Popup Maker - WordPress Popup Plugin v1.1.0 + Addons

Pop-up MakerTools You have the freedom to build various custom popups and easily introduce them to your website.Design a realistic and effective popup, apply different types of containing blocks such as video, button, text, banner, etc.

Promote lead generation

Use pop-ups to increase email signups and nurture leads. Embed forms created in your email service or use one of the many form plugins we integrate, includingGravity Form, ninja form, andWP Form.

  • Auto open option
  • Content upgrade popup
  • Scroll-triggered opt-in
  • opt-in d'intention de sortie
  • og mer!

increase income

Leverage slideshows and popups to increase your store's sales. through our integrationWooCommerce and Easy digital downloadAnd with our unique targeting system, you can create per-product popups, per-product category popups, store-wide popups, and more!

  • Upsell Slideshow
  • cross-selling slideshow
  • Cart abandonment popup
  • Pre-sales question prompt
  • og mer!

get the best results

Popup Maker is designed to bring you results. With conversion tracking, built-in calls to action, and a unique targeting system, you can optimize popups for conversions.

  • Target popups to specific pages, posts or categories
  • Target popups to specific products, product categories, or the entire store
  • Target pop-ups to visitors recommended by specific countries, browsers, or specific sites
  • Easily determine which jumpers have the highest conversion rates
  • og mer!

Popup Maker works great with all your other favorite and premium plugins

Feature Popup Maker

  • Unlimited popups and themes: Create as many popups and themes as possible for your website!
  • Unlimited pageviews and impressions: No more paying for every pageview or pop-up!
  • popup form: Create high-converting lead-generating pop-up forms.
  • Improve landing pages: Reduce Landing Page Clutter with Popups
  • Precise positioning: Position exactly where you want the popup to appear. Open popups on specific pages, posts, products, etc.
  • visual theme generator: Customize every aspect of your popup design to create a popup that exactly matches your website
  • Automatically open popups: Allow popups to open automatically immediately or after a delay
  • Click to open popup trigger: Open a popup when a website visitor clicks a link, button, or any other item
  • Exit popup: Display a popup when a visitor is about to leave your site
  • 100% personalizable: Customize every detail of the popup, from its location to how visitors close it
  • No code required: You do not have to be a developer to create popups. Pop-up Maker is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Pictures and Videos:Add an image to the popup or as a background! Also add video to your popup

Changelog: Popup Maker – WordPress Popup Plugin

September 02, 2020 - v1.1.0
### Added
* The option of activating autoplay, camera and microphone in iframe block.
* New display frequency option - Show every time until I close it
* Open Link in new Tab setting for Button block
* Checkbox element for the form
### Fixed
* Issue with video playing on after the popup was closed