PWF WooCommerce Product Filters v1.5.7

IncreaseSell ​​online with PWF WooCommerce product filters, this plugin helps customers easilyFind a productFaster and easier, well thought out plugins on your storecabinet systemloadspeed, speedimproved, withdrag and dropTemplate generator.

This PWF WooCommerce product filter makes shopping easy for shoppersfilterbecauseThe productcategoria,classify, attributes, labels, custom fields, price ranges, availability, orders,authors (supplier), search,Ratio.

Available schoolsBox List, Check Box List, Column Layout,list of colors[ color or upload image], date, dropdown menu [options]select2Multiple choice], price slider, radio buttons,Series glider[meta-category-rate], text list, search, button, rate.

APIThe first plugin with a frontend-like API, a powerful tool to integrate filtersAndroid or Iphoneapplication.

Quick response: Smart Display for Phones and Tablets [Adjust demo page and reload page].


Suggested PWF WooCommerce Product Filters

  • RTL | AJAX | Performance.
  • Unlimited filters | Widgets | shortcode | general store.
  • WordPress MultiSite.
  • Two Active Filters in Onefriendly URL.
  • Compatible plugins:WPML | WC Supplier Market, ajax search woocommerce.
  • translation language: English, Arabic, Persian.
  • developer friendly: Developers can take advantage of the plugin's many brackets and Javascript trigger events for a high degree of customization.
  • drag and dropDinamo.
  • pagination style[ Numbers - Load More Button - Infinite Scroll].

Is the PWF WooCommerce product filter compatible with your theme?

  • By default, plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes.
  • Themes must use the template content product. php or any template name to display the product.
  • first inspection, Email me using the contact form on my profile.

Theme tested with PWF WooCommerce product filter

coming soon

Avada, Enfold, Woodmart, Astra,AstraPro, storefrontShoptimizer, studio,Beaver Builder Theme, Flatsome, BoxShop, JupiterX, Divi, twenty twenty, prominent,Phlox, Porto, TheGem, XStore, Martfury, Urna, Media Center, Stockie,Savoy, the7, Udesign, total,Brooklyn, Karma, Oshine,Soledad, Stockholm,REHub, amazing, huge dynamic,Electro, The Ark, The Retailer, 907, Legenda, Gioia, Business Hub,OceanWp, KALLYAS, Consultation, Nitro, WPLMS,BeTheme, Marketo, Kapee, Accounts, Basel, eMarket, Chromium, GreenMart,Besa, Puca, wide awake,Shopkeeper, e-kaubandus,Freshio, Merchandise, UpStore, Anon, Cerato, iBid, Medicine, Zonex, Shopinia,thefox, Ronneby, Hongo, Movedo, Royal,Kalium, Ciyashop, X | Themes, Walker, GrandPrix, Monsta, Exponent, Pofo, Lorada,Neve, Cartzilla, Lusion, Apar, Pinkmart, Ultima.

Changelog: PWF WooCommerce Product Filters

-- Version 1.5.7 (17 January 22)
- Add pretty URLs.
- Enhancement WPML.

v1.5.6 (6 January 22)
- Enhancement code Performance.
- Fix load script .min for main plugin js.
- add a compatible to the plugin Divi Shop Builder v1.1.26
- Fix using ajax for page condition in the main woo query

-- v1.5.4 (26 December 21)
- Add no ajax option to work with any themes or page builder.
- Update documentation.
- Enhancement CSS code.
- Toggle and Hierarchy (Arrow/Plus and Minus)
- Enhancement UX for drag and drop form builder.

-- Version 1.5.3 (28 November 21)
- Fix compatible with Woodmart theme.
- Fix cache system.
- Update verify purchase code functions case error to display API.

-- v1.5.1 (9 November 21)
- Add a new option field depends on.

-- v1.5.0 (3 November 21)
- Add a new option to search for products titles only.

-- v1.4.9 (29 October 21)
- Fix Database SQL query for the stock status for product variations for old SQL server.
-- v1.4.7 (15 October 21)
- Add new options on sale, featured to filter products.
- Fix purchase code.

-- Version 1.4.6 (8 October 21)
- Fixed shop integrated.
- fixed only load the plugin scripts when they are required.
- fixed the code for the plugin ajax search for woocommerce.
- fixed CSS for the sticky filter on the mobile.

-- Version 1.4.4 (4 October 21)
- Fixed the purchase code.

-- v1.4.3 (30 September 21)
Fixed: pagination on the search page.

-- Version 1.4.1 (1 September 21)
- Fixed JS for the Woocommerce shortcode pagination.

-- v1.3.8 (20 August 21)
- update the code compatible with the Uncode theme.

-- Version 1.3.7 (13 August 21)
- fixed Verfiy purchase code.

v1.3.6 (9 August 21)
- Add compatible to the Uncode theme.

-- Version 1.2.7  (    8 March 21 )
- Enhancement meta count.

-- Version 1.2.6  (    22 February 21)
- Add a new option javascript control speed of filter button.
- Add compatibility to the Flatsome theme.

-- Version 1.2.5  (    14 February 21)
- Fix price range slider when display products.

-- Version 1.2.4  (    2 February 21)
- Update and Enhance meta database query.
- Fix conflict between themes and the colorlist item.
- Add compitable to the plugin ajax search for woocommerce.
- Update API for rating slider, Dropdown menu.

-- Version 1.2.3  (27 January 21)
- Fixed the price slider HTML.

-- Version 1.2.2  (13 January 21)
- Improved the cache.
- Add a new feature filter products by the rate.
- Fixed compatible with the hogo themes.
- fix step for price and range slider.
- Enhancement CSS, PHP, Js code.
- Fix woocommerce sort dropdown menu with pagination type load more button and infinite scroll.

-- Version 1.2.1  (21 December 2020)
- Fix nested columns layout.
- Enhancement PHP, JS, CSS code.
- fix sort products with pagination load more button and infinite scroll

-- Version 1.2.0  (7 December 2020)
- Add pagination type load more button and infinite scroll.
- customize loader template.
- Fix database query for price slider and range slider used with a shortcode.
- Fix multiple select2 items.

-- Version 1.1.9  (27 November 20)
- Fix Price range min and max value.

-- Version 1.1.8  (26 November 20)
- Fix Price range when interactive with other filter items.

-- Version 1.1.7  (23 November 20)
- Add a new Jquery trigger event to make the plugin work with a post per page.

-- Version 1.1.6  (21 November 20)
- Add a new option to the range slider, price slider, date to interact with other filters
- Enhancement PHP code.
- Enhancement CSS for range and price slider.
- Add features get products only when load pages.

-- Version 1.1.5  (11 November 20)
- Fix range slider.

-- Version 1.1.4  (11 November 20)
- Add Range Slider Filter Item
- Compatible with Avada theme dropdown orderby.
- Fixed the filter item dropdown with active filter notice.
- Update language files.
- Enhancement CSS code.

-- Version 1.1.3  (30 October 20)
- Add search field.
- Add compatibility with the plugin WC Vendors Marketplace
- Fixed issue class doesn't exist Pwf_Clear_Transients

-- Version 1.1.2  (13 October 20)
- Add PHP code to themes that require to be compatible with the PWF plugin.
- A fixed issue if the site doesn't end with slash ex: shop/

-- Version 1.1.1 (4 October 20)
- Fixed Js for Price Slider when it is duplicated.
- Add more do_action for customization.

-- Version 1.1.0 (2 October 20)
- Enhancement a filter integrates with Woocommerce shortcode.

-- Version 1.0.9 (20 September 2020)
- Fixed pagination for the filter integrated with the shop.

-- Version 1.0.8 (20 September 2020)
- Fixed integrate filter with shop page on a taxonomy page.
- Fixed Pagination for shortcode.

-- Version 1.0.7 (12 September 2020)
- Add Language Persian
- Add Filters hook.
- Fix url_key on in the filter duplicate issue.
- Fixed an issue when they attributes or taxonomies are empty

-- Version 1.0.6
- fixed terms count on shop archive like the product category, taxonomy, product tags
- Add a filter hook using to change the template used with ajax when reloading products.
- Fixed show all text when no options display.
- Delete cached terms when edit/save/update products.
- Add min and max date for API.
- Enhancement documentation.

-- Version 1.0.5 (1 September 20)
- Enhancement JS on the frontend
- Using Woocommerce currency position
- Edit files: class-pwf-render-filter.php, class-pwf-front-end-ajax.php, frontend/scripts.js

-- Version 1.0.4 (26 August 20)
- Add a new option scroll to a selector CSS class.
- Update: change mobile order for the button ( apply - rest) to be ( reset - apply )
- Fixed: term counts for taxonomy and product category.
- Fixed: filter integrated with shop archive fix when directly go to,10
- fixed: order by for terms.
- Fixed: colorlist, boxlist , text list when the status is disabled.
- Fixed: fix currency symbol.

-- Version 1.0.3 (23 August 20)
Add: Arabic Language translation.
Fixed: Enhancement CSS, Javascript, PHP.

-- Version 1.0.2
Fixed: load text domain
Edit Files: pwfwoofilter.php, class-pwf-front-end-ajax.php, front.scripts.min.js

-- Version 1.0.1 
Fixed: Js error when using "strict mode" 
Update: Translated text in class-pwf-meta.php