Premium SEO Pack - Wordpress Plugin v3.3.1

Sophisticated SERP Rank Tracking ModuleAdvanced SEO PackGet search engine rankings for pages and keywords and store them for later comparison.

Adding keywords to the monitoring module is easy; just select them from your target keywords or enter them manually! You can also track up to 5 competitors!

We've also added a new feature, Site Statistics! You can check the progress of your site between dates and include (or exclude) competitors.

The first statistic is the site score for a keyword you enter for a search engine, such as, which is based on an algorithm that detects your website pages and the top 100 keywords.

Below is a summary of keyword rankings, which shows whether your site's rating is up or down, and whether your keyword is in the top 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, or 100.

The final stats are for keywords, so you can see their progress, when they were last verified, and where each term is in Google Search.

The reporting module is the last but not the least. There are two kinds of reports. One for site statistics and another for keyword ranking changes.

Both reports can be viewed in the admin area, downloaded in PDF format, or sent via email.

Demo: https://code

Features: Premium SEO Pack – Wordpress Plugin

  • Monitoring
    • Google Analytics - This app also has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to monitor key parts of your website's performance from within the WordPress admin area.
    • 404 Monitor allows you to check which URLs direct users to 404 pages, how many hits they receive, and redirect them to another website.
    • Compare Serp Tracking, SERP Tracking, and Search Engine Results Page Reporter. Keep an eye on your opponents!
    • Google Pagespeed Insights Module - The Google Pagespeed Insights Module evaluates page performance on desktop and mobile devices.You can test the page speed of multiple websites at once, in batches or individually, and check scores and read comprehensive reports on desktop and mobile devices.
  • page optimization
    • Mass Optimization - With this advanced feature, you can mass optimize all your posts/pages at once!
    • Local SEO - With our newest local SEO module, you can quickly rank your website locally and on Google Maps! With our local SEO module, you may be found by local customers!
    • On-page optimization requires optimizing your page/post type one at a time, directly on the post/page! It also works for categories and any other custom taxonomies.
    • Title and Meta Formatting - Specify custom page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, meta robots, and social for homepage, posts, pages, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, archives, authors, search, 404 pages using specified formatting tags Meta and pagination.
    • Sitemap - Our module automatically generates a sitemap for you.
    • Video sitemaps are used to automatically generate sitemaps.
    • SEO Slug Optimizer - Slug Optimizer removes frequently used terms from the slug of a post or page.
    • SEO Friendly Images - Automatically update all images with relevant ALT and title attributes.
    • Google Authorship - Customize Your Work! Include a link to your Google+ profile in your post!
  • Optimisation hors site
    • Remove Backlink Generator - Generate free backlinks by automatically submitting your links to hundreds of different online directories.
    • Improve your website's internal link building with Link Builder.
    • 301 Link Redirects - Handy for any kind of permalink update.
    • Social Statistics - Track the size of your social network.
  • Advanced configuration
    • File editing enables you to make changes to the robot. txt and . htaccess file.
    • Mass Validator - W3C checks the markup of your pages/posts/custom taxonomies (HTML, XHTML, etc.).
    • SEO Insert Code - Insert custom code into head > and wp footer files.
    • Media Smush - We use Smush. The it API for this module, which allows you to optimize your website photos without compromising their appearance or visual quality.
    • Facebook Planner removed - Using the Facebook Planner module, you can publish data directly from your website to Facebook profiles, pages and groups.
    • Maps on Twitter
  • Plugin options
    • Module Manager - This tool allows you to activate and deactivate modules.
      Capabilities enable you to grant certain permissions to different types of users.
    • Install default configuration, import SEO settings from other SEO plugins, back up existing settings
    • Server Status - Server Status enables you to check which modules are active, whether they are set up correctly, and more.
    • Remote Assistance enables you to grant us secure access to your WordPress installation in the event of a problem with your plugin.

Changelog: Premium SEO Pack – Wordpress Plugin

[v3.3.1] - 14.08.2020
- [FIX] Wordpress 5.5 issues with Tooltip.js

## [3.3.0] - 04.08.2020
- [NEW MODULE] - GTMETRIX - Obtain centralized info about Pagespeed factors like: Google, Pagespeed Score, YahooSlow score, Page size & Load times
- [NEW Features] - Minify module - HTML minification with the option to remove comments & collapse whitespaces / Javascript Defer / Asynchronous option / Load Google Fonts Asynchronous / Gzip compression / Disable Wordpress Emoji / Leverage browser caching with default expiration time settings / Remove Query Strings from static resources
- Compatibility with PHP 7.4.8
- [REMOVED] - Google Analytics & Pagespeed modules
- [FIX] - focus keyword with 2 characters not working on on_page_optimization module

[v3.2] - 20.05.2019
- [FIX] - compatibility with ELEMENTOR frontend editor
- [FIX] - compatibility with WordPress Site Health Tool
- [FIX] - eliminated some traces of deprecated or removed: facebook planner, backlink builder, alexa rank
- You can enable/disable WP Ajax Debug from server status module

v3.1.9 - 25.01.2019
[FIX] - Google Analytics Module : fixed some issues with the Audience box dates, also with the pagination for Top Pages / Posts, TOP Referral Traffic boxes
[FIX] - Multifocus keywords - google auto complete keywords list wasn't displayed anymore, when you tried to add a new (multi) focus keyword in it's mini-box
[FIX] - on edit post admin page, the "Post Seo Settings" metabox, multiple keywords, were not saved right anymore - also now on clicking "Update" button, which uses ajax (no page refresh) the metabox is auto reloaded!
Removed Deprecated module - Facebook Planner