NEX-Forms v7.9.4 (+addons) – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

NEX-Formsis the best WordPress form builder plugin for creating simple to complex forms. With so many add-ons and features,NEX-Formsis a complete online molding and molding solution.

The Most Versatile WordPress Form Builder: A WordPress form plugin for all types of forms!

Pop-up forms, interactive forms, multi-step forms, sign-up forms, contract forms, sticky forms, contact forms, survey forms, payment forms, booking forms, form questions, newsletter subscription forms, and more.

No coding or programming language knowledge required to useNEX-Forms. Everything is just click, drag and drop. Start building and designing forms like a Pro without writing any code!


Features NEX Shapes - The Ultimate WordPress Shape Builder

Create any type of form with NEX-Forms WordPress plugin

  • Contact Form Builder
  • Interactive shape builder
  • estimador de costos
  • PayPal Template Builder
  • Puzzle Template Maker
  • Order building samples
  • Single template generator
  • Quick Question Sheet Generator
  • Create a questionnaire
  • Build contract templates
  • sticky form builder
  • Pop-up Builder
  • Feedback form generator
  • Multi-step shape builder
  • order generator
  • Payment Template Generator

Overall feature list

Form analysis- Analytics gives you statistics on form views, submissions and even form interactions! Comes with line, bar, gear, polar and radar charts.NEX-FormsAlso gives you geolocation statistics! Now you can see the source of the form submission!

Cost Estimation/Mathematical Logic- Use mathematical logic to perform cost calculations based on user selections. Use any custom formula on any number of fields!

fully responsive– NEX-FormsEasily and efficiently scale to any device from phone to tablet to desktop.

interactive form- Interact with your users in real-time by presenting user input in forms conversationally.

Conditional logic– NEX-FormsIncludes advanced conditional logic to show and hide form elements based on your user input. Add unlimited rules with multiple conditions and multiple actions.For example, add a conditional rule that makes 3 conditions true before running any number of actions.

50+ form elements- Use over 50 Bootstrap style fields with pixel precision! From special fields to your most popular uploaders and form fields.

Multi-step forms and online quizzes- Break large forms into manageable steps so your users can easily complete them. Combine multiple steps, math logic, and conditional logic to create online quizzes.

popup formFired on exit intent, time on page, scroll position, or button or link!So when the user tries to leave the page and/or spend x amount of time on the page and/or the user scrolls from the top to the specified position, the form will pop up!

Submission of reports and exports- Generate reports from your form submissions based on your own criteria. Your reports can also be exported to CSV and / or PDF!

Modern design- Designed according to modern trends and technologies,NEX-Formswill help you connect with your customers in a new and exciting way.

ziehen und ablegen- Add and arrange form elements with simple drag and drop. If you know how to play poker, you can build amazing web forms without a single line of code!

full grid system- Create any form layout with one of the draggable grid systems! Including unlimited mesh cages!

form animation- Over 70 super smooth animations catch the user's eye.

660+ icons- The use of over 660 icons can be added to form fields. Font Awesome icons are vector, which means they look great on high-resolution screens.

Més de 1200 fonts de Google- Allows you to easily add fonts from the Google Fonts catalog to use in your forms. Over 1200 fonts availableNEX-Forms.

Built-in anti-spam protection- With the built-in anti-spam form in NEX, you'll never receive unwanted emails. Prove that your users are actually human without captcha!

E-mail di risposta automatica- Get all your form data in a fully customizable email. Send admin emails to multiple recipients and/or send confirmation emails to end users!

Commit storage and export- All form submissions are stored in your database and can be viewed from the administration panel. Entries can also be exported to Excel!

Table import and export- Export tables with one click. All form settings are included, and any NEX form settings can be imported.

Area di indagine- Create beautiful surveys with thumb rating, star rating and smiley rating fields!

Prefilled fields- Set default field values! Autofill fields from other forms! Autofill fields from URL parameters!

sticky form- Add word paddle/slide-in from any side of your website!

same page form- You can have as many forms as you want on one page without any conflicts!

AJAX support- Submit forms without refreshing the page!

sidebar widget- Add forms to your sidebar using WordPress widgets.

file uploader field- Receive files by email. It can also be viewed and downloaded from the background. Includes file type confirmation and live image preview.

hidden fields- Add tohidden fieldsAdd to your forms dynamically and/or statically to get more administrative information from form submissions.

thumb selection field- Display your products in single-select and multi-select fields.

Style Toolbar- Easily style your forms using one of the styling toolbars similar to popular tools like Photoshop, Fireworks, MS Paint, and more.

Taskbar- Process multiple forms at the same time. Easily switch task windows from the taskbar. A real time saver!

Personal preferences- Save time by setting personal preferences that will be used as the default for all new forms!

form validation- Create your required and validation fields as: any format, email, phone number, URL, metric or plain text.

min/max character limit- Limit characters in multi-line text fields and single-line text fields by setting the maximum/minimum allowed characters. Include the total character count index.

keyboard shortcuts- Save time with built-in keyboard shortcuts. For example, press CTRL + ALT + S to save the form.

Live form previewer- Preview your form in real-time anytime while you're busy building it!

repeat form- Copy an existing table with one click! The duplicate table includes all the settings of the original table!

form template- Create your own custom form templates to reuse time and time again!

infinite form- There is no limit to the number of forms you can have on your site

Personalized administration panel- Create and save administration panel layoutsNEX-FormsYour own personalization!

Lots of live settings- Customize your form fields with many easy-to-use settings!

field copy- Repeat fields, grids, tables and any form elements so you don't have to do any repetitive work!

Embed option- Embed/use forms in posts, pages, sidebars and/or theme template files! Use the edit page/publish buttonNEX-FormsGenerate shortcode.

Redirect after submit- After submitting the form, you can redirect the user to a specified URL. For example, customize your thank you, thank you pages, and more.

Send data to custom URL- Submit the submitted form data to a custom URL using the GET or POST method. Great for sending data to standby!

AJAX powered admin panel- The NEX-Forms admin panel will give you the feel of a real desktop application without having to re-edit the page. Everything is done and found in one versatile management tool!

WP color scheme adaptation- The NEX-Forms administration panel will customize to the colors of your chosen WordPress color scheme!

Global configuration- For example, you can disable the NEX-Forms widget from showing up on your WP widgets page

Multiple email methods- Choose your own mail delivery method, from secure SMTP to regular WordPress mail!

Zero Conflict Admin Panel- Third-party plugins and themes (including javascript and stylesheets) do not affect the NEX-Forms admin panel! NEX-Forms will not affect any other plugins or themes

Changelog NEX-Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

NEX Forms v7.9.1
FIXED: PHP 8 compatibility issues
FIXED: WP5.8 Add-Media button issue in Admin and User Email, PDF Body and Form to Post Editors

= NEX Forms v7.8.7 =
FIXED: .size() issue in jQuery
FIXED: Minor corrections and improvements

= NEX Forms v7.8.5 =
FIX: WP 5.7 insert tag button in TinyMCE editor
FIX: Timezone set when using data and time picker default data tags
FIX: File upload field tags - now upload field paths are available to use uploaded images for example in PDF's and emails
Enhanced: Various styling tweaks to backend and front end

= NEX Forms v7.8.3 =
NEW: Added new conditional checks: if field "Contains" as well as If field "Does Not Contain"
IMPROVED: Added measures to prevent 3rd party CSS interference in forms
FIXED: Undefined variable PHP warning

NEX Forms v7.8 -
NEW: Timer - add a timer for multisteps. You can have a timer for an entire form, or set time limits to individual steps. Tons of settings available!
NEW: Transition settings for steps. You can now choose the transition/animation of the steps when you step forward or backward.
NEW: Add an Icon and description for your steps to be displayed in the Breadcrumb.
NEW: All breadcrumbs are redeveloped. See new improved breadcrumbs with all new styling options.
NEW: Undo - you can now undo your last action in the form editor.
NEW: Redo - you can now redo your last undo in the form editor.
NEW: DragBox Selection - You can now drag/draw a box over field(s) to multi-select them to batch - drag and drop, copy, cut, delete, edit and style! Hold CTRL while drawing to add or remove field(s) from the batch selection. In essence you can now do in the form editor what you can do on your Desktop.
NEW: Batch Field Editing (drag and drop, copy, cut, delete, edit and style fields at the same)
NEW: Batch group Editing (drag and drop, copy, cut, delete, edit and style all of the same type of fields at the same time, for example if you want to style all Radio Buttons at the same time)
NEW: Context menus (Right Click mouse button) on fields an containers. Right click on fields, for example, for quick editing options.
NEW: Keyboard shortcuts - CTRL+S = Save, CTRL+Z = Undo last action, CTRL+SHIFT+Z, Redo last undo, CTRL+A = Select all fields in the form, CTRL+SHIFT+A = Deselect all fields in the form, Esc = Deselect all fields in the form and close all open editing panels and preview, Enter = Edit Field Selection, CTRL+C = Copy Field Selection, CTRL+X = Cut Field Selection, CTRL+V = Paste copied/cut fields below the current hovered field. Hovering inside a step or grid column will append the field to the grid or step. No hover will append the fields to the outer form container, CTRL+SHIFT+V = Paste Copied/cut fields above the current hovered field. Hovering inside a step or grid column will prepend the field to the grid or step. No hover will prepend the fields to the outer form container, Delete = Delete the field selection, Backspace = Delete the field selection, CTRL + LEFT CLICK = Adds a field to a batch selection. If already selected will remove the field from the selection, CTRL+SHIFT + LEFT CLICK = Selects all fields of the same type. For example use this to select all TEXT fields or all HEADINGS, etc. You can then target-edit the FIELD GROUP, RIGHT CLICK = Right Click on anything in the form container area. The Right click menu includes quick editing options and available actions to take on Single Field, Batch Selections or Field Group selections.
NEW: Icon field - Although icons was always available to use with HTML elements, this is now made easier.
NEW: Success message - You can now build your success messages like you build your forms - drag and drop etc etc. complete will all 70+ available animations. You now have complete control over your success messages!
NEW: Submission Loaders and respective settings!
NEW: Validation options for Multi-selection fields. Set minimum required selection and set maximum available selections.
NEW: Field border size setting. You can now make your field and elements borders thicker or thinner.
NEW: Add Custom Before Submit Javascript
NEW: Add Custom After Submit Javascript
NEW: JS/CSS editor - Adding Custom CSS and Javscript is now made easy with JS/CSS Editor.

IMPROVED: Overall backend usability and design.
IMPROVED: Performamce.
IMPROVED: All an all - 70% of the editor have been redeveloped or enhanced.