Real3D FlipBook (+Addons) v3.33 – WordPress Plugin

The most powerful image and PDF viewer for your website isReal3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin!

The Real3D Flipbook WordPress PluginConvert PDFs or photos into ultra-realistic 3D flipbooks that can be viewed on your website. No flash here; it's just HTML5. It's simple to use. Customizable user interface.Flipbooks that you can personalize. Fully responsive and mobile friendly.Offers single page views, deep links, interactive pages, PDF text search, PDF hyperlinks, unlimited books and pages, lightboxes, and more.

Demo:https://code book-WordPress-plugin/6942587

Designed with mobile phones in mind. Phones have their own options. Supports dynamic HTML content on the page. Includes multiple views and automatic fallback.It's a mature product that provides the best reading experience on all platforms and devices. All future updates will be available for free.Documentation and source files are provided.

Easy-to-use Real3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin

Create flipbooks quickly and easily by simply uploading your PDF or image and entering a shortcode in your post or page.

Shortcode parameters can be used to adjust various settings. Multiple PDF files can be displayed using a single shortcode. With export/import, you can easily migrate to another server.

Flipbook created from PDF

PDFs may appear on your website in no time! Users can view your PDFs without downloading or leaving your website.The PDF pages are rendered one by one, allowing the user to start viewing the document before it is fully loaded. Internal and external links are encouraged.All links in the PDF can also be used in flipbooks. Text selection and text search are supported, with keyword highlighting.

Images become flipbooks.

Images can also be used to make flipbooks. Landscape or portrait, single or double page, single page cover, images can be landscape or portrait.

WebGL flipbook with photorealistic effects

bar. The Real3D FlipBook WordPress plugin uses the Node.js Javascript 3D library to generate hyper-realistic 3D flipbooks with page bends, glossy pages, lighting and shadows.This allows you to fully personalize your flipbook. Paper thickness, metalness and roughness, shadow darkness, camera angle, camera zoom, light color and position can all be changed.Lights, shadows, and antialiasing can all be turned on and off.

EASY CSS 3D & 2D Browser

A lightweight and super fast flipbook created with CSS3 instead of WebGL. CSS flipbooks are ideal if you want to write pages quickly and efficiently.

scan this book

The touch-friendly swipe mode is only available for mobile devices or as the default viewer.Swipe mode is more natural than flipping on mobile devices, displaying documents by swiping horizontally instead of flipping.Swipe mode recognizes the size and orientation of the screen and displays a single- or double-page layout.

Customize the user interface

Real3D Flipbook is perfect for any theme because you can completely change the user interface.You can change the color of the menus, the color of the buttons, their form, size, borders and shadows, and hide any buttons you don't need.

Each menu button can be moved to the left, right or center, and top or bottom. Full-width, centered, or semi-transparent menu bars can be used at the top and bottom of the page.Transparent menu bar buttons may be designed differently than traditional buttons. The order of the buttons can be changed. Choose from three different skins and four different UI layouts.Choose from icon setfont awesomeand materials. To personalize things further, use the advanced user interface settings.

Flipbooks can be customized.

Customize everything from page-turning speed, page-turning sound, paper thickness, camera angle, lighting, page gloss, page metalness, and zoom level to create the perfect page-turning book for your content.


Lightbox (full screen coverage)

Lightbox mode allows you to add text or image links anywhere on your website, and when someone clicks on it, the flipbook will open in a lightbox.In this way multiple books/magazines/booklets can be displayed on the same page.

Customizable (packaging)

Responsive mode generates custom sized flipbooks that can be included into any website or post.

full screen mode

Flipbooks will span the entire page in full screen mode and can be found below the page navigation.


Bookshelf plugin

The Bookshelf Tool allows you to build fully customizable bookshelves for fully responsive Real3D flipbooks.The shelves can be made of metal, wood or glass, or you can even use your own unique picture of the shelves. It can also be used to make flip book cover grids (without bookshelves).Cover size, shadow, shelf background color, cover position, margins and padding can all be customized.

WooCommerce plugin

You can quickly incorporate browsing books into WooCommerce single product pages with this WooCommerce extension. When you click on the product image, the browse book will open in a light box.Flipbooks can be showcased exclusively for paid items or ongoing memberships. There are other options available to display various flipbooks for unpurchased items.

WPBakery Page Builder Plugin

Using Real3D FlipbooksWPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)Plugin to integrate Real3D Flipbook with Visual Composer. It allows you to add/edit flipbooks as Visual Composer components.

Add-ons for Elementor

Real3D Flipbook for Elementor Addons withElementorAllows you to add/edit flipbooks in Elementor with specific elements.

PDF Tools Plugin

The PDF tool for Real3D Flipbooks provides JPG and JSON output, as well as the ability to convert PDF Flipbooks to JPG Flipbooks or create new JPG Flipbooks directly from PDFs.

The PDF engine will generate flipbooks with PDF text layers and active PDF links, but they load faster than PDF flipbooks because the pages are loaded directly from the server without the need to load and process the PDF.It also doesn't need to load the PDF when it executes. js script.

After converting PDF to JPG Flipbook, there is no need to save it on the server, this is the only way to keep it safe.

Additional features

Design with mobile phones in mind

Real3D Flipbook is compatible with all platforms, including PC and mobile devices. The default WebGL mode uses paper bending, lighting, and shadows to create realistic 3D page flip animations.On desktop browsers, this mode is supported. Is there a CSS3D mode that uses only CSS3 animations as an alternative?Single page mode is also available and can be set as default or used only on mobile devices.

Inside the flipbook, there are interactive materials.

Any HTML material can be added to a flipbook page. Using html css and javascript you can build interactive pages with links, buttons, videos, music players, iframes and anything else.Create video albums, interactive portfolios, related publications, videos and music...

the content of the book

Make your own multi-level table of contents. It also works with PDF outlines (tables of contents embedded in PDF files).

There is no limit to how many flipbooks you can have.

You can make as many books as you want and place them anywhere on your website.

Flip book management

Your library may be edited, copied and deleted. You can also export all books in JSON format.You can use the clone tool to build a template flipbook that you can use to quickly build a new flipbook by duplicating it.

Shortcode Parameters

For ease of use, the shortcode accepts several options. To display different PDF files, use the same shortcode.

see a page

The layout of the flipbook can be changed depending on the device.In addition to the normal two-page view, there is also a single-page view available on mobile or desktop and mobile.On smaller monitors, single-page view provides a better reading experience while preserving 3D flips and shadows.

The mode changes from right to left.

Flip book from right to left in Eastern countries. The pages of a flip book are arranged in reverse order, starting from the right.

Open book on page 2 is an example of a URL link to a specific page.

Updates are always free.

All future upgrades are provided free to all purchasers. To receive the latest version, simply re-download the plugin from Codecanyon.All your current flipbooks will be saved when you update to the latest version.

Changelog: Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

version 3.33
date 14.1.2022.
- fix - print all pages (print PDF) in Safari
- improvement - PDF search results
- fix - unique taxonomy names
- fix - saving option background music mp3
- new - option corner curl
- new - custom flipbook permalink
- new - option to disable flipbook permalink

v3.32 - date 23.11.2021.
- new - link flash animation
- fix - options UI > Button > Padding Vertical, UI > Button > Padding Horizontal
- fix - thumbnails position after opening bookmarks
- fix - text search highlight color
- fix - share on WhatsApp on desktop
- fix - webgl mode
- fix - flip sound

version 3.31.1
 date 19.11.2021.
- fix - flip sound

v3.29 - date 11.11.2021
- fix - responsive view - go to last page if no back cover
- improvement - WebGL mode book thickness

v3.28 - date 4.11.2021.
- fix - go to last page when single page view and no back cover
- fix - print pages - set images to be 100% width of the paper

version 3.26
date 23.10.2021.
- fix - js error on mobile
- new - option Front Cover - disable to displaying only inner pages (1-2, 3-4, ...)
- new - option PDF Text Layer - if text layer will be rendered, disable for faster page load, enable for text selection and text search

version 3.25
date 5.10.2021.
new - taxonomy "r3d_author"
new - shortcode parameter "num" - number of flipbooks to show
new - shortcode parameter "author" - show flipbooks from author
new - option to change author of flipbook post
new - option "access" ( flipbook direct link - "full" - everyone, "woo_subscription" - only users with WooCommerce subscription )
new - option logoUrlTarget
fix - flipbook category shortcode - show unlimited number of books from category

version 3.23
date 31.8.2021.
- fix - PDF rendering issues of some special characters
- fix - option Mobile > Mode was not working
- new - support for new add-on Page Editor for Real3D Flipbook

v3.22 - date 6.7.2021
- fix - print PDF
- fix - removed Share on Google plus
- new - share on WhatsApp button
- new - option to change fliobook slug
- new - menu page with links to all available add-ons

date 21.4.2021.
- fix - converting old flipbooks to posts

version 3.19
date 21.4.2021.
- new - flipbook post author
- new - lightbox options - link color, link color hover, show date
- new - shortcode parameter "cat" dispalys all flipbooks of selected category as lightbox
- new - flipbook categories
- new - link to flipbook - post with full page flipbook
- new - flipbooks are now saved as custom post type r3d
- new - options pdf link color, pdf link color hover
- fix - PDF URL input
- fix - loading text
- fix - initial zoom webgl

version 3.18 
date 5.3.2021. 
-fix - print single page
-fix - lightbox click sometimes not opening the flipbook
-fix - admin page bug with page reload after ajax response
-fix - some PDF rendering issues fixed by updating pdf.js
-fix - scrolling to top after closing lightbox
-fix - elements covering fullscreen flipbook on iOS
-new - option Settings > Advanced > User role - select which user role can manage flipbooks (admin, editor, author)
-new - shortcode parameter "thumbalt" to add alt attribute to flipbook thumbnail image

version 3.17.1 
date 22.6.2020. 
-fix - "lightbox close on click outside" bug

version 3.17 
date 1.6.2020. 
-fix - responsive view flip to last page, current page number
-fix - 3d mode rtl odd pages fix
-fix - text search for JSON pages
-fix - flip sound on first page flip
-new - password protected PDF - prompt ask for password

version 3.16.1 
date 12.5.2020. 
fix - go to page

version 3.16 
date 11.5.2020. 
fix - PDF search multiple words
fix - toggle icons
fix - icons hover color
fix - freezing in WebGL mode when Deep Linking is active
new - option showTitle - displays book title above or below the book lightbox thumbnail
new - close lightbox with back button
new - option hideThumbnail for lightbox flipbook

version 3.15 
date 6.5.2020. 
-fix - editor warning
-fix - table of content from PDF
-new - move book with arrows when zoomed
-fix - PDF search performance

version 3.14.1 
date 23.4.2020. 
-fix - page brightness

version 3.14 
date 23.4.2020. 
-fix - disable text selection if select tool is not active
-new - option to disable right click menu on book
-new - option to disable page turn with swipe gesture
-fix - dark pages on iOS - page shadows disabled for mobile

version 3.13.1 
date 6.4.2020. 
-fix - back cover thumbnail

version 3.13 
date 4.4.2020. 
-fix - 2d & 3d & swipe mode bug when deep linking is enabled
-fix - go to page for 1 page view in mode webgl
-fix - HTML content for mode 3d & 2d
-improvement - auto convert old dataURL flipbook thumbnails to images when flipbook admin page is opened

version 3.12.1 
date 27.3.2020. 
-fix - lightbox close with ESC

version 3.12 

date 20.3.2020. 
-new - import / export global flip books settings
-new - book covers show in flip books list
-fix - 3d mode odd number of pages
-fix - HTML content
-fix - one page flipbook landscape mode

version 3.11 
date 21.2.2020. 
-new - support for new Addon "PDF Tools for Real3D Flipbook"
-new - override flipbook options via url params, param begins with "r3d-", example r3d-viewMode=swipe
-new - option "Mobile" -> "Mode"
-new - RTL layout for Table of Contents
-new - open search on start, search term on start
-new - option "Lightbox background image"
-new - option "Lightbox background pattern"
-new - option "Mobile" -> "PDF page size small"
-new - default value for option "PDF page size small" changed to 1500
-fix - import from json
-fix - single page mode and RTL
-fix - bulk trash flipbooks
-fix - Table of Content from PDF outline
-fix - PDF search multiple words at once
-fix - prevent multiple lightbox flip books open at once

version 3.10
-fix - lightbox thumbnail not generating from PDF
-fix - removed old option "fit to parent"
-fix - font-awesome icons for share buttons
-option lightboxShowMenu - show menu while loghtbox is loading - to be able to close loghtbox before it loads
-fix - option for book info on lightbox thumbnail hover - disabled by default
-bug fixes
-performance improvements

version 3.7
-bug fix - preloader not hiding
-new - option "layout" for UI - available layouts 1-4
-new - skin "gradient"
-new - added icon set Material
-new - more options for UI customisation - top menu bar, floating menu bar, position buttons left, right or center, top or bottom, set button order
-new - open lightbox flipbook to specific page via deep linking (url hash)
-bug fix - crashing of pdf flip book on iOS 12
-improvement - performance and page loading time of pdf flip book

version 3.6
-bug fix - unable to create new books
-bug fix - enable / disable menu buttons on mobile
-bug fix - right to left mode - thumbnails and table of content reversed
-bug fix - share via email - url from options
-updated to latest version of three.js
-bug fix - sorting flip books by name and date
-bug fix - html content on pages
-new - pdf to jpg conversion
-bug fix - pdf loading time
-new - global options
-bug fix - text search, text selection
-add flipbooks from gutenberg blocks editor

version 3.5
-bug fixes
-new - colour picker with alpha channel to admin panel
-added descriptions to plugin options
-match protocol for resources to prevent cross origin errors caused by different protocol
-create custom table of content
-support for embedded PDF outline