PrivateContent v8.0.8 - Multilevel Content Plugin

PrivateContentis a powerful yet simple plugin that turns WordPress into a true tiered membership network.

Complete user management, modern form base and a unique engine for restricting any area of ​​the site are included.Even if you don't know how to code, anything is possible!

It also complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Demo: https://code content-multilevel-content-plugin/1467885

Features: PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin

  • User Member:
    • User levels are not limited.
    • Each user can have an unlimited number of levels assigned to them.
    • Admin manually inserts
    • Unlimited and adjustable registration forms
    • Simple and fast list management
    • Sorting, and basic and complex searches
    • Assign users to target WP users in a global or personalized manner, based on their classification.
    • There are several states to choose from: Active, Disabled, and Pending Approval.
    • Track user actions with Google Analytics.
    • import and export system
    • Bulk import for WordPress users
  • Content restriction mechanism: (based on user category + configurable via API)
    • Shortcode for PrivateContet with optional alert box and login/register buttons
    • There is an advanced restriction wizard and a restriction helper for any public post type or taxonomy.
      • Total restrictions on pages, posts, custom post types, categories, and custom taxonomies via redirects
      • The content of pages, posts, and custom post types is replaced with alert boxes, excerpts, or nothing.
      • hide your comment
      • When page loads, a persistent modal light box appears, forcing the user to engage.
    • Regular expression support for personal (URL-based) restrictions
    • items on the menu
    • Widgets
    • Any type of Gutenberg block
    • Complete site lock with one click (optionally make menu visible)
  • Create a frame:
    • Structure of flexible fields
    • To divide fields into sections, use form pages.
    • A navigator for form pages is an optional feature.
    • Validation on the client side in HTML5
    • Delimiters and text blocks
    • Assign custom categories (via shortcodes)
    • Personalized redirects (via shortcodes)
    • Password Strength Configuration
    • Antispam systems: unobvious honeypots or reCAPTCHA
    • Anti-brute force mechanism in Login
    • There are two layouts: single column and fluid.
    • Three customizable preset styles, plus a custom skin generator
    • Icons for fields and buttons + placeholders for fields
    • Styles with bottom border and unlabeled fields
    • Alignment of registration and registration forms
    • Email-only registration
  • When you click on any site element, a lightbox engine appears, displaying the form (or other content).
  • Custom redirect for login form and logout button
  • User self delete box
  • Users can access a private section with pre-programmed material and private comments.
  • WP users must be synchronized to use the WP-based system, and WP duties must be simulated.
  • Register and control users in the frontend via any form (using WP User Sync)
  • Integration with Visual Composer, Elementor and Divi
  • customizable message
  • 100% translatable + 23 ready-to-use front-end languages ​​+WPML or Polylang support
  • Hooks and developer-friendly API structure
  • GDPR-Compatible
  • Modular structure

Changelog: PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin

v8.0.8 - release date 31/12/2021
- fixed: "remember me" text position on narrow contexts

v8.0.7 - release date 23/12/2021
- fixed: logout redirect target
- fixed: no registration form option for user categories

v8.0.6 - release date 05/12/2021
- fixed: PHP static methods not executed by call_user_func()

v8.0.4 - release date 01/12/2021
- fixed: dropdowns now shown in lightbox forms
- fixed: dynamic CSS not created on plugin's activation/update

v8.0.3 - release date 23/11/2021
- fixed: preset contents not applied in user pvt pages managed through Elementor

v8.0.2 - release date 21/11/2021
- fixed: "file" field types getting mistakenly styled

v8.0.0 - release date 18/11/2021
- added: visibility restriction for any Gutenberg block
- added: Divi Builder native integration
- added: new user pvt page mode, replacing the whole page (useful with builders)
- added: login attempts limit in order to avoid brute force attacks
- added: option to use only e-mail and password to create new users
- added: option to show pagination summary on top of forms
- added: option to use only one password field with revealer in forms
- added: option to display password requirements
- added: separator form block
- added: "pvtcontent admin" WP role, to create targeted user managements
- added: option to auto-login users after registration
- added: password generator button while adding users on the admin side
- added: responsive typography
- columns totally sortable and manageable in users list
- dynamic and customizable frontend CSS instead of static CSS styles
- LC select is now used in forms
- single checkboxes displayed through LC Switch
- better "remember me" cookie management
- users pvt pages now editable through Divi
- frontend form layout totally revamped with modern CSS techniques

v7.4.7 - release date 20/09/2021
- fixed: code typo in WP user sync function

v7.4.6 - release date 05/08/2021
- fixed: javascript error in logout button

v7.4.5 - release date 30/07/2021
- fixed: single pending user enabling
- fixed: users counter for various states on users management

v7.4.3 - release date 26/07/2021
- fixed: user pvt page management with Elementor

v7.3.7 - release date 26/05/2021
- fixed: bulk usser list commands not executed