Masterstudy v4.4.3 – Education WordPress Theme For Learning, Training And Education Center

Master's Research Topicsis the best WordPress theme for creating education and training center websites - for educational institutions that organize different courses or create courses locally.

useMaster's Research TopicsTemplates that you can easily create and customize a WordPress training website for your education business.


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Features Education WordPress Theme - Master's Study

  • Live video course
  • group lessons
  • Built on Vue.js
  • Advanced search with autocomplete
  • Masterstudy LMS Online Course Plugin
  • 100% RTL. support
  • offline course systemWooCommerce
  • Paid Ads Free Courses
  • Courses purchased with Paypal, Stripe
  • Course Grading
  • several title options
  • Build with Sass
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE9+
  • Theming options for the Redux framework
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Revolution includes
  • Responsive interface on Bootstrap
  • Parallax and video backgrounds
  • Более 880 шрифтов Google
  • image editor
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Material included
  • Integrate Mailchimp subscriptions
  • Update frequently
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • WPML localization support
  • One-click import of demo content
  • Include audio and video
  • Revolution Slider integration

Features Masterstudy Pro plugin

  • In the Masterstudy Education WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) theme, you now have 3 types of courses: Text, Video, Slideshow.
  • Live Q&A feature in the course.
  • Live countdown timer in test
  • Retest
  • Test results with correct/wrong answers
  • Advanced Jigsaw
  • Course Grading
  • course package
  • Integrating bbPress
  • GamiPress integration
  • Google Classroom
  • Course Grading and Wish List
  • Prerequisites
  • Udemy link
  • Retest
  • Teacher and student profile pages
  • Question Bank
  • Question Module (Question Type)
  • Course type
  • graduation book
  • Continuous content dripping
  • Trial Course
  • Member notice
  • Great demo for quick and easy one-click demos
  • Students register regularly
  • buy once
  • Integrate with PayPal and Stripe
  • Paid Membership Pro integration
  • private information
  • Create your own certificate
  • wishlist
  • Faculty and Student Profiles

Changelog Education WordPress Theme - Master's Study Null Free

v4.4.3 - 13 Jan, 2022
New: Media File Manager Add-on
New: Added new icon MasterStudy set on Icon Box element in Elementor Page builder
New: Added new styles 7 and 8 for STM Testimonials widget in Elementor Page builder
New: Added new style 2 for Video widget in Elementor Page builder
New: From now on, STM prefixes were removed from the LMS widgets Elementor Page builder. Added the icons and LMS label instead
Update: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.7.4
Update: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.9
Update: MasterStudy Elementor widgets plugin updated to 1.1.6
Update: MasterStudy STM configurations plugin updated to 4.3.5
Fix: Removed the styles, which are conflicting with Elementor's widgets (Social Icons, Accordion)
Fix: Bug with LMS modules, when placing them onto the page using Elementor Page builder
Fix: Some bugs while editing the pages using Elementor page builders

v4.4.2 - 21 Dec, 2021
Fix: Bug with default styles on LMS Demo layouts was fixed

v4.4.1 - 25 Nov, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.7.2
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.7
UPD: STM Configurations plugin updated to 4.3.4
UPD: Slider Revolution plugin updated to 6.5.11
UPD: Udemy style renamed to Modern Style
UPD: Modern Style is active by default
UPD: Theme options version updated
UPD: Distance learning demo.xml updated
UPD: Float menu icon
FIXED: SCORM courses uploading issue
FIXED: Translation issues of several non-editable strings
FIXED: Free courses filtering issue
FIXED: Problem with saving questions/quizzes using eRoom plugin
FIXED: Certificates date translation issue
FIXED: Student reviewing issue
FIXED: Wizard navigation menu issue
FIXED: Instructors archive page responsive issue
FIXED: Separator widget align issue
FIXED: "Fill the gap" answer align issue
FIXED: Minor web layout issues

v4.4.0 - 22 Oct, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.7.1
FIXED: Mobile version hamburger menu displaying issue

v4.3.8 - 21 Sep, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.9
ADDED: New Quiz type: Image Matching (Single Choice, Multi Choice)
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.5
FIXED: SCORM courses loading bug

2 Sep, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.8
ADDED: New Pro Addons page
UPD: Improved auth 'remember me' system
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.4
UPD: STM Configurations plugin updated to 4.3.2
UPD: Admin Dashboard Video manuals gallery view
FIXED: Minor bugs

v4.3.5 - 12 Aug, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.7
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.3
ADDED: Admin Dashboard notification

4.3.4​ 2 Aug, 2021
UPD: Slider Revolution plugin updated to 6.5.5
UPD: Zoom Meetings/Webinars Grid widget design updated
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.6
FIXED: H5P plugin Reuse and Embed features are not displaying on the plugin pages
FIXED: Browser title does not change on switching to the Quiz page
FIXED: Featured Teacher widget loading issue
FIXED: Match Items quiz showing wrong results
FIXED: Translation issues with several non-editable strings
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.2
FIXED: Students did not get a reply email when assignment status changed
FIXED: Video Duration icon displaying when Video Duration field is blank in Udemy Affiliate layout
FIXED: The same course materials attaching several times in the Udemy Affiliate layout
FIXED: Membership Approval (Paid Membership Pro plugin) compatibility

= v4.3.2 - 15 Jun, 2021 =
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.0
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.4
UPD: BuddyPress templates according to theme new features and rules
FIXED: Displaying login forms in the Floating menu
FIXED: Minor style issues and bugs

= v4.3.0 - 1 Jun, 2021​ =
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.2
FIXED: New messages counter appeared for message sender and for the receiver
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.5.8
FIXED: Displaying all taxonomies regardless of the chosen

= v4.2.9 - 12 May, 2021 =
UPD:MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.5.7
FIXED: Hidden posts, pages, and media when WooCommerce plugin is not activated

= v4.2.7 - 4 May, 2021 =
FIXED: Primary Sidebar can't be applied to blog archive page (Elementor)
FIXED: Testimonials carousel navigation arrows doesn't work in Offline Courses Layout
FIXED: Courses categories masonry view is incorrect due to small default container width in Light LMS Layout
FIXED: Minor frontend bugs
ADDED: Translations of Lesson badges for Offline courses
UPD: MasterStudy LMS updated to 2.5.9
FIXED: The Popular courses widget shows the price Free, regardless of price or status are indicated
FIXED: Video poster goes beyond video frame when opening video modal
FIXED: Students appeared in the Featured Teacher select box
FIXED: Replacing chosen font by default plugin font
FIXED: Placeholders of checkbox and dropdown elements aren't displaying after adding in LMS Forms Editor
FIXED: Responsive view of Send message modal in Classic style of Public Profile
ADDED: Translation for the Error messages
ADDED: Placeholders for Select box in Profile Forms Editor
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO updated to 3.5.5
FIXED: Chinese, Arabic and some other fonts aren't displaying in the Certificate
FIXED: Certificate Title entities in Certificate builder
FIXED: Double adding a student to the course
FIXED: Buy button functionality when clicking in modal
FIXED: Minor bugs
ADDED: Compatibility with eRoom 1.2.2
UPD: STM Configurations updated to 4.3.0
UPD: MasterStudy Elementor Widgets updated to 4.3.0

= v4.2.6 - 31 Mar, 2021​ =
FIXED: Missing CSS files

= v4.2.5 - 30 Mar, 2021​ =
UPD: WordPress 5.7 compatibility with jquery migrate
UPD: Slider Revolution plugin updated to 6.4.6
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.5.4
NEW: LMS Forms Editor addon
UPD: Fancybox updated in core
UPD: Cancel Subscription in Classic profile style moved to the sidebar
ADDED: Image preview to Assignments
ADDED: Enterprise form in user account
FIXED: Front-end bugs in Eroom meeting page
FIXED: RTL header styles
FIXED: Minor frontend bugs
FIXED: Gallery masonry grid error fixed
FIXED: Quantity in variable product fixed
FIXED: Broken order of the categories and subcategories in Frontend Course Builder
FIXED: Broken categories dropdown in Frontend Course Builder (French letters)
FIXED: Course description bug in Frontend Course Builder
FIXED: Point System shows zero value
FIXED: Points are not credited after enabling the Point statistics add-on
FIXED: Zero values in point statistics settings
FIXED: Minor frontend bugs

= v4.2.4 =
23 Feb, 2021
UPD: WP Bakery plugin updated to 6.6.0
FIXED: Gallery grid $per_page bug
FIXED: Editing several quizzes on Front-End issues
FIXED: Restore password doesn't work with activated Yoast SEO plugin

= v4.2.3 =
22 Feb, 2021
NEW: Coding School demo
FIXED: MasterStudy Elementor Widgets installation skipped during demo import
ADDED: H5P compatibility added to quizzes
FIXED: Correct answers appeared when the 'show correct answer' option is disabled
FIXED: LMS Wizard typo
FIXED: Empty addons and Payout tabs content
FIXED: Duplicate email sending when 'course added to user'
ADDED: Action before sending an announcement

= v4.2.2 04 Feb, 2021 =
IMPROVEMENT: Event time included in Event Info module
IMPROVEMENT: Event price included in Event Info module
IMPROVEMENT: 'Free' price label added for free products
IMPROVEMENT: Redirect to MasterStudy LMS after demo import added
IMPROVEMENT: Plugin Setup Wizard added
IMPROVEMENT: ‘Become instructor’ option added in the user profile
IMPROVEMENT: Added unique classes to user profile navigation menu 
IMPROVEMENT: Added validation to Lost Password box
IMPROVEMENT: Navigation menu badges added
FIXED: Category mega-menu
FIXED: WooCommerce product catalog settings fixed
FIXED: Featured teacher module in Classic LMS 2 layout
FIXED: Image appearance in testimonials section Style 1
FIXED: Certificate Template name editing bug
FIXED: Assignment pagination
FIXED: Draft courses excluded from Gradebook
FIXED: Manage course notice about disabled tabs
FIXED: Drip content dependencies
FIXED: Empty category view (0 subcategories) in the search filter
FIXED: STM LMS Courses grid module title
FIXED: Registration error text fixed
FIXED: Quiz answer "0" treating as incorrect answer bug
FIXED: Manage course loading view on frontend
FIXED: 'Lost password' option on mobile
FIXED: Membership plan with No available courses in a subscription will not appear as a purchase option for the course
FIXED: Paginated quiz first/last buttons inactive when on first/last question respectively
FIXED: Question bank adding several banks fixed
FIXED: Login button text changed
FIXED: ‘Become instructor’ button is hidden for logged-in instructors
FIXED: Courses filter category bug
FIXED: Translations with VUE variable {field} fixed
FIXED: LMS pages conflict with Elementor Pro
FIXED: Emails are not being sent when the Email Template addon disabled
UPD: New LMS Settings section is built on CFTO framework
UPD: Translations updated
UPD: Slider Revolution updated to 6.3.9

= 4.2.1 - 2021-01-11 =
FIXED: Minor frontend bugs
FIXED: Logout button URL
FIXED: Cooking demo visual bugs
FIXED: Disable PMPRO redirect while demo import

= v4.2.0 - 29 Dec, 2020 =
UPD: WPBakery updated to 6.5.0
UPD: Slider Revolution updated to 6.3.4
NEW: Cooking Courses demo
IMPROVEMENT: Routes replaced by creating LMS pages
FIXED: WPML Language switcher issues
FIXED: WPML Compatibility issues fixed
ADDED: Select an option to choose course categories (Elementor STM LMS Courses Grid)
ADDED: Wishlist icon changed for classic course style
ADDED: Notification for a Database update
ADDED: Quiz Randomize option for frontend course builder
FIXED: Remove points when retaking the quiz
FIXED: Quiz WebView issues fixed (for Masterstudy App)
FIXED: Assignment count bug fixed
FIXED: Assignment long name issue
FIXED: BuddyPress members, activity page issues fixed
FIXED: Course Bundle description field issue
FIXED: Offline course curriculum dropdown preview button issue fixed.

= v4.1.2 - 19 Nov, 2020 =
FIXED: Creating lesson with Elementor Page Builder
FIXED: Symbols position fixed for RTL
FIXED: Fixed error in share module
FIXED: Removed TGM notice in dashboard for instructors
FIXED: 'Add student to course' feature on frontend
FIXED: Spain translation file errors for variables {field}
FIXED: Creating lesson with Elementor Page Builder
FIXED: Per row setting on STM LMS Courses Carousel Elementor widget
FIXED: Folders permissions
FIXED: Point system conflict with the one-time purchase
IMPROVEMENT: Co-instructor courses added to the Instructors' public profile
IMPROVEMENT: Field for custom point price added
IMPROVEMENT: Co-instructor courses added to the Instructor's public profile
UPDATED: WPBakery updated to 6.4.2

= v4.1.1 =
- Update: Removed pagination on masonry gallery module
- Improvement: Permission to add file formats for assignments: mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, avi, mpg
- Improvement: Added per page setting for Elementor Courses carousel
- Improvement: Questions category added to LMS Menu
- Improvement: do_action added to custom routes and lesson (wp_footer, template_redirect)
- Bug Fix: Frontend bug on the course page (layouts: One Instructor, List view)
- Bug Fix: Minor frontend bugs
- Bug Fix: Redirect after pmpro removed
- Bug Fix: Breadcrumb holder removed with transparent header ON
- Bug Fix: Date in Zoom lesson
- Bug Fix: Disabled content tab on the frontend course builder for Zoom lessons
- Bug Fix: Changed lesson duration field type
- Bug Fix: Paid membership checkout frontend bug in mobile version
- Bug Fix: Course per page settings on the archive page
- Bug Fix: Email settings (emails were not sent to the admin when adding a user to the course)
- Bug Fix: Error display when entering the wrong password
- Bug Fix: Redirect from invalid course item
- Update: Spain language translation file
- Update: Author fee text changed to admin commission
- Update: Changed Website earning to Instructors Earning