Nextend Social Login Pro v3.1.3

Nextend Social Login Prois a free WordPress plugin that allows your users to log in through their favorite social accounts. is a free WordPress plugin that allows your users to log in through their favorite social accounts.

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Simple, fast and convenient

Nextend Social Login Pro Addons helps you quickly build a great community. Visitors can register with just one click using their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.

Seamless integration

Nextend Social Login Pro integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress login and registration forms.Existing users can link their social accounts and then simply log in using the linked social network.

Totalmente personalizable

You can easily configure the social account you want to use to log in and which areas of the website social login buttons should appear.

Available social login providers

Providers are services that visitors can use to register and log into your website. The list continues to grow, so visitors can choose from a variety of services.

WooCommerce add-ons

Nextend Social Login ProAddon has all the toolsWooCommerceThe owner needs. Users can easily connect their Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn accounts with their WooCommerce account in their profile.

Research shows that 77% of people prefer social logins over regular WordPress login forms. Social login buttons on the checkout page can significantly increase your conversion rate.

most powerful feature

We built Nextend Social Login Pro with users in mind. That's why the plugin includes so many great features out of the box.

Login Formular

Display social login buttons in your WordPress login form, where visitors can easily log in through their favorite social accounts.

Existing users can link and unlink their social accounts on the WordPress profile page they use to log into your website.

request email

Social service providers don't always have access to email addresses. In this case, you can ask the guest to provide an email address.

Username Required

Your users can log in with their social accounts without using their usernames. But you can ask them to set it up when you sign up.

Login Layout and Style

The login button can be customized to look exactly how you want. You can also choose from icons or wide buttons.


The Nextend Social Login PRO plugin makes it easy for your customers to create new subscriptions or log into their existing accounts during WooCommerce checkout.

WordPress Reviews

People love the easy way to log in and share their opinions. Get more comments by enabling social login in your comment form.

user role

You can disable the use of social accounts to log in to specific roles. For example, you can force administrators to log in with their passwords.

Translation is ready

Nextend Social Login PRO knows how important it is to fully understand what each setting does. So the plugin is ready for translation.

great help

Our interactive online documentation, video tutorials and premium support are here to help! Please contact us!

Changelog: Nextend Social Login Pro Addons

v3.1.2 - 2021.10.14
Provider: Discord
Fix: The Microsoft provider used a wrong redirect url, when the Frontend and the Backend URL of the site were different.
Feature: Display social buttons with layouts on Custom Actions
Improvement: New options for the Line provider: Force reauthorization on each login and Add LINE Official Account as a friend
Improvement: New options for the Microsoft provider: Audience and Authorization Prompt
Feature: Integration for Easy Digital Downloads Checkout form.

v3.1.0 - 2021.09.09
Provider: Microsoft
Provider: Line
Improvement: Optimized Light and Dark SVG for Apple
Improvement: Apple Getting Started Update
Improvement: PayPal Getting Started Update
Improvement: New Facebook Sync data field: Quote ( requires user_likes permission )
Feature: BuddyPress Layout options added for registration form

= v3.0.29 =
* Fix: We added clear: both; on .nsl-container to make floated elements before the buttons not to mess up the layout.
* Fix: Jetpack removed the "Register" button in our register flow when the registration was handled over the WordPress default login page.
* Improvement: The social buttons with the Default style will try to go as wide as the longest button, if there is enough space in the social button container element.
* Feature: Fullwidth style for the social buttons.
* Summer Sale offer

v3.0.28 - 2021.06.17
Fix: Linkedin provider didn’t store the first name and last name, if the account doesn’t have profile with English as either primary language or secondary language.
Fix: Our integration for “Checkout for WooCommerce” didn’t work with their most recent versions.
Improvement: Apple Getting Started Update