Media File Renamer Pro v5.3.4 – Auto & Manual Rename

Media File Renamer ProAssistance with renaming your media files for better SEO and more pleasing file framing (programmatically or manually).For more information, if not too much trouble, visit the authoritative site: Media File Renamer.

Demo:https://meow R/

How Media Renamer Pro works

Media File Renamer Pro will naturally automatically rename your Media thing's files based on the title. You can authorize this, or allow it to happen every time you change the header.You can also rename files manually.References to these files are also refreshed (posts, pages, custom sorting, metadata, etc.). You can use the media library or edit media screen.

Nonetheless, we recommend the excellent and very unique Renamer Dashboard.If you like to work quickly and efficiently, you'll love this cutting-edge dashboard.

Media File Renamer Pro for

It works with tons of WordPress highlights and plugins, such as Retina files, WebP, scaled images (since WP 5.3), PDF thumbnails, UTF8 files, premium images, various encodings, and more. and handled the cases documented here, but we're doing our best to stay informed about everything.

Media File Renamer Pro

  • Professional version contains more components such as,
  • Literal interpretation (replacing different accents, emoji, diacritics, Cyrillic, diacritics with their ASCII reciprocals)
  • Automatically rename based on connected posts, items (and other post types) or ALT. text
  • Anonymizer (rename file with mystery file)
  • Move files to another organizer
  • Sync metadata (ALT text, titles, etc.)
  • Numbered files (allows renaming of comparable files)
  • Power Rename (if your installation is deprecated, this will help you rework media content with your files)

Nota: prepararsi per il recupero

Renaming (or moving) files is a dangerous cycle.Before doing anything at scale, try renaming your files one by one, and then, at this point, really see if the reference (in your page) has refreshed appropriately.Renaming doesn't cover all usage cases, because some plugins unfortunately use odd ways to encode the usage of the file.Afterwards, it is very important to back up your files and databases to fully participate in the Media File Renamer Pro plugin.

when terrible fears happen

If your site is down after a few renames, try clearing your hold. Stored HTML often uses old references.You can also open the Undo element and try to recreate past filenames.If the references don't refresh as expected, if it's not too much trouble, write a decent post (not an angry one) in the help string.I'm trying my best to consider more and more use cases. If it's not too much trouble, see here: Issues and Problems.

Simulation plugin

If you just need an editable field to adjust the filename, try Phoenix Media Rename. It's less complicated and does what needs to be done.Also, in fact, we are companions and we cooperate!

For female developers

The Media File Renamer Pro plug-in can be changed in a number of ways, with many events and channels to access.For example, through them, you can customize the programmatic renaming to your liking. You can also call a small API.

Screenshot of Media File Renamer Pro

Changelog: Media File Renamer Pro – Auto & Manual Rename

= v5.3.4 (2021/11/09) =
* Add: The possibility of locking files automatically after a manual rename (which was always the case previously), and/or after a automatic rename (that was not possible previously). With this last option, users having trouble to "Rename All" will be given the choice to do it on any kind of server. You will find those options in the Advanced tab.
* Add: "Delay" option, to give a break and a reset to the server between asynchronous requests! Default to 100ms. That will avoid the server to time out, or to slow down on purpose.
* Note: This plugin is a lot of work. If you like it, please write a little review [by clicking here](

= v5.3.3 (2021/11/09) =
* Fix: Avoid renaming when the URLs (before/after) are empty.
* Add: New option to update URLs in the excerpts (no need to use it for most users).
* Update: Avoid double call to the mfrh_url_renamed (seemed to be completely useless).
* Update: Added a new 'size' argument to the mfrh_url_renamed action.
* Update: Optimized queries.
* Add: We can change the page (in the dashboard) by typing it.

= v5.3.2 (2021/10/16) =
* Add: AVIF support.
* Fix: Avoid the double renaming when different registered sizes actually use the same file.

= v5.3.0 (2021/10/09) =
* Add: Better Force Rename.
* Add: Featured Images Only option.
* Fix: Auto-attach feature wasn't working properly with Featured Image when attached to Product.

= v5.2.9 (2021/09/23) =
* Add: Manual Sanitize Option. If the option is checked, the rename feature uses the new_filename function. If not, use the filename user input as it is.

= v5.2.8 (2021/09/07) =
* Add: Option to clean the plugin data on uninstall.
* Add: Manual Rename now goes through the cleaning flow to make sure everything is clean and nice.

= v5.2.7 (2021/09/03) =
* Fix: Security update: access controls to the REST API and the options enforced.
* Updated: Dependencies update.
* Note: The plugin has no known bugs for a while, and I am now happy to work on littke extra features :) By the way, if you like it, please review the plugin [by clicking here]( Thank you!

= v5.2.5 (2021/08/25) =
* Fix: Search feature was not always working well.
* Update: Better technical architecture.

= v5.2.4 (2021/06/13) =
* Add: Remember the number of entries per page (dashboard).
* Fix: Limit the length of the manual filename.

= v5.2.3 (2021/05/29) =
* Fix: The 'Move' feature now also works with the original image (in case it has been scaled by WP).

= v5.2.1 (2021/05/17) =
* Fix: Better Windows support.

= v5.1.9 (2021/04/09) =
* Fix: The Synchronize Alt option wasn't working logically.
* Note: The plugin has no known bugs for a while, and I am now happy to work on littke extra features :) By the way, if you like it, please review the plugin [by clicking here]( Thank you!

= v5.1.6 (2021/02/12) =
* Fix: References for moved files were not updated.
* Add: Sanitize filename after they have been through the mfrh_new_filename filter.

= v5.0.2 =
* Info: Brand new UI! Made everything much clearer.
* Fix: Method was not always taken in account.

= v4.6.9 =
* Add: There was an issue with Auto-Rename sometimes not appearing when the Sensitive Files Check was disabled.
* Note: If you like it, please review the plugin [by clicking here]( It's important for us - we need motivation for all the work we want to put in the next version :)

= v4.6.8 =
* Add: New filter 'mfrh_allow_rename'. Developers can now allow/reject the renaming (useful for bulk).
* Fix: The file numbering wasn't working fine in a few specific cases.

= v4.6.7 =
* Add: Better handling of dots and hyphens (especially the non-standard ones).
* Add: Support for WebP.
* Note: If you like it, please review the plugin [by clicking here]( It's important for us - we need motivation for all the work we want to put in the next version :)