Pricing v1.0.7 - WooCommerce Conversion Tracking

Pricing - WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO improves your WooCommerce conversion data tracking.

Connect your WooCommerce website to the best in-game advertising platform available.Pricing - WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO instantly sends user-triggered events from your ecommerce store to the advertising platform of your choice. Redirecting is now as easy as ABC!


Advanced WooCommerce transformation data for better targeting


Send data on users viewing your products, adding to carts, searching, purchasing, and signing up to your Facebook ads so you can take advantage of your ROI when remarketing your last name.Also, add more pixels and create product catalogs when needed.


With our Pricing - WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO integration with Twitter Ads, you will be able to measure your events including products added to cart, successful purchases, registrations and more.

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Add your Google Adwords account ID and send your purchases to Google's own platform along with purchase tags.Get better ideas and get the most out of your paid advertising by targeting the right people.

Perfect Object Price - WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO

Want the best redirection results ever? Now, with our integration with Perfect Audience, you can target customers with greater potential to grow your e-commerce business.

Microsoft Advertising

The easiest way to link your WooCommerce store with Bing ads.Submit your Pricing - WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO conversion data to this Microsoft Advertising platform to create better target audiences.

custom platform

Don't want to be limited to these platforms? Is there something you've used? Connect to the platform of your choice using the JavaScript Tracking Script feature!

how it works

  • User visits/interactions with your WooCommerce store
  • trigger a specific event
  • Send conversion data to selected ad platforms
  • Retarget from selected platform

best suited for

Pricing - WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO helps you maximize

  • Get advanced user behavior data
  • Better track your WooCommerce business
  • Get detailed conversion data for analysis
  • Create better ad campaigns
  • Improve ROI on all paid media investments
  • Ensure better retargeting of customers for future marketing efforts

Your benefits

  • Pricing - WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO for your store
  • Ability to connect multiple advertising platforms
  • Faster-based event tracking
  • Retarget sophisticated audiences
  • Product catalog and multiple pixels on Facebook
  • Quick and easy step-by-step installation
  • Option to send values ​​to connected sites even with custom parameters
  • Save your precious time from all the custom code you need
  • Allow your team to access pricing by role - WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO integration settings.

Changelog: Pricing – WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO

2021-08-19 - v1.0.7
- Fix: Undefined offset handled for featured image on the product exporter.

2021-03-09 - v1.0.6
- Fix: Don't close the csv file

- New: Add Bing Ads Integration