Max Mega Menu Pro v2.2.4 – Powerful WordPress Menu Plugin

max mega menuoPro is an add-on for the free version of Max Mega Menu. Along with the free version of Max Mega Menu, the Pro extension is installed as a unique plugin.After installing the Pro extension, all menu customizations you've done with the free version of Max Mega Menu will be preserved (you won't have to start over!).

Max Mega Menu ProAutomatically turns your current menu into a large menu.You can then add any WordPress widget to your menu, use the theme editor to modify the menu's design, and use built-in options to change the menu's behavior.

max mega menuois a complete menu management plugin that allows you to quickly convert existing menus into user-friendly, accessible and touch-friendly menus.

Demo: https://woowoowoo.mega

Features: Max Mega Menu Pro – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

خيارات القائمة

  • Create a mega menu in a horizontal extent
  • Hover Intent, Hover or Hover To access the submenu, click Events.
  • CSS3 transitions are built-in.
  • Alignment selection for submenus
  • Supports Flyout (regular) or Mega Menu submenu styles.
  • Multiple menus are supported, each with its own settings.
  • submenu with tabs
  • sticky menu
  • vertical menu
  • accordion menu


  • In your menu, place the WordPress widget.
  • Total menu items in WooCommerce cart
  • Easy Digital Downloads is a complete menu item in the Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart.
  • Hide menu items based on the user's role or current login status.
  • Inline expanded search box
  • Support menu flags
  • Shortcodes must be provided in menu items.

Customization and Styling

  • Built-in theme editor with over 100 customization options
  • Add Dashicons to Menu Items
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Custom item styles
  • Fonts de Google
  • Universal Icon
  • Custom Icons (from Media Library)


  • Responsive, Touch and Retina Ready
  • All recent computer and mobile browsers have been tested.
  • Code that is easy to read and understand with a low memory footprint
  • no! Important or inline CSS styles, CSS3 valid.

easy to use

  • Compatible with your current theme
  • Mega menu builder with drag and drop
  • No CSS knowledge required.


  • Detailed documentation
  • Updates happen automatically.
  • priority aid

Changelog: Max Mega Menu Pro Nulled Free

= 2.2.3 =
* Improvement: Allow tab width to be defined in pixels
* Improvement: Allow Search Replacement icon size to be defined using Custom Item Styling
* Fix: Search icon when using Font Awesome 5 icon
* Fix: Remove float from accordion sub menus
* Fix: Apply third level menu item margins (as specified in theme editor) to tabbed sub menus

= v2.2.2 =
* Fix: Color picker

= 2.2.1 =
* Improvement: Add body classes when menu is stuck
* Fix: SVG logos disappear when sticky menu height is enabled
* Fix: When event is set to 'Hover', moving from a tabbed sub menu to a flyout menu prematurely closes the flyout menu
* Fix: Account for the 'Hide on desktop/mobile' setting when deciding which tab content to show by default
* Improvement: Restore default image swap image when sub menu is closed and reopened
* Improvement: Automatically detect and, if enabled, use Font Awesome 5 Pro when the official Font Awesome plugin is installed
* Improvement: Make it possible to add Font Awesome 5 Pro icons to the picker (using custom code)

= v2.2 =
* New Feature: Image Swap
* New: Add 'Expand all' behaviour option to accordion menu
* Fix: Unable to disable sticky "Expand Background" option once it has been enabled
* Improvement: Improve error message when licence activation fails

= v2.1.3 =
* Fix: Accordion menus not respecting the 'Mobile Menu Behaviour' setting
* New: Add "Menu Toggle - Custom" toggle block
* Fix: HTML editor for Replacements not loading in WordPress 5.5
* Fix: Tabbed sub menus: Auto select the active/parent tab
* Fix: Static search box on mobile, impossible to click on the search icon
* Fix: PHP warning (logo size in admin)
* Fix: Remove custom icon hover styling from mobile (active/toggle-on styling remains)
* Fix: IE11 JavaScript Error
* Fix: Only generate 2x custom icon size if source file is large enough to allow it
* New: Add support for megamenu_scripts_in_footer filter