MotoPress Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin v3.9.14

Motor News Hotel ReservationThe plugin is a fully functional hotel and vacation rental booking system.The WordPress hotel booking plugin is great for non-technical website owners as well as developers creating WordPress hotel, vacation rental themes or custom websites for their clients as it does not require any code.

Because the hotel booking plugin is not specific to any one type of hotel, it can be used for hotels, bed and breakfast sites, guesthouses, apartments, villas and even hostels (check out any demo examples to see how it works in the wild.)

This WordPress booking plugin includes all the necessary features to run a full hotel website and (optionally) manage bookings. you will be able to

  • List all your property;
  • Seasonal pricing and rates are controlled.
  • Include forms for real-time search availability;
  • Rent out properties on the Internet, with or without immediate payment;
  • Synchronize direct site bookings with primary travel channels using iCal using the Admin Channel Manager;
  • Calculate taxes
  • Through your own website you can enhance direct booking;

Demo: HTTPS://code

Features: MotoPress Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin

Form for real-time search availability

With just a few clicks, travelers can select accommodations for specific dates and numbers of people.Based on the search parameters, the accommodation availability calendar will provide the minimum length of stay.To make it more clear to your guests, you can also add custom wording in the "Children" field.

Supports iCal for instant synchronization of bookings across OTAs

Bookings submitted through your WordPress home rental website are automatically synced with bookings submitted through online travel agencies such as Airbnb or Booking. com. Don't overbook yourself!

There is no limit to the number of rooms available.

There is no limit to the number of rentals that can be added or displayed. You can automatically generate accommodations for hotels with a large number of rooms of the same type.For each unique stay, you can add and display property rental descriptions, photo galleries, unlimited in-room amenities, pricing, supplemental services, and more.

Pricing by season

Set rates based on season or certain days/days. "Season" is a broad phrase you can use to describe your pricing changes any way you like.


Various rates are set based on the amenities provided by the hotel, such as breakfast included or not. When making a reservation, your visitor will choose the most suitable option.

Payments are accepted both online and offline.

PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, and Beanstream/Bambora are all accepted through the WordPress booking system (these are built-in payment gateways you can use for free).To confirm the reservation, please take the full payment or deposit and have the visitor pay upon arrival.

WooCommerce Payment Plugin

If you need an additional payment channel to manage online bookings, you can purchase our premium WooCommerce payment plugin built specifically for the MotoPress WordPress booking plugin.

Pricing over time

Make pricing dynamic based on your guests' search criteria. You can customize the cost of your stay by choosing pricing factors based on occupancy.

One week and one month rates

Any property rate can be determined according to the season (any period). You can add weekly, monthly, or other configurable rates to establish multiple pricing points based on length of stay.Accommodations will be automatically discounted according to your pricing guide.

Use advanced sorting options for properties

Add unlimited custom data to property descriptions (location, accommodation type, bed size, price range, etc.) and advanced search fields to the accommodation page's search availability form.Extra features make it easier for your visitors to find what they're searching for quickly and easily.

Organise a lot of accommodation

During one booking process, one guest can book multiple accommodations for many people. You can enable the plugin to suggest the best room selection based on the number of guests.

Due to the complex search algorithm, your visitors will receive the most relevant results within seconds.On the other hand, guests are free to ignore advice and make their own decisions.

Flexible booking policy

Set minimum and maximum check-in dates and available check-in and check-out dates for the entire hotel, specific stays or seasons.You can also turn off booking options for all properties or specific properties for a period of time.

Services and Packages

In conjunction with accommodation reservations, additional services or packages (free or chargeable) that can be booked. Charge per room or per person.

Confirmation method

Confirm bookings automatically or manually, with or without payment.

  • Via email from visitor
  • Manually by administrator
  • by payment method

The status of a pending reservation that has not been confirmed changes to "Abandoned" and the stay can be booked.Site administrators can view "abandoned" bookings and email potential tenants.

Fees and Taxes

Add required fees, lodging tax, service tax and expense tax to get complete and accurate pricing information for all lodging charges.Visitors will be able to read a summary of fees before making a reservation. All this information about each booking is also kept in the admin dashboard.

booking calendar

All incoming bookings and booking requests are kept in one place, easily categorized and displayed in a calendar view.


You can personalize your coupons by choosing the discount value, expiration date, accommodation type, check-in and check-out dates, minimum and maximum length of stay, and other options.

Notify by email

Automatically receive and send alerts for every booking request - approve and cancel submissions via email. Easily customize the text and appearance of email templates.

Make a booking report

Easily create a list of all bookings made at your location during a specific date.Reports are stored as CSV files that can be checked and changed using Excel, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet tools or text editors, and can also be printed or emailed.

Choose from four export criteria to extract bookings sorted by check-in date, check-out date, booking date or total stay date for the most accurate results.

Supports multiple languages

Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, Arabic and German are among 14 languages ​​professionally translated to the plugin front-end and back-end One (more on the way).WPMLOfficially supported by the Hotel Booking WordPress plugin.

GDPR Compliant WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin

A GDPR compliant WordPress booking plugin is available.Your guests will see an opt-in button below each booking form that they can use to approve your site's terms and conditions before booking.

Widgets and Shortcodes

You can use various shortcodes such as availability search form, availability search results, list of room types, list of services, etc.Each shortcode has a full explanation as well as adjustable options.

Elementor is used to optimize pages.

Download Free Hotel Booking +ElementorIntegrate plugins and combine the two.

Filters and Actions

There are tons of hooks, actions, and templates in the documentation that developers can use to change the functionality and appearance of the WP Hotel Booking plugin.

Changelog: MotoPress Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin

= 3.9.14, October 13 2021 =
* Added support for Hotel Booking Multi-Currency addon.

= 3.9.13, September 13 2021 =
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with displaying information incompletely in the price breakdown table when using the Payment Request addon.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with the Payment Request addon when a guest was asked to pay a deposit payment amount instead of a balance payment one.

= 3.9.12, September 2 2021 =
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with displaying the balance sum a guest needs to pay when using the Payment Request addon.

= 3.9.11, August 13 2021 =
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with dates being available for selection while direct booking despite not check-in or not check-out booking rules are applied to certain accommodation types.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with defining the number of blocked accommodation types within certain booking rules.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with the maximum stay rule of specific accommodation type that was also applied to other accommodation types.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with 3D Secure for Stripe payments.

= 3.9.10, July 28 2021 =
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with payments via Stripe, iDEAL, Giropay, Sepa, and others.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with the missing billing fields for Stripe set as a default payment method.

= 3.9.9, July 21 2021 =
* Added the ability to enable a two-step booking cancelation process that requires users to confirm their booking cancelation request on the external page.
* Added the ability to disable booking rules when adding bookings on the backend manually.
* Improved the user experience with the calendar datepicker on mobile devices.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue that didn't allow to make a booking on the date of reservation.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with a double payment via Stripe.

= 3.9.8, June 22 2021 =
* New feature: added the option to display information about tax and fee charges additionally to the base property rate on the frontend.

= 3.9.7, May 12 2021 =
* New feature: the revenue chart (beta version).
* Fixed a bug with the Bambora payment gateway.
* Fixed an issue with displaying the number of bookings for secondary language versions in the WPML plugin.

= 3.9.6, Apr 5 2021 =
* Added a new payment status Canceled.
* Added a new color for the external bookings in the Bookings calendar.
* Added the ability to sort accommodations by price in the accommodations listing.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with the Stripe SEPA Direct Debit payment gateway.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with the 'guests' label in the price breakdown table.

= 3.9.5, Mar 10 2021 =
* Bug fix: fixed an issue when an accommodation became unavailable for assignment to its accommodation type after renaming.

= 3.9.4, Feb 18 2021 =
* Improved compatibility with WordPress multisite. Added support for individual sites and network activation.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue when the date of an internal note was not saved.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with payments via Stripe when amount of transaction was not calculated properly.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue that may cause errors in Sucuri and WP Mail SMTP plugins.
* Stripe API updated to version 7.72.0.

= 3.9.3, Jan 26 2021 =
* Added the ability to resend the confirmation email for a booking.
* Added the ability to create internal notes for a booking visible for site admins only.
* Improved compatibility with the image lazy-loading feature.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue when the confirmation link in the confirmation email was redirected to the page in the default language instead of the language of the website.
* Bug fix: fixed an issue when the cancelled bookings were not handled properly during ical synchronization.

= 3.9.2, Dec 21 2020 =
* Improved compatibility with image lazy-loading feature.

= 3.9.1, Dec 10 2020 =
* Bug fix: fixed an issue with the overbooking.

= 3.9.0, Nov 24 2020 =
* Added the ability to set the Booking Buffer option.
* Added the ability to set Advance Reservation: the minimum number of days allowed before booking and the maximum number of days available for future bookings.

= 3.8.7, Oct 30 2020 =
* Fixed the issue with featured image of the Accommodation Type.
* Fixed the issue with Elementor plugin.

= 3.8.6, Oct 27 2020 =
* Added support for Hotel Booking PDF Invoices addon.

= 3.8.5, Oct 2 2020 =
* Improved compatibility with image lazy-loading feature in WordPress 5.5.

= 3.8.4, Sep 30 2020 =
* Fixed the issue with Elementor plugin.

= 3.8.3, Jul 9 2020 =
* Added the ability to set the number of days prior to the check-in date applicable for applying deposits.
* Added the ability to display price, adults and children fields in the search form when the direct booking option from the accommodation page is enabled.

= 3.8.2, May 28 2020 =
* Added support for WordPress translations.

= 3.8.1, Apr 24 2020 =
* Added support for Hotel Booking Styles addon.

= 3.8.0, Mar 31 2020 =
* Added the ability to edit existing bookings: you can now update check-in and check-out dates, rates, services, etc., as well as add, replace, or remove accommodations in the original bookings.

= 3.7.6, Mar 6 2020 =
* Fixed the issue with incorrect hooks priority set in 3.7.2.
* Fixed the issue with the upgrade database notice not disappearing in some cases.

= 3.7.5, Feb 17 2020 =
* Fixed the issue with the improper booking behavior of a single accommodation search form.

= 3.7.4, Feb 10 2020 =
* Fixed the issue with the improper language switch in the Price Breakdown table if a guest changes their booking details at the checkout.
* Fixed the issue with displaying the title of services on the checkout page: it's now removed if there are no added services.
* Fixed the issue with the price discrepancy between the Price Breakdown table and Total Price when the number of guests is not set.
* Fixed the issue with displaying an error message that the accommodation is already unavailable.
* Fixed the issue with the extra spacing on the checkout page when the Terms & Conditions page was created in a page builder.
* Improved appearance of the Availability calendar in some themes.

= 3.7.3, Jan 28 2020 =
* Added the ability to redirect to checkout immediately after successful addition to reservation on the search results page.

= 3.7.2, Jan 14 2020 =
* Added the ability to set any number of adults or children at checkout so that in total it meets the limit of manually set accommodation capacity.
* Updated translation files.