Presto Player v1.1.8 – The Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Presto Player - The ultimate video player for WordPress! Take your videos to the next level and let viewers enjoy the modern video experience they love. For Gutenberg,Elementor, beaver generator, LearnDash, Mentor LMS.


Features Presto Player - Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Add irresistible video to your website with our subtitle muted autoplay, spice it up with overlay images, and track video performance with our analytics.

Great for course creators

Give your students a great learning experience by using our video presets that offer adjustable playback speed, custom chapter markers, picture-in-picture, skip 10 seconds, all protected by our security features.

Great for anyone using video

If your website uses video, then Presto Player is also great for you. Improve website performance, dynamic video URLs, and more with multiple video hosting options.

what do the experts use

Presto Player offers powerful game-changing features, yet is so simple to use that it feels like magic.

Private Video - Presto Player - The Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Protect your valuable video content with safe expired URLs that automatically use private videos.

easy navigation

Add easy navigation to your videos with our chapters feature. Perfect for longer videos!

BunnyNet integration

Easily distribute public and private videos for just a penny a month with our one-click BunnyNet integration.

many sources

Multiple video source options allow you to deliver video at the fastest and most affordable option.

sticky player

Presto Player allows viewers to inspect your page content while watching your video.

Comprehensive analysis

Self-hosting and Google Analytics allow you to see watch time, watch time, viewer retention, and more.

deep fusion

Deep integration with Gutenberg and works with all page builders to make things easy to use.

high performance

With our built-in latency, you can have great video content without sacrificing performance.

Play speed

Users can set the playback speed and remember their settings between videos and viewing sessions.

Changelog: Presto Player – The Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Version 1.1.8 November 24, 2021
Issue with Stream libraries not being created if blog name is more than 100 characters.

1.5.12 – AUGUST 3, 2021
Hotfix: Issue with CTAs sometimes not appearing.

1.5.11 – AUGUST 3, 2021
Fix height issue with bundled javascript versions.
Fix centering issue with Youtube.

1.5.10 – AUGUST 2, 2021
Fix height issue with Vimeo videos on iOS devices.

1.5.9 – JULY 26, 2021
Fix issue with videos not being centered in iOS fullscreen.
Fix issue with non-standard HLS links not playing as HLS.
Fix issue with Lazy Load Youtube Videos needing a second click on newer iPad devices to play.
Allow focus mode to work with Muted Autoplay.

1.5.8 – JULY 22, 2021
Fix issue with Vimeo videos in Android Webview
Fix additional request with Vimeo videos due to component re-rendering.
Fix issue with Large Play button appearing on Muted Overlay when not enabled in preset.
Fix HLS stuttering issue on iOS devices if Dynamically Load Javascript was not enabled.

1.5.7 – JULY 20, 2021
Fix 5.8 block_categories and allowed_block_types deprecations.

1.5.6 – JULY 16, 2021
Fix issue with CTA sometimes not showing in bundle (non dynamic javascript setting).

1.5.5 – JULY 13, 2021
Fix issue where HLS script sometimes doesn’t load depending on theme hooks.
Fix missing “Login” translation in non-logged-in template.

1.5.4 – JUNE 30, 2021
Fix issue where Youtube and Vimeo were not using native player with playsinline turned off.
Fix issue with native iOS player and CTAs.
Fix issue with multiple non-preloaded HLS streams on the same page.
Fix issue with CTAs sometimes not displaying
Added missing translation for private video login text.

1.5.3 – JUNE 25, 2021
Hotfix: Analytics video edit button opacity.

1.5.2 – JUNE 25, 2021
Better default aspect ratio (16:9) for HLS streams that are not preloaded.
Fix video previews being missing from video analytics page.

1.5.1 – JUNE 23, 2021
Add a dedicated “Captions” button option.
Change “Play In Viewport” wording to “Focus Mode”.
Change resume play position to only happen past 1 second.
Prevent lazy loaded youtube videos from sometimes automatically autoplaying in the admin.

1.5.0 – JUNE 23, 2021
Add Play only in Viewport feature.
Add login message for private videos.
Per user video analytics.
HLS loading improvements.
Fix date dropdown in analytics.

1.4.0 – JUNE 2, 2021
Add Call to Action Feature
Added player custom CSS box.
Added default preset option
Fixed missing translations.

1.3.0 – MAY 24, 2021
Shortcode enhancements View Docs.
Ability to turn on/off dynamic javascript loading for better compatibility with script combining.
Preset option to choose sticky scroll position.
Preset option for turning on captions by default.

1.2.9 – MAY 13, 2021
Fix issue with sticky scroll sometimes not working.
Fix minor styling issue with caption wrapping.

1.2.8 – MAY 12, 2021
Fix issue with Open In New Tab not saving for custom button in Action Bar.

1.2.7 – MAY 12, 2021
Fix issue with slow preset seeding query

1.2.6 – MAY 12, 2021
PHP 8 Compatibility
Add bulk editing features to Media Hub.
Fix issue with Elementor not previewing stream videos
Fix issue where Bunny Stream private api key could not be manually updated on settings page.
Fix issue with GoDaddy feedback modal breaking javascript on our post type page.

1.2.5 – MAY 11, 2021
Fix issue with individual video pages not loading.
Fix issue with Bunny stream videos not showing title.
Allow vimeo direct hls urls in player.

1.2.4 – MAY 7, 2021
Fix rounded corners issue in Safari.
Fix issue with more than 100 videos in a collection.

1.2.3 – MAY 6, 2021
Fix issue with email capture sometimes not displaying.

1.2.2 – MAY 6, 2021
Remove error logging from development.

1.2.1 – MAY 5, 2021
Fix issue with free users not being able to add channel id.

1.2.0 – MAY 5, 2021
New Action Bar. Add a timed YouTube subscribe bar or custom call to action.
Fix default presets not being translatable.

1.1.4 – MAY 4, 2021
Fix issue with Learndash caching video progress when video is changed.
Fix RTL issue with video chapters.

1.1.3 – APR 26, 2021
Fix issue with TutorLMS video progression not marking lessons as complete.
Fix issue where instructor roles in Learndash didn’t have access to blocks.

1.1.2 – APR 23, 2021
Add css part to logo so it can be styled.
Add visit time to progress for integrations.

1.1.1 – APR 22, 2021
Fix scrolling issue with bunny classic modal.
Clear transient to force pro update check when core is updated.

1.1.0 – APR 22, 2021
Update core plugin for stream integration!

1.0.16 – APR 21, 2021
Fix issue where some user roles could not add videos if they could not edit posts.
Fix php notice for undefined $logic_video when learndash is enabled and “AFTER” is chosen for video progression.
Automatic RTL language support for email overlay, chapters and captions.
Add css parts to overlay (play button, image) so they can be styled with custom css.
Fix fullscreen centering issue with vimeo on iOS
Fix fullscreen z-index issue with youtube on iOS

1.0.15 – APR 19, 2021
Fix issue with Lazy Load youtube requiring double click on iOS Safari.
Fix issue with overlay not appearing on admin.

1.0.14 – APR 15, 2021
Fix issue with Learndash where Mark Complete buttons don’t appear if “BEFORE” is selected in video progression.
Compatibility with Siteground Optimizer
Add video Fallbacks for when javascript fails to load.
Fix issue with default Youtube poster images sometimes not loading.

1.0.13 – APR 14, 2021
Fix poster image not showing for Vimeo videos.
Fix issue with poster image not appearing if more than one Youtube video is on a page.
Fix debug notices if Learndash is activated but on a non-learndash page.

1.0.12 – APR 13, 2021
Fix issue with LearnDash lesson associated steps not being accessible if “before” is selected for display timing.

1.0.11 – APR 13, 2021
Fix issue where sticky scroll sometimes wasn’t disabled on presets.
Do fallback for Youtube Videos in Webview due to webview play restrictions in the YouTube API.

1.0.10 – APR 13, 2021
Fix javascript error when “Use existing on-page tag” setting is selected.
Fix conflict with WP Offload SES plugin.

1.0.9 – APR 11, 2021
Fix remove unused javascript files.

1.0.8 – APR 11, 2021
Fix issue with email overlay sometimes showing incorrectly.

1.0.7 – APR 11, 2021
Fix issue with email overlay not showing if percentage is chosen.

1.0.6 – APR 11, 2021
Fix analytics reporting issue since 1.0.0.

1.0.5 – APR 11, 2021
WPRocket script combine compatibility.
Fix issue with Youtube autoplay and Youtube muted autoplay not working intermittently.
Fix issue with iOS/Safari/Vimeo during fullscreen where the video is not showing if rounded corners are enabled.
Fix issue with 10 second skip tooltip showing 0s instead of 10s.

1.0.4 – APR 10, 2021
Fix issue where muted autoplay sometimes working with YouTube videos.

1.0.3 – APR 6, 2021
Fix issue with Vimeo private videos not showing if domain restriction was enabled.

1.0.2 – APR 6, 2021
Fix issue with Email capture z-index with Youtube videos
Fix issue with Email capture not automatically playing lazy loaded Youtube videos.

1.0.1 – APR 6, 2021
Fix issue with sticky scroll z-index.

1.0.0 – APR 6, 2021
Email Capture (Requires Pro v1.0.0) – capture emails from visitors to allow watching of videos on your site. Integrate with FluentCRM, Mailchimp, MailerLite, or ActiveCampaign.
Youtube Privacy Enhanced Mode (Requires Pro v1.0.0) – you can now turn this global setting on to embed YouTube videos without using cookies that track viewing behaviour.
Style-Conflict Free – The player has been refactored into a web component, so it is now unaffected by theme styles.
Dynamic Loading – The player now loads dynamically on the page, meaning it works seamlessly with popup plugins and lazy or ajax loading content.