Material v8.2 – White Label WordPress Admin Theme

Material - White Label WordPress Admin Theme The most elegant and premium admin theme on the market.

In addition to white label branding features, it comes with 100 elegant themes and gives you the option to create your own custom theme.You also have full control over the appearance of the admin menu, top bar, buttons, content boxes, typography, forms, text and background colors, logos, and more.

material managerIntegrate more than 20 custom dashboard widgets for website and visitor statistics.

Materials - White Label WordPress Admin Theme is compatible with LTR and RTL modes so it can be used in any language. Material Admin is also multisite compatible.

Admin menu to manage pluginsOnce again an excellent feature. You can easily rename, reorder menu items and submenus, change menu icons, enable/disable menu and submenu items.

Material admin comes with a fully customizable Theme Beautiful login screen. There are also control bar links, custom footers, plugin access, login page customization options, and more.Features to help you design web projects (in WordPress) for clients using your own company branding.

Features Materials - White Label WordPress Admin Theme

white label brand

  • Custom admin top bar (all links and CSS styles)
  • custom footer
  • Fully customize the login section. Available themes, you can also create your own.
  • Customize the look to suit your branding needs.
  • Menú de administración totalmente personalizable.
  • Customize your logo and favorites to build your own brand in the admin dashboard.
  • Graph panel widget
  • Over 20 dashboard widgets for your website stats and analytics
  • Control widget show/hide
  • Compruebe también los widgets del panel predeterminados.


  • Rename menu and submenu items.
  • Rearrange/rearrange menus and submenus using drag and drop interface
  • Customize menu icons
  • Enable/disable menu and submenu items

Multisite Compatible

  • Ready to use on a multisite network.
  • Easy to install on multisite networks.
  • Customize for network enabled mode or individual sites on the network.

Colors, themes and styles

  • 100 great themes available
  • multicolor, dark theme, light color
  • Create your own personal theme
  • Ability to edit elegant themes (with import theme file option)
  • Fully customize the admin panel interface with the many options available.
  • See screenshots for all available options.


  • Built-in beautiful themed login screen.
  • Custom logo for login page
  • Fully customize appearance with many built-in styling options
  • Show/hide URL links such as "Return to Site" and "Forgot Password"
  • Control the color, opacity, background, font, etc. of any element on the login page.

menu des styles

  • There are two menu styles as well as style options.
  • Swing menu on all control screen pages.
  • Can be placed in 4 different positions on the page.
  • Add your own links and as many links as possible.

style options

  • Choose an existing theme or create your own.
  • Form Custom CSS Options Panel
  • Button customization options (primary and secondary button options. Controls hover color.)
  • Logo and favicon options
  • Update images from external URLs. Control images on all client sites from one place.
  • Enable/disable page loader
  • Fully customizable main admin menu CSS
  • Admin control top bar style
  • Content box style options
  • Theme option main color
  • General layout CSS customization
  • and more ...

admin title

All admins control top bar links.
Customize CSS options as needed.
Available in 2 different styles (full width and partial width)
Remove unwanted links using button IDs
Show exit link in top bar
Open/close top bar (front and back)
Change the user greeting (Hello) to the desired text.


  • Built-in 650+ Google fonts
  • Multiple fonts are supported. Example: Different fonts for headings, menus, body text.
  • Use the default desktop font as a fallback to Google Fonts.
  • Advanced typography options to control font size, line height, font strength, font subsets, and more.
  • Custom text in footer.
  • Show/hide WordPress version info from footer

import and export

Easily import and export settings panels
Can transfer settings to any other website
Themes can be edited by importing settings.

Other features

  • Built-in smooth scrolling
  • Built-in page loader
  • Black Box Encryption Standard
  • Detailed documentation
  • Admin added compatibility with Menu Editor Pro plugin.
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Fast and dedicated support
  • More topics will be added regularly
  • Compatible with almost all wordpress plugins and themes.
  • You can also add custom CSS code
  • Fußzeilentext bearbeiten

Redux framework

  • This plugin uses the well-known Redux Framework for Options control panel
  • The redux provider support plugin is also included in the downloaded package.
  • Redux uses external scripts in option table fields. Please use this plugin to install the Redux Vendor Support plugin. You can download the Redux Provider Support Plugin for its github page.

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Changelog: Material – White Label WordPress Admin Theme

v8.2 – 16th Aug 2021
UPDATE: Removed unused code
UPDATE: Menu settings page strings escaped for translation
UPDATE: Plugin settings page strings escaped for translation
UPDATE: Replaced .click(), .bind() etc. events with .on() events
UPDATE: Escaped all dynamic data
UPDATE: WordPress 5.8.x compatible

v7.1 – 26 July 2020
UPDATE: PHP 7.4 version compatibility
UPDATE: Fixed Left bar navigation inner menu page height issue. Inner menu is set to floating now.
UPDATE: Fixed graphical dashboard widgets undefined notice
UPDATE: Fixed creating-default-object-from-empty-value-in-php in class.reduk_filesystem.php
UPDATE: Updated smooth scroll plugin to latest version
UPDATE: Fixed login_headertitle deprecated warning on login page.
UPDATE: Fixed implode() warning in plugin fonts library
ADDED: Add CSS variables info in plugin options panel for dynamic and better custom css codes.
UPDATE: Improved CSS
UPDATE: Fixed wordpress add new plugin page layouts
UPDATE: Regenarated and Minified CSS files