  • Build your website in real time with Elementor Page Builder
  • One-click demo import
  • Theme Wizard Settings
  • Automatic theme updates
  • Provides extensive documentation
  • 24-hour turnaround support

Plugin Compatibility

  • Elementor(Theme AJAX has limited support for some Elementor features)
  • Contact Form 7
  • WP Super Cache
  • Autoptimize
  • WPML
  • PolyLang
  • TranslatePress


  • Clean WordPress 5.5+ install
  • Hosting provider enables PHP 7.0+
  • Active database in MySQL 5.0+
  • Credentials for FTP access to web hosting or hosting panels


31 Aug 2021 2.6.0
fixed: AJAX transition errors when "Slider Images" widget placed on both origin & destination pages
fixed: PHP notices related to "Additional Custom Breakpoints" Elementor's feature
fixed: when AJAX navigation is off the Canvas Elementor template has been showing the theme header while it shouldn't
fixed: Circle Button widgets didn't appear when "Rotation Effect" was off in Customizer -> General Style -> Animations
added: TikTok icon to Rhye Social Media widget
added: smooth fade-in/fade-out for the styled Bootstrap modal windows (Contact Form 7 messages)
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.10.1

#20 Aug 2021 2.5.6
fixed: "division by zero" warnings in PHP 7.4 thrown from widgets with Masonry grid
fixed: Elementor Pro "Animated Headline" widget didn't initialize correctly after AJAX transitions
added: a toggle to fix the incorrectly queried posts in multilingual CMS in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Multilingual CMS
improved: compatibility with Elementor 3.4.x
improved: smoothen AJAX flying image transition in admin panel
improved: smoothen AJAX transition with native scrolling

#26 Jul 2021 2.5.5
fixed: text overlap when hovering over a portfolio category before the appearing animation is fully finished

#23 Jul 2021 2.5.4
fixed: logo element remained clickable even in the opened fullscreen menu
improved: better "close" button appearance in the fullscreen menu

#21 Jul 2021 2.5.3
fixed: turning off the counters in Albums widgets caused the albums functionality to stop working
fixed: frontend conflicts with 3rd-party browser extensions
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.9

#23 Jun 2021 2.5.2
fixed: drop-cap font-family setting wan't applied from Customizer typography options
fixed: incorrect anchor scrolling in certain cases
improved: overlay menu appearance on tablets
improved: minor under hood fix related to the latest WordPress 5.7.2
improved: updated bundled ACF Pro to the latest version 5.9.7

#03 Jun 2021 2.5.1
fixed: Smooth Scrolling container wasn't accessible for keyboard navigation right after an AJAX transition
fixed: 'auto' value for the color theme selectors didn't render correctly on some elements
fixed: cursor follower positioned incorrectly on pages with dir="rtl" attribute
fixed: cursor loading state didn't reset the animation after too fast AJAX navigation
fixed: animations may suddenly stopped to initialize when navigating by forward/backward browser buttons

#19 May 2021 2.5.0
fixed: PHP 7.4 notices thrown by Rhye core plugin
fixed: sequential paragraphs with multiple drop caps caused an unexpected duplication after the text split
fixed: vertical centering option didn't work correctly in Slider Images widget
fixed: AJAX frontend error related to Slider Images widget
fixed: flashing blog categories for the grid layout
fixed: broken categories links in blog when a special character is present in a category name
fixed: PHP warning for "Rhye: Call to Action" WordPress widget
added: automatic page hard refresh for WPML links in the menu
improved: classes "current-menu-item" and "current-menu-ancestor" are now being updated on the menu items after AJAX navigation allowing to style the currently active menu element

#03 May 2021 2.4.1
fixed: broken anchors scrolling functionality in overlay menu
fixed: don't attempt to prefetch pages when AJAX is off
fixed: JS error in Safari caused by Slider Images widget
added: panel to adjust social icons dimensions in Customizer -> Typography -> Social Icons
added: "!important" statement to .material-icons class so Elementor typography won't override the iconic font

#30 Apr 2021 2.4.0
NOTE: Since 2.4.0 legacy loading mode for theme CSS & JS assets is no longer supported. If you have any issues with that, please contact me by support e-mail

fixed: sometimes virtual scrollbar didn't init in overlay menu even with the enabled option in Customizer
fixed: a paragraph with drop cap didn't preserve inner HTML markup after the text split
fixed: incorrect vertical alignment for inner HTML markup elements after the text split
fixed: native browser scrollbar did appear unexpectedly when navigating to a page with fixed masthead
fixed: inaccurate images transitions from the fullscreen sliders
added: sortability for portfolio categories via Intuitive CPO plugin
improved: cut legacy assets loading mode and removed the unneeded libraries

#20 Apr 2021 2.3.1
fixed: incorrect line breaks in halfscreen sliders on mobiles
fixed: Slider Images with enabled autoplay may cause a frontend failure during AJAX navigation
added: .entry-title class to <h1> tags on the pages so Elementor "Hide page title" toggle can work properly without an extra configuration

#15 Apr 2021 2.3.0
fixed: redundant top and bottom spacing for excerpts on the blog page
fixed: dragging gesture in Slider Images didn't work properly in Firefox
added: seamless images transitions from the blog page to the posts (Customizer -> Blog -> Blog Page -> Enable Seamless Image Transition)
added: ability to force reload the selected page scripts in AJAX navigation (Customizer -> Theme Options -> AJAX Transitions -> Update Page Script Nodes)
added: toggle to show or hide the decorative quote in Slider Testimonials
added: pre-defined demo data source for the newest One Click Demo Import
improved: fullscreen menu widget area now works also for the classic menu style (widgets appear only in mobile overlay menu)
improved: updated GSAP libraries to the latest version 3.6.1

#16 Mar 2021 2.2.1
fixed: issues with WebGL in halfscreen and circle style sliders

#11 Mar 2021 2.2.0
fixed: page scroll didn't restore to the top after an AJAX curtain transition
added: a new performance boosting option to render WebGL widgets using Offscreen Canvas (Customizer -> Theme Options -> Performance -> Enable offscreen canvas rendering)
improved: in dynamic Elementor widgets when post type is changed to 'post', the posts 'category' taxonomy will be mapped to display on frontend
improved: minor style adjustments for portfolio prev/next navigation