Real Estate Manager Pro v10.8.7 – WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Property Manager Prois a property listWordPress pluginA fully functional real estate website and portal.

Property Manager ProProvides a nice and clean design for property templates and adds special built-in features like property type, property video, gallery slider, AJAX advanced search, Google Maps with property landmarks, property carousel, table printing, foreground Properties, search widget, mortgage calculator, background profile editing, easy-to-use settings and more...

Property Manager ProAlso a real estate system based on WordPress controls that allows you to own and maintain a real estate market, approve agent registrations, restore property, manage employee records....


Features Real Estate Manager Pro

  • 7+ enumeration types:Property Manager comes with an enumeration of 7+ properties, including list and grid views.
  • Responsive View:It responds fully to all modern browsers and devices.
  • Mappa della proprietà:Display multiple properties and their locations on a large map.
  • Neighborhood Properties:Attributes close to the visitor's location are automatically displayed.
  • filter properties:Allows visitors to filter properties based on property type directly from the map.
  • Real Estate Carousel: CarouselTouch integration for real estate listings.
  • Leaflet:LeafletIf you don't want to use Google Maps, you can also download maps from OpenStreetMaps.
  • WooCommerce:Compatible with WooCommerce to manage paid subscriptions.
  • Gutenberg:Also added support for the Gutenberg editor for easy insertion of property blocks.
  • Unlimited Features:Add unlimited features and options.
  • Property library:Allows you to add unlimited gallery images for each property that will be displayed on a single property page in a user-friendly slider.
  • CPT Properties:Custom post types are used to manage properties using responsive front-end templates. You can also customize property slug and template files by including them in the theme.
  • WPML:it is compatibleWPMLLets you create multilingual real estate websites.
  • WPBakery Page Builder (visual composer):15+ elementsVision composerAdded for easy insertion and management of shortcodes.
  • Modulo Divi:Over 15 divi modules are available to useDivi Builders.
  • Optimized code:Based on WP Codex standards, only relevant scripts and styles are loaded, giving you a fast experience and avoiding conflicts.
  • Scenario email notification:Email notifications for property requests and agent registrations with custom email notifications.
  • Drag and drop fields:Create custom attribute fields using the drag-and-drop field builder.
  • Price Range Slider:Allows users to select their budget range when searching for properties using the price range slider.
  • Búsqueda rápida de AJAX:AJAX-based quick search with a list of advanced search queries.
  • Actor Profile:Manage agent profiles using their social links and other settings that can be managed from the profile settings.
  • Include widgets:A search widget and a mortgage calculator widget can be added to the widget area.
  • Submit front-end assets:Generate properties from the front-end using just one shortcode without going to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Front-end proxy registration:Use the pre-built registry to register proxies, they should be approved by the site administrator after registration.
  • Proxy-Anmeldung: AnmeldenAJAX-based and custom redirect to successful login.
  • my properties:Displays a list of properties for the current record, with actions to delete or edit them, with just a shortcode.
  • Edit the frontend configuration file:Let registered agents edit their profiles from the front end.
  • Developer friendly:Property managers rely on actions and filters to allow developers to easily modify or add new functionality.
  • Video:A separate section for video rendering of the property's internal structure using a responsive video player.
  • Attachments:Easily attach all file types with properties like floor plan, wireframe or document.
  • Prepare for translation:You can easily change English strings to your language using any translation plugin such as Loco Translate.The plugin has been translated into over 15 languages ​​and also includes a POT file to add your own.
  • Custom card icons:Just upload the map icon and you can easily replace the map icon with your own image in settings.
  • Google-Bestätigungscode:Captcha integration to secure registration and contact forms.
  • Custom colors:You can customize the color scheme according to your theme, you can choose the color from the settings of each element.
  • Custom Currency and Region:Currency can be easily changed by simply selecting your country.
  • Custom labels:You can easily change all labels and titles to your own text.
  • Map type:You can choose a map style from four styles. Road, Earth, Hybrid or Topographic map.
  • Flat card zoom:Easily adjust map zoom level and default latitude and longitude.
  • Disable scripts:You can disable bootstrap and font-awesome css loaded from plugins if your theme already has them loaded.

Changelog Real Estate Manager Pro Invalid Free

v10.8.7 – 16 January 22
- Feature Added: Option to add fields in the admin quick edit, bulk edit and columns
- Feature Added: Option to enable/disable specific user location
- Bug Fixed: raw data is displaying when editing a listing
- Bug Fixed: Agents location is not correct on the map
- Notice: POT Updated

10.8.5 – 30 November 21
- Feature Added: Sidebar option for single listing shortcode
- Feature Added: Ability to override single listing shortcode template
- Feature Added: Filter Hook:rem_simple_search_args added
- Feature Added: Password protect properties
- Bug Fixed: Categories are not searchable
- Bug Fixed: Energy Efficiency fields are no longer displaying
- Bug Fixed: Listing data is not displaying on mobile apps
- Bug Fixed: Price formatting error on frontend
- Bug Fixed: Before and After price fields are visible

v10.8.3 – 16 August 21
- Feature Added: images_size attribute in the list_categories shortcode
- Feature Added: images_height attribute in the list_categories shortcode
- Feature Added: masonry attribute in the list_categories shortcode
- Feature Added: Not operator added in the search query
- Feature Added: The agent page also displays listings set via an additional agent
- Bug Fixed: Google Map not working with nearest_properties enabled
- Bug Fixed: Google Map with single result default zoom not setting
- Bug Fixed: Agent edit page, translation-related issues
- Bug Fixed: Additional agents on property page warnings
- Bug Fixed: Property/Agent field titles adding slashes
- Notice: POT updated

= v10.8.1 – 2 May 21 =
- Feature Added: Single Property Page Simple Slider
- Feature Added: Single Property Page Grid Gallery
- Feature Added: AJAX based search widget added
- Feature Added: Price range dropdown added (pre to-from values)
- Feature Added: New Drag Drop Fields builder
- Action Added: rem_after_drag_drop_property_field
- Filter Added: rem_single_property_gallery_type
- Filter Added: rem_single_property_slick_attrs
- Filter Added: rem_single_property_grid_attrs
- Filter Added: rem_get_option_{option_name}
- Bug Fixed: Field's accessibility is not working
- Bug Fixed: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated
- Bug Fixed: WP_Scripts::localize was called incorrectly.
- Bug Fixed: Agent registration checkbox field is disabled for other areas
- Notice: POT updated

= v10.8.0 – 23 March 21 =
- Feature Added: Elementor Theme Builder Support
- Feature Added: Elementor Widgets
- Feature Added: Sticky agent contact
- Feature Added: Compatible with WordPress 5.7.*
- Feature Added: Category description added
- Feature Added: Tag description added
- Bug Fixed: WPML Emails not translating
- Bug Fixed: Map ignores city, country for location
- Bug Fixed: Thrive Architect breaks the search page.
- Bug Fixed: Image action icons not displaying on the admin

= v10.7.9 – 1 March 21 =
- Feature Added: Leaflet [rem_maps] now supports the address also
- Feature Added: Compatible with WPML 4.4.*
- Feature Added: Compatible with PolyLang 2.9.*
- Feature Added: Auto save lat/long by providing just address
- Notice: POT updated

= v10.7.8 – 1 December 20 =
- Feature Added: List properties by categories using the attribute cats
- Feature Added: Password change form added [rem_change_password]
- Feature Added: Auto login newly registered users
- Feature Added: Regular price [rem_regular_price] added for better sorting
- Bug Fixed: Attachments are not removing
- Bug Fixed: Basic colors issue with style 7
- Bug Fixed: Energy fields css issues
- Bug Fixed: Badges dont appear when height is fixed in listings
- Notice: POT updated

= v10.7.7 =
- Feature Added: Category option added with images
- Feature Added: Shortcode [rem_categories] to display categories
- Feature Added: Change tags archive slug
- Notice: Changed plugin update api
- Bug Fixed: Search form dropdown duplicate values
- Notice: POT updated