PixelYourSite Pro v8.6.6 (+Addons) – Powerful WordPress Plugin For FaceBook

PixelYourSite Pro- Follow everything with a single WordPress plugin.

Add Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ad Tag (AdWords), Pinterest Tag and any other scripts. Fully supports WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download.

Send accurate Facebook activity data to your website visitors. Track every detail of the pages they visit, every click of a customer, and every search.Use all of these to optimize your ads, use custom conversions or use custom audience retargeting.

Demo:https://woohoowoo.pixel someone site.com/

Features PixelYourSite Pro: Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Pinterest

  • Automatic WordPress integration: Implement multiple tracking codes with a single WordPress plugin. No coding or complicated work is required.
  • Follow everything with global events: Every action will be tracked and sent to Facebook, Google Analytics or Pinterest. You can compare results across multiple platforms, ensuring you truly understand user actions and intent.
  • Track your own events in key actions: You can easily configure and trigger your own events to track any specific key action. Every event can be sent to Facebook, Google and Pinterest.
  • WooCommerce and EDD automatic integration: Track online store conversions and every action
  • One-click Facebook Pixel deployment
  • One-click insertion into Google Analytics
  • Insert Google Ads code with one click
  • Integration of Pinterest tags with free plugins
  • Integrate Microsoft UET Tag (Microsoft UET Tag) with paid plugins
  • Insert any script with header/footer options
  • GDPR support

More Features of Super Pack

  • These 5 add-ons will add useful features and are part of the Super Pack
  • Available downloads: Catalog Feed Pro, PixelYourSite Pinterest, PixelYourSite Super Pack

Changelog PixelYourSite PRO - Powerful WordPress Plugin for Facebook Cancelled for Free

PixelYourSite Pro 8.6.6
January 17, 2022
Fix for a potential 503 error related to some specific server configuration.
Improving how WooCommerce add to cart works when hooks are used instead of classes. This will result in better speed for variable products with a large number of variants.

PixelYourSite Pro 8.6.5
January 14, 2022
New: TikTok Complete payment event for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads transactions. This is the event TikTok uses for dynamic ads. It will fire along with the Place an order event.
Fix for a bug related to Google Ads conversion labels for WooCommerce and EDD events when multiple tags are installed.
Fix for a bug on the Easy Digital Downloads checkout page related to the TikTok tag.
WooComerce 6.1 compatibility.
Various small code improvements.

PixelYourSite Pro 8.6.4
December 19
Fix for a problem with the TikTok place an order event for WooCommerce.
Fixes for small bugs.
WooCommerce 6.0 compatibility check.

PixelYourSite Pro 8.6.3
December 14
Fixing some possible issues with removing or disabling Google Analytics extra tags.
Removing page view for extra Google Analytics extra tags.
Fixing a possible issue with Google Analytics when a WooCommerce product has a large number of related products.
Fixing a possible bug with Vimeo scripts.
Fixing possible issues with TikTok add-to-cart events.
TikTok enhanced data.
Code refactoring.
This update will require updating the Super Pak, the Pinterest add-on, and the Bing add-on if you use them.

PixelYourSite Pro 8.6.2
December 2
Fixing some possible issues with WooCommerce events value.

PixelYourSite Pro v8.6.1 - November 26
TikTok Tag for Easy Digital Downloads.
TikTok Tag for CartFlows.
Fix for Google Ads Conversions issue with some WooCoommerce and EDD events.
Various fixes for other possible issues reported by our clients.

PixelYourSite Pro 8.6.0
November 21
TikTok Tag support (beta)

PixelYourSite Pro 8.5.2
November 17
Fixing a possible problem with WPML pixel conditions.
Fixing a possible issue with add to cart events for WooCommerce.
Fixing a bug related to blog events for DPA.
Other small changes.

PixelYourSite Pro 8.5.1
November 8
Fixing various bugs, please update.

PixelYourSite Pro 8.4.3
September 20, 2021
Fixing various issues

PixelYourSite Pro 8.4.2
September 8, 2021
WooCommerce 5.6 compatibility
PHP 8 compatibility
Fixing an issue with CartFlows purchase event value
Fixing various client related issues

PixelYourSite Pro 8.4.1
August 16
Fixing various issues

PixelYourSite Pro 8.4.0
August 4
NEW: CartFlows integration – click here to lean more
WordPress 5.8 compatibility check
Various other fixes for client issues and small bugs

PixelYourSite Pro 8.3.8
17 June 2021
Changes related to how the WooCommerce add-to-cart events are captured. You can select between hooks (default) and classes.

PixelYourSite Pro 8.3.7
Facebook Conversion API update.
Small code improvements and fixes.

PixelYourSite Pro v8.3.5
Fixing a possible issue with WooCommerce add to cart IDs for variations.
Fixing a possible issue with WooCommerce add to cart buttons.

PixelYourSite Pro v8.3.3
New option to remove the URL tags from the download_url parameter. It can help to avoid privacy warnings from Facebook.
New UI around enriched order data for emails and orders.
Fix for a potential issue with the WooCommerce update cart button.
Better integration with ConsentMagic.
Other code improvements and small fixes.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.3.2 =
New options to turn ON/OFF most global, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads events parameters. Use it if Facebook shows privacy warnings related to some parameters. You have a video about it linked on the plugin’s main page.
New option to remove URL parameters from the target_url Signal parameter. Default is ON, to avoid sending potential private data to Facebook.
WooCommerce 5.3 compatibility check.
Some other code improvements and small bug fixes.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.3.1 =
UI improvements
New options to remove the page_title and content_name parameters. They can be useful if Facebook flags them as sending prohibited information. This can happen when their filters detect names or titles that resemble medical information.
Fix for a potential problem related to Purchase events on the custom thank you pages implemented with the Super Pack.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.3.0 =
Full support for ConsentMagic.com

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.2.2 =
Remove parameters from event_source_url. This is a mandatory parameter for Facebook Conversion API events. If the URL contains parameters that include personal data, it will trigger privacy working on Facebook. To avoid this problem we are now removing all URL parameters for this event. If you think you need them, you have a toogle to add them back on the plugin’s main page.
Remove URL parameters from event_url and landing page parameters. The same reason as above.
Dynamic Ads for Blogs events are now OFF by default.
You have extra information about the order data we add to the WooCommerce “New email”. It explains clients don’t get it, and lets you know how to turn it OFF if you want to.
New toggle to control if extra data is added to WooCommerce orders.
Fix for a problem with additional Facebook Pixels CAPI tokens.
Removing YouTube or Vimeo scripts if the trigger to fire the Signal event for video views is turned OFF.
Fixes for various small bugs, PHP warnings, or potential errors.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.2.1 =
New: add enriched order’s data to WooCommerce’s default “New Order” email. The plugin will add extra information like the landing page, traffic source, UTMs, lifetime value, average order value, the total number of orders to the WooCommerce “New Order” email. This is the email admins get when there is a new order.
Fix for External ID warning you might see inside Events Manager.
Fix for a potential error with the option to fire custom events only once in X hours.
Fix for a potential error resulting in missing enrich order data from WooCommerce orders.
Fix for error resulting in missing enrich order data for Easy Digital Downloads orders.
WooCommerce 5.2 compatibility check.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.2.0​ =
UI changes
A new way to verify domains for the supported tags directly from the main page. This is an alternative to verifying domains with the plugin’s Head and Footer feature. If you use that already, you don’t need to change it.
Facebook Conversion API events will have an External ID when possible. This will improve matching for CAPI events.
Fix for a potential error related to Facebook Advanced Matching data for browser events.
Fix for a potential issue resulting in a warning message on the checkout page.
Fix for some issues related to the Cookie Real plugin.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.1.3 =
New: UTM’s parameters are now sent for Facebook Conversion API events too.
New: the landing page parameter is now sent for Facebook Conversion API events too.
New: cookie duration option. We use cookies to save information like UTMs, traffic source, landing page.
Come improvements to the way the “remove from cart” event works to avoid possible issues.
Fix for some possible PHP Notices related to Facebook API.
Changes to manually configured events to support dynamic class assignment.
Real Cookie Banner integration.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.1.0 =
NEW: tracking lading page as a parameter for all events and all tags.
NEW: save additional data to WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads orders: landing page, UTMs, client’s browser’s time, day, and month, the number of orders, lifetime value, and average order.
NEW: show additional data on users pages for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads clients: number of orders, lifetime value, and average order.
NEW: Google Ads conversion label for WooCommerce products. This will fire the conversion only when a particular product is purchased.
Improvement: WooCommerce and EDD Purchase event option to “fire the event on transaction only” will use cookies on top of the existing database tag. This will add an extra check to ensure the event is not fired multiple times for the same order.
Improvement: disable the event_url and landig_page parameters. Useful if the URLs contain personal information.
Support for the Real Cookie Banner plugin
Fix: various issues related to the way the AddToCart fires and problems with some themes, third-party plugins, or custom code.
Fix: issue with saving WooCommerce category Facebook Pixel ID.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.0.7 =
Fix for a potential problem with AddToCart not being fired on single product pages.
Fix for a potential problem with the AddToCart fired twice on single product pages.
Fix for a potential problem with the mobile menu of the Porto theme.
Fix for a potential conflict between the Bing add-on and a product filter plugin.
Update for the Facebook CAPI help link inside the plugin.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.0.6 =
FIX: missing AddToCart ID when “treat variable products like simple products” was enabled.
WooCommerce 5.0 compatibility.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.0.5 =
Fixing some minor code errors that could trigger JS errors or double AddToCart events.
Fixing a typo related to utm_medium.
Some tweaks related to Facebook Conversion API might help with issues reported by users hosting with Siteground.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.0.4 =
FIX: possible issue with Easy Digital Downloads add to cart.

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.0.1 =
FIX for a bug that can affect purchase tracking on Google Analytics, Google Ads, Pinterest, and Bing. 

= PixelYourSite Pro 8.0.0 =
This is a major update. After updating to V8 you need to update the Pinterest add-on to version 3+ and the Bing add-on to version 2+.

= PixelYourSite Pro 7.7.10 =
Fixing “deprecated” errors related to the latest WordPress jQuery.
Removing some unnecessary Git files.

= PixelYourSite Pro 7.7.9 =
NEW: Export-import events
Improvement on how we send Facebook CAPI data for the Purchase event when the transaction is done by a non-logged-in client.
Country and ZIP added to Facebook CAPI events.
Some more tweaks to avoid Guzzle library conflicts. Facebook API uses a new version of the Guzzle library. The problem is that some other plugins use older versions, resulting in fatal errors. The ideal solution is for these third party plugins to update the library on their end. However, since we can’t rely on that, we tried to implement some solutions on our end.
WordPress 5.6 and WooCommerce 4.8 compatibility check.

= PixelYourSite Pro 7.7.8 =
- This is a complete fix for the potential conflicts present in version 7.7.7. 
- The main problem was that we needed to update some Facebook CAPI related libraries. After releasing that version, we discovered that other plugins were using an older version of the same library, resulting in errors.

PixelYourSite Pro 7.7.7
- FIX: potential error with some WooCommerce bundle plugins.
- FIX: Potential error with S3 Media Maestro Amazon Cloud files.
- Other code improvements.

PixelYourSite Pro v7.7.6
- Fix for a potential problem with some WooCommerce payment plugins.