Page Generators Pro By WPzinc For WP v3.4.4

Automatically mass-generate content (pages, posts and custom posts) to maximize your search engine presence.

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Features: WPzinc Page Generators Pro

Create an unlimited number of unique pages, posts and custom post types.

Using our WordPress Mass Page Creator plugin, you can quickly generate unique, unlimited content (pages, posts and custom posts) to increase your search engine visibility.

Whether you want to create city- or region-specific pages, product/service catalogs, or fresh content for your blog next month, Page Generator Pro has you covered.

Define your keywords (locations, services, products - anything!), use them in content templates (content groups), and use your templates to mass generate pages, posts or custom post types.

Compatible with Classic Editor, Gutenberg, and most page builders, including Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, and more.


Location (city, county, zip code), business services, products, and other things you want to populate the page are all stored in keywords.They are then incorporated into templates in Page Generator Pro (called Content Groups).

Page Generator Pro generates content with different, unique phrases for each keyword in your content, resulting in unique, SEO friendly content without repetition.

You can use powerful keyword transformations to modify the capitalization of keyword terms and extract sub-terms from the term list - for example, only use city names from the detailed location list stored in the keyword.

Have you run out of keyword ideas? Just enter your keywords and save, and Page Generator Pro will generate a list of phrases (synonyms) for you.

Dynamic Keyword Source

Do you edit or update your data frequently? You can add keywords to Page Generator Pro and link them to your external data sources, such as:

  • Airtable
  • CSV file
  • URL
  • Database table
  • Google Sheets
  • flux RSS
  • Spreadsheet

When you generate (or regenerate) pages, posts, or custom post types, external data sources are refreshed to ensure your site's content is up-to-date.

target location specific area

The keyword system in Page Generator Pro also allows you to create location-specific keyword lists that include zip codes (with latitude and longitude), cities (with latitude, longitude, and population), counties, regions, telephone area codes, and / or telephone country code.

Thanks to the group catalog feature, this data can then be used to create location pages in a flat or catalog layout.

Wikipedia URLs and content are provided, along with US demographics (population, population by sex, age, race, median household income).

Data can be constructed by defining starting points and radii, or geographic areas such as specific cities, counties, or regions (states), covering 250 countries, 4,000 states/territories, 45,000 counties, and 2.6 million cities/towns, all on a daily basis. renew.This dataset is included with any Pro license at no additional cost.

You can also use keywords to provide your own location data, or import locations from a CSV file or spreadsheet.

Import an existing keyword list

Page Generator Pro provides two methods to quickly import existing term lists or relational keywords and terms into keywords:

  • Textdatei importieren: This command imports all the data in a text file into a single keyword.
  • Import CSV file: Import keywords and terms from a CSV file, then save the results as separate keywords based on the column headings in the CSV file.
  • Import Excel (.xlsx) files: Import keywords and terms into an Excel (.xlsx) file, then save the results as separate keywords based on the column headings in the spreadsheet.

Keywords can then be entered into Page Generator Pro's template fields, such as title, content, excerpt, and other areas.

Connecting Directory Sites Made Simple

Page Builder ProPerfect for building any directory-based site as it fully supports layered content production. There is no depth limit, you can use any structure you want - for example:

  • Region > County > City > Postal Code > Service
  • Serving > Region > County > City > ZIP Code
  • Serving > County > City
  • Services > Sub-Services > City
  • City > Services > Subservices
  • Services > Subservices

The relevant website dynamic element allows you to automatically generate relevant internal links on the generated material - for example, to other services available in a city or nearby location within a radius.We even included a tutorial to show you how it works.

Rich and complete content management

The UI of Page Generator Pro is similar to a regular WordPress page and post editing screen, where you can change the title, permalinks, content, excerpts, custom fields, advanced custom fields, and more.

Keywords can be entered in any of these fields, and more options are available, such as post formats, page templates, and taxonomies, depending on the type of post for which you are creating material.

You can use powerful keyword changes to:

  • If necessary, change the capitalization of the keyword phrase.
  • Subwords should be extracted from your term list (e.g. only use city names from the detailed location list stored in the keyword),
  • Forces the use of the specified term as a keyword.

Support for Spintax, Nested Spintax and Block Rotation

Write content using spintax, layered spintax and block rotation to create truly unique non-repeating content.

Page Generator Pro randomly selects the content to generate for each generated page based on the spintax you specify in Title, Content, Excerpt, Custom Fields, Advanced Custom Fields, etc.

The best part is that keywords can be used in spintax.

Are you stuck with the idea of ​​using spintax or not sure how to use spintax? Page Generator Pro allows you to:

  • You don't need to master spintax symbols to automatically spin non-spintax text for you.
  • With just one click, you can replace words or paragraphs with automatically created spintax symbols.

Our integration allows users of ChimpRewriter, SpinnerChief, Spin Rewriter, and WordAI to do automatic rotation from within Page Generator Pro, with options to manage rotation levels, grammar, readability, and more.

Page builder support

Page Generator Pro supports over 25 page builders, allowing you to create content templates in the builder of your choice.Page Generator Pro has been thoroughly tested with the following WordPress page builders:

  • Ark (theme) / Fresh Builder (plugin)
  • Avada7.0+ (theme) / Avada Builder (plugin, formerly known as Fusion Builder)
  • beaver generator(Einfügung)
  • BeTheme21.1.x+ (theme) / Muffin Page Builder (plugin)
  • Fat page builder (plugin)
  • Brizy Page Builder(Einfügung)
  • Divi 3.0+ (Tema) and Divi Builder (plugin)
  • elements andElementor Pro (Plugin)
  • Enfold(Theme, using Avia Layout Builder)
  • Tasainen (teema)
  • GoodLayers Page Builder (included with GoodLayers theme)
  • Callias theme(using Zion Page Builder)
  • KuteThemes (themes using the Ovic Addons Toolkit plugin)
  • Live Composer (plugin)
  • OptimizePress Builder (plugin)
  • Oxygen Page Builder (Plugin)
  • Édition professionnelle (Thème)
  • Salient13.0+ (thème)
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder (Plugin)
  • The7 (thème)
  • TheBuilt (theme)
  • Thrive Architects(Einfügung)
  • Visual Composer (plugin)
  • WPBakery Page Builder (Plugin)
  • X (theme)/ Keystone Generator (plugin)
  • Zion Generator (plugin)

Leverage your current website design and layout.

Have you already created your site/page layout as a page, post or custom post type in your favorite page builder?

Page Generator Pro allows you to import existing layouts into content groups with a single click.You can then specify keywords, build parameters, and mass-generate content without having to use an existing layout from scratch.

SEO and architecture friendly

Page Generator Pro comes pre-configured to integrate with your favorite SEO and Schema plugins, including:

  • One stop search engine optimization package
  • Platina SEO
  • Rank Math
  • Mode Pro
  • SEOPress
  • SEOPressor
  • Yoast SEO

They are visible in your content groups by default and include keyword support.

The Related Links dynamic element guarantees that the created groups of pages are linked to each other for linking purposes.

Geolocation data can be incorporated into EXIF ​​data of images dynamically retrieved from the Media Library, Pexels, or Pixabay to help Google Image Search rankings.

Advanced Scheduling Features

To drip feed material into your WordPress site, the generated pages and posts can be set to be published immediately or scheduled to be published in the future/past.

Define a specific date, add each created page/post by a specific number of days/hours after the previous one, or let Page Generator Pro choose a random date between set start and end dates, these are Scheduling options.

Effective Content Creation

Pages can be created using one of three methods:

  • All: Produces pages for all conceivable term combinations across all keywords.
  • Sequential: Respects the order of phrases in each keyword utilized for each generated Page.
  • Random: For each produced Page, chooses a term at random from each keyword.

You can test your setup by generating a draft page before generating all pages; you can also limit the number of pages to generate and define a resume index, which is useful if the previous page generation process failed.

Designed for maximum efficiency

Page Builder ProDesigned to use all hosting settings and minimize memory and server issues, typical build time per page is 0.05 seconds.

Optional enhancements for improved performance and faster build times include:

  • Use performance plugins to load only the plugins needed for each generated request (without affecting your site visitors),
  • With WP-CLI, it runs in the background of your server and makes the most efficient use of your server's resources for authoring.

Our performance statistics are also published and updated regularly.

Override generated content on a case-by-case basis

Need to refresh your previously generated material, or find errors that must be corrected while maintaining your current SEO configuration?

Title, Content, Snippet, Author, Date Posted, Comments, Custom Fields, Featured Image, Taxonomy, and Menus are all components that can be overridden or retained within each content group.

Data from third-party plugins is also allowed, allowing for selective data overwritingAdvanced personal fields, One stop search engine optimization package,ListingPro, Mathematics, Schedule Pro,WooCommerce Products, Yoast SEO and other plugins.

The overwrite option also allows to keep or update the original content's publication date.

Dynamic maps, images, weather, Wikipedia, Yelp and YouTube content can all be embedded.

Use Page Generator Pro's Dynamic Elements to automatically integrate rich dynamic information into your content, allowing you to quickly create truly unique content:

  • Images: from Creative Commons, Media Library, Pexels and Pixabay
  • Maps: Google Maps and OpenStreetMap
  • Weather: OpenWeatherMap
  • Videos: YouTube
  • Internal Linking/Interlinking: Related Links
  • Wikipedia
  • cry! Business information

Our dynamic elements offer multiple possibilities and full keyword support, ensuring that the media of each generated page is relevant to the content - for example, Google Maps based on city location keywords or YouTube videos about a specific business.

Offers multilingual content.

Page Generator Pro supports bothPolylang and WPMLIdeal for websites that need to create content in multiple languages.

Create a template for each language, link them together, and build your page/post; functionality is the same as generating a page or post.Page Generator Pro will ensure that every page generated in every language is linked correctly.

There are detailed instructions on how to use Page Generator Pro with Polylang and WPML.

full reports and records

Page Generator Pro generates detailed report logs for all generated pages, posts, custom post types and taxonomy terms, including the following information:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Keywords and terms used
  • Result
  • Performance
  • Generated date and time

You can use logs if needed:

  • Build in the background using Server or WP-CLI and keep an eye out for any glitches or issues.
  • Generate reports that you can export to CSV for use with your own SEO tracking, analytics, and other software.

Support page and post attributes

When you create a theme's unique template, you can choose to assign pages, posts, or custom post types to them.If you wish to assign the generated page to a parent page, you can use additional options to define the parent page.

Support the entire classification

Choose from a list of classifiers to apply to your generated material, or let Page Generator Pro develop new words for you. In taxonomy, keyword support is available.

If you want more control, use the Generate Terms feature to easily generate hundreds of taxonomy terms for your categories, tags, and custom taxonomies.

Automatically add generated content to menus

For themes and page builders that make heavy use of WordPress menus, you can append all created pages to an existing WordPress menu, with options to determine the menu title and hierarchy.

Your theme, page builder, or third-party plugin/widget can then display the menu.

The Related Links dynamic element can output a list of menu types in your content for a larger internal linking system.

For each generated post, generate a comment.

Create comments for each generated post, with options to control the number of comments, the date of each comment within a date range, and the author and content of each comment.

Posts generated using keywords and Spintax generate unique reviews, ensuring truly unique content gets positive reviews.

There is also a tutorial on how to use this feature.

Options for authors and discussions

Simply allow or disable comments on pages, posts, or custom post types you create for discussion.

Assign generated material to an author or rotate authors among all WordPress authors on your site.

Access and Domain Control, and White Labeling

Whitelabelling is a feature available on the agent license that allows agents to customize plugin names, support, and documentation URLs.

Agencies that want to use the plugin on behalf of their clients and install it on their site can use access control to give them more control without granting them access to the plugin itself.Access to all or part of the plugin can be granted or restricted, and allowed users always have full access to the plugin.

Domain Control restricts the use of your proxy license key to specific site URLs. This is a good option if you need to enable or disable products for clients.

WordPress' configuration files contain all configuration settings.

Changelog: Page Generators Pro

3.4.7 (2021-10-28)
* Fix: Dynamic Elements: YouTube: Honor API Key when specified at Settings > Integrations > Youtube Data API Key
* Fix: Dynamic Elements: YouTube: Display more verbose error message when in Test mode

3.4.6 (2021-10-21)
* Added: Licensing: Improved verification method when OpenSSL < 1.1.0 and/or web host continues to use an expired DST Root CA X3. See Docs:
* Added: Generate: Content: OptimizePress Builder Support. See Docs:
* Added: Block Spintax: Option to disable randomizing paragraph order within a section. See Docs:–sections–disable-randomizing-paragraph-order
* Added: Block Spintax: Option to require specific paragraphs within a section when using min/max arguments. See Docs:–require-paragraph-s–when-using-minimum—maximum-paragraph-limits
* Fix: Dynamic Elements: Wikipedia: Improved fetching content when Term contains accented characters and language isn’t English

3.4.5 (2021-10-14)
* Added: Keywords: Import: Spreadsheet option. See Docs:
* Added: Keywords: Third Party Sources: Spreadsheet option. See Docs:—editing-keywords–source–spreadsheet
* Fix: Generate: Content: Store Keywords setting could not be disabled

3.4.4 (2021-10-07)
* Added: Keywords: Improved parsing and importing more complex CSV files
* Added: Keywords: Third Party Sources: Improved Preview when handling large data, with option to scroll horizontally within table

3.4.3 (2021-09-23)
* Added: Related Links: Persistent Caching option. See Docs:
* Added: Generate: Content: All in One SEO: Support for Focus and Additional Keyphrases
* Fix: Keywords: Correctly escape Keyword Name
* Fix: Licensing, Settings, Logs, Import & Export: Correctly escape form action
* Updated: Porgues Brasil / Portuguese Brazilian Translations

3.4.2 (2021-09-16)
* Fix: Dynamic Elements: Related Links: Classic Editor: Add button on Taxonomies and Custom Fields tabs would incorrectly close modal window when used on non-Content Groups
* Fix: Generate: Content: Popup Maker: Populate Display > Apperance > Popup Theme options
* Fix: Generate via Server: Honor Page Template setting
* Fix: Block Spintax: Don’t trim non-block spintax strings (resolves issue with Enfold setting values being trimmed when trailing spaces must be retained)
* Fix: Generate via Browser: PHP 8 compatibility when Number of Pages and/or Resume Index settings are blank

3.4.1 (2021-09-09)
* Added: Generate: Content: Popup Maker Support
* Added: Generate: Content: Zion Builder Support. See Docs:
* Added: Generate: Content: Dynamic Elements: Strip HTML from parameter values
* Fix: WooCommerce: Variations could not be added to a Variable Product in WooCommerce
* Updated: Porgues Brasil / Portuguese Brazilian Translations

3.4.0 (2021-09-02)
* Added: Keyword Transformations: Output Random Term Subsets in a List. See Docs:
* Added: Generate: Content: Dynamic Elements: Google Maps: Support for multiple place markers and direction modes (driving/walking/transit etc). See Docs:
* Added: Generate: Content: Featured Image: Wikipedia Image: Include images that partially match supplied Term. See Docs:–featured-image
* Added: Generate: Content and Terms: Use improved hrtime() for measuring performance if available
* Fix: Generate via Server: Improved checking if a Page Builder, SEO, Schema Plugin is active, ensuring its data is correctly copied/not copied to generated items
* Updated: Porgues Brasil / Portuguese Brazilian Translations

3.3.9 (2021-08-26)
* Added: Generate: Content: Overwrite Sections: Template option. See Docs:–generation–overwrite-sections
* Added: Generate: Content: Overwrite Sections: GoodLayers Page Options. See Docs:
* Added: Generate: Content: GoodLayers Infinite Theme Page Options. See Docs:–generation–overwrite-sections–third-party-plugins
* Added: Generate: Content: Skip setting a Template, Featured Image or Discussion options if not supported by the generated Post Type
* Added: Generate: Content: WooCommerce: Support for Grouped and External/Affiliate Products
* Added: Porgues Brasil / Portuguese Brazilian Translations
* Changed: Generate: Content: Template option moved from Attributes to Template Meta Box. See Docs:–template
* Fix: Generate: Content: Improved performance of conditionally showing/hiding options based on the generated Post Type
* Fix: Generate: Content: Overwrite Sections: Honor Content overwriting setting for GoodLayers Page Builder
* Fix: Generate: Content: Improved JS performance with Generate via Browser

3.3.8 (2021-08-19)
* Added: Generate: Content: Overwrite Sections: Honor Content overwriting setting for supported Page Builders
* Fix: Generate: Content: Don’t process Dynamic Elements in Content / Page Builders if Content Group set not to overwrite existing generated content, for performance

3.3.7 (2021-08-12)
* Added: Spintax: Support for WordAI 5. See Docs:–wordai
* Added: Generate: Content: Salient Theme 13.0+ Support
* Added: Generate: Content: Overwrite: Options to enable/disable overwriting for third party Plugins: SEOPress. See Docs:–generation–overwrite-sections–third-party-plugins
* Added: Generate: Content: Ignore Keywords and don’t copy data to Generated Pages from inactive (‘old’) Page Builder, SEO, Schema data etc. See Docs:
* Fix: Generate: Content: Store Keywords: Keywords with no columns would wrongly have their Term added twice to Generated Page’s Metadata