Restrict Content Pro v3.5.12 (+Addons) – Membership Plugin For WordPress

Restricted Content Prois a full-featured plugin for accessing premium WordPress content. Create an unlimited number of team options, including free, trial and premium.

Manage groups and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts using a discount code system, and deliver premium content to your users.A powerful, full-featured WordPress membership solution.

Demo:https://restrict content

Feature-Limited Content Pro: Membership Plugin for WordPress

  • coupon code: Generate an unlimited number of discount codes and offer percentages or discounts based on a flat rate.
  • Built-in integration: Credit cards accepted through Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout, Authorize. net or PayPal website payment pro.Restrict Content Pro also supports PayPal Standard and Express, as well as multiple payment methods at the same time.
  • Reports:Elegant and easy-to-use reports show you exactly how your membership site is doing. Easily view performance for the current month or any other time period.
  • export data: Generate a CSV of all active members for any given subscription level, or a CSV of every member in the system. You can also generate any paid CSV.
  • Extended help: Contextual help within the WordPress admin puts relevant information at your fingertips.
  • Live Demo: To help you better understand the impact of Restrict Content Pro on your subscribers, visit the live demo site and see the registration process for yourself.
  • Unlimited subscription: Create an unlimited number of subscription plans. You can easily create free, trial and premium subscriptions.
  • Member management: Easily view all active users, pending users, expired users, cancelled users and free users.
  • simple setup: Restrict Content Pro makes it easy to deliver premium content to your subscribers.
  • Member email: Send welcome emails to new members, email payment receipts, and remind members before their accounts automatically expire.

Changelog Restrict Content Pro WordPress plugin + all plugins are free

Version 3.5.12 – September 14, 2021
Fix: Ensuring that the rcp admin notice can be dismissed from any admin page

Version 3.5.11 – September 14, 2021
Update: Adding messaging for new plan inclusions and hiding add-ons page temporarily

Version 3.5.10, July 19, 2021
Fix: PHP 8 Deprecations
Fix: Adding WordPress 5.8 block_categories_all covering custom Gutenberg category
Fix: Fixing the declaration of the Allowed Blocks for Content Upgrade Redirect
Fix: Fixing InnerBlocks Template declarations

Version 3.5.9, May 20, 2021
Feature: Adding new WP_CLI commands to create, update, get, list, and delete membership_levels through the command line.

Version 3.5.8, May 5, 2021
Feature: Introducing the Content Upgrade Redirect Block for RCP!

= v3.5.7 =
Changelog Not Found!

= v3.5.4, February 1, 2021 =
Fix: Updating minified version of register form js for Restrict Content Pro

Version 3.5.3, January 8, 2021
Fix: Reworking jQuery to cover deprecations.

- Fix: WooCommerce Products can be incorrectly restricted if a user hasn't verified their email address.
- New: Added new actions hooks to Membership page before and after payments table. 'rcp_membership_details_before_payments' and 'rcp_membership_details_after_payments'
- Fix: Able to save invalid configuration with 0 duration and payment plan.
- New: Introduced action hook that runs after membership is updated via admin. 'rpc_after_membership_admin_update'
- New: Created new filter on price for RCP Group Accounts User Specified Count Quantity
- Fix: Removed 'ba-bbq' library to fix Javascript error in WordPress 5.5
- Fix: Some columns were missing from Membership Levels after updating from 2.x to 3.4.
- Improvement: Update to Danish Translation.
- Fix: Polish Currency Code formatting
- Fix: Bulk actions don't work when using non-English languages.
- Improvement: Option to apply discounts to signup fees
- Improvement: Move Membership Level to BerlinDB
- Fix: Incorrect expiration date when renewing an existing membership.
- Improvement: Update to French Translation
- Improvement: Update some BerlinDB bas classes
- New: Add ability to toggle auto renew off/on [Stripe]
- Improvement: Add ability to export all members at once.
- Fix: Unable to save backslashes in the databases
- New: Logs Table
- New: Add payments importer tool
- Improvement: Stop using '000-00-00 00:00:00' as default date values
- Improvement: Add database table version numbers to system info file
- New: Add Component Registry
- Fix: CSS was removed in order to remove the breaking style from admin pages.
- Fix: use "jQuery" instead of "$".
- Improvement: %member_id% template tag description change
- Improvement: Capitalize first letter in card brand on the update card form page.
- Improvement: [rcp_update_card] shortcode did not work with editing multiple memberships.