MStore Pro v4.6.0 – Complete React Native template for e-commerce

MStore Pro - Complete React Native Template for EcommerceHelping brick-and-mortar store owners with high-traffic and digital-minded consumers. Or you are an online store owner with an e-commerce website. You both want to maximize your sales opportunities.

As a developer, you are challenged to develop a store mobile application in less time. You question how MStore Pro can help. Here is your answer.


For store owners and developers, with MStore Pro you can use a variety of ready-to-use e-commerce templates to create your mobile store applications. If your online store is located inWooCommerce, MStore Pro helps you easily convert your existing website into a mobile store application. You can find your mobile store app in the App Store and Google Play Store.

With MStore Pro - Complete React Native Template for Ecommerce, your mobile app can provide a better user experience than your mobile website.Your product will appear crisp and zoomable without any formatting errors.While you can control your store and your shoppers' orders, if your app is installed on their mobile device, your shoppers can also stay connected and know about all of your store's promotions and announcements.

Whether you're a business person with sales ambitions or a developer who needs to create mobile apps faster, MStore Pro has the solution for you. Faster - smoother - closer.

Feature List: MStore Pro - Complete React Native Template for Ecommerce

  • fully integratedWooCommerce
  • There is good support on both iOS and Android.
  • inicio de sesión social a través de facebook
  • Easily customize your brand.
  • Print notifications via OneSignal
  • Multi-language support, supportWPML plugineven RTL
  • Support for shipping and coupons
  • Flexible Shipping via Profiles
  • Comes with 99% payment gateway, just like on your website.
  • Wishlist and sync across devices
  • Track my order and also support order notes.
  • product changes
  • Integration WordPressshow blog/news
  • Dynamically display product changes: color, size, weight or any type of change...
  • Product galleries can be pinned and images zoomed
  • Smooth UX Checks: Cart/Shipping/Checkout/My Orders/Returns/Refunds
  • Firebase Sync
  • Instant search
  • Flexible search filters
  • Filter support by category, tag and price
  • Support for quick category filters in the left menu
  • Search and clear history
  • Manage billing addresses directly on the app
  • Powerful user profiles: change currency, language, change type of settings...
  • Easily create white label applications by changing frequently used files
  • Flexible homepage configuration and support for multiple layouts
  • Admob and Facebook Ads
  • Flexible personal page display
  • great tutorial animation
  • Animated title (Apple style)
  • The left menu is dynamically configured, supporting 4 menu types
  • Configure user interface settings via configuration files
  • +8 ListView supported layout items
  • Dark theme and easy to change other light theme
  • Different Types of Category Pages
  • Default country and currency setup
  • Allow hidden cart checkout via config file
  • Support for building apps via Expo or react-native-cli
  • Frequent feature updates and free bug fixes
  • Ability to switch between dark and light themes
  • Easily configure over 9 different home layout types.
  • Filter by price/tag/category page
  • Login via SMS using Facebook account set
  • Affiliate Business Support

Woocommerce feature demo

Below are the different product categories on the demo site

In the app demo, you can search for product names and explore

Great video from one of our many successful clients:

What is the scope of support?

  • we Support and GuaranteeUsing our preconfigured site from github, the features work as described for the above product
  • For general license: weno supportSet up a development environment, and integration issues such as integration with existing sites and xyz issues, see our github preconfigured site

and index the above features.

Changelog: MStore Pro – Complete React Native template for e-commerce

v4.5.0 (21/08/2021):
1. Update - fix warning unsafe
2. Update - fix loading asset issues
3. Update - fix some compatible issue on latest library
4. Update - latest react native and package.json libraries

Version 4.4.0 (23/03/2021):
1. Update - support react Hook
2. Update - upgrade router and navigator v5.x
3. Update - fixed some issues related to Address and Login screens
4. Update - latest package.json libraries

v4.1.0 (04/11/2020):
1. Update - latest React Native 0.63 and Expo 39.0
2. Update - compatible with latest NodeJS
3. Update - latest package.json library

v4.0.0 (21/02/2020)
1. New - Load Config file from server to show Home screen
2. Update - latet React Native 0.62.2 with Flipper debug tool
3. Update - Fix select default country in Delivery screen
4. Update - Fix apple sign in and product variants issues
5. Fix some issues related User Profile screen
6. Update - latest package.json libraries