Master Addons Pro for Elementor v1.7.4 - Forefront Elements for Elementor

main pluginis a collectionПлагин ЭлементораBeautiful and cutting edge in design. Are you always looking for the bestElementor pluginHelp you create a unique website? You don't have to go far to find it.With Master Addons for Elementor, you get a wide selection of features that can turn your ordinary looking website into a dynamic, visually beautiful, and easier-to-read website.

main pluginMany useful widgets are included to help your website come to life. From the plugin add-ons area, you can easily enable and disable any widget.If you activate the desired widget, it will load the widget's exact script. It will speed up your website. Make sure the Elementor Page Builder plugin is installed.Otherwise it won't work. Every day, we work on its development, trying to include all the necessary widgets.

Demo: https://master-add

Features: Master Addons Pro for Elementor

  • Builder for header, footer and comment forms
  • For Elementor, you can create your own breakpoints.
  • mega menu builder
  • Display conditions
  • Entrance animation
  • Image slideshow
  • Image hover effect
  • Content can be switched
  • CSS & JS customization
  • Duplicating all types of posts/pages/custom posts with MA Duplicator.
  • Positioning
  • Transforms
  • Additional Features for Containers
  • Domain Checker
  • Content restrictions (age restrictions, matching captcha, user roles and passwords)
  • (100+ pre-built designed landing pages/sections/headers/footers) Rich template library

Changelog: Master Addons Pro for Elementor

= v1.7.4 (11-10-2021) =
* Fixed: Pricing Table button not showing issue fixed
* Fixed: Comments addon not showing on Addons list issue fixed

= v1.6.5 (09-07-2021) =
* Dependency: Elementor Custom Breakpoints plugin updated with latest Elementor Support
* Tweak: Removed `Elementor\Scheme_Typography` deprecated function and updated with `Elementor\Core\Schemes\Typography`
* Tweak: Removed `Elementor\Core\Schemes\Color` deprecated function and updated with `Elementor\Core\Schemes\Color`
* Update: MA Toggle Content - Label field cann't change issue fixed, fixed Icon picker issue also.
* Dependency: Stratus Theme supports given
* Fixed: Display Conditions not working issue fixed
* Fixed: Image filter gallery Image source not getting issue fixed

= v1.6.0 (27-03-2021) = 
* Fixed: Dynamic Tags not working issue fixed
* Fixed: Tooltip styles broken issue fixed
* Fixed: Dashboard Text upper menu issue fixed
* Fixed: Timeline - Custom Timline Date not showing issue fixed

= 1.5.7 (28-02-2021) = 
* Updated: 'jquery-slick' updated with 'Swiper Slider' library. Updated Widgets - MA Blog, MA Slider, MA Gallery Slider, MA Twitter Slider, MA Timeline etc
* Added: New Element added "Advanced Image".
* Added: "MA Duplicator" added on Extensions
* Updated: Fully revamped plugins file structure with namespace and file locations.
* Updated: Domain Checker - Added Search Button Link for Affiliates and anyone can integrate WHMCS for searching Domains.
* Removed: Slick Slider removed from Gallery Slider
* Removed: Slick Slider removed from Blog Element
* Removed: Slick Slider removed from Timeline
* Removed: Slick Slider removed from Logo Carousel
* Removed: Slick Slider removed from Image Carousel
* Removed: Slick Slider removed from Twitter Carousel
* Updated: Blog Element updated with Swiper Slider support and improved functionality.
* Updated: Gallery Slider updated with Swiper Slider support
* Updated: Timeline Element fully revamped with new UI and fixed bugs
* Removed: "MA" word removed from all Elements
* Added: Blog Posts Element - Added "All" text change option on Category Tabs filter. Thanks to @link1921u. Feature Request URL:
* Added: Blog - 2 new options added for thumbnail position - a)Top Thumb, Bottom Title and b)Bottom Thumb, Title Top. Thanks @link1921u. Feature Request URL:
* Fixed: Filterable Gallery - Tooltip not working issue fixed
* Fixed: Filterable Gallery - Filterable Navigation Show/Hide issue fixed
* Added: Filterable Gallery - Tilt Effect with option settings added
* Added: Filterable Gallery - Editor not working and "global" undefined console error issue fixed.
* Added: Filterable Gallery - Lightbox image overlaps like one after another issue fixed. Thanks to @pedropamn. Support Link:
* Added: Vertical Timeline - Editor not working and "global" undefined console error issue fixed.
* Updated: Team Slider - Carousel Settings updated with latest Swiper compatibility
* Updated: Image Carousel - Carousel updated with Swiper Compatibility
* Updated: Logo Slider - Carousel updated with Swiper Compatibility
* Updated: Twitter Slider - Carousel updated with Swiper Compatibility
* Removed: "Instagram Feed" removed due to recent update of Instagram API changes
* Updated: Repeater Fields not working on Editor and having a gray color background issue fixed for - Advanced Accordion, Animated Headlines, Business Hours, Changelogs, Image Filterable Gallery, Image Carousel, Image Hotspot, Image Hover Effects, Logo Slider, Pricing Table, Slider Element, Dynamic Table, Advanced Tabs, Timeline, Toggle Content etc
* Updated: Dual Heading - First Heading and Description Alignment not working issue fixed. Conditions applied for First Heading and Description alignment
* Updated: Completely revamped "Advanced Accordion" with better UX. Removed all unnecessary elements and styles. Can do any type of design now like gradient title, gradient color content etc. Toggle content alignment issue fixed and updated.
* Fixed: MA Tabs editor preview not working issue fixed
* Fixed: MA Progressbars editor preview not working issue fixed
* Updated: Team Members fixed issues - Content alignment not working fixed, Social Icons repeater not working on editor fixed, Social icons style updated, added placeholder image if no image selected.
* Updated: Image Hover Effects - removed "No Image Selected" notice and added placeholder image for better user experience.
* Updated: Background Slider Extension - fixed Editor not loading issue

= (24-01-2021) =
* Added: Custom Timeline date_format option added.
* Updated: Fully Multisite supported
* Fixed: Multisite Activation error issue fixed
* Updated: Multisite License update all over network updated
* Updated: Widgets loading on each Multisite require files updated
* Added: Advanced Accordion - Border Radius, Box Shodow added on Title

= v1.5.6 (10-01-2021) = 
* Added: "Gradient Headlines" Element added
* Tweak: worked on Performance issue
* Fixed: Few CSS issue fixed

= (10-12-2020) = 
* Fixed: Elementr Editor not loading after updating WordPress 5.6 issue fixed

= (22-11-2020) =
* Fixed: Sweetalert2 issue fixed on Admin "Save Settings"
* Fixed: Mailchimp Addon conflicting ID issue fixed

= 1.5.4 (21-11-2020) =
* Updated: Slow Down Elementor issue resolved. All Scripts and Styles dependecies will only active while the specific addon will be added.
* Removed: Team Member default Background color removed
* Fixed: Uncaught Error: Class 'Elementor\Plugin' not found issue fixed for Floating Effects
* Added: alignment, padding option added for Icon, Title, Desciption on MA Infobox
* Added: MA Counter Up - Added Individual item Background Color Option
* Added: MA Blog - Added Show/Hide Read More link
* Updated: Getting Error "elementorFrontend" is not defined issue fixed for "Custom Breakpoints"
* Support: Formidable Form supports given, conflicting issue with Checkbox, Labels issue fixed
* Fixed: Active Text color white issue on "MA Image Filter Gallery" issue fixed
* Updated: Reveal extension bug - Anime.min.js updated
* Added: Morphing Blob Effect Extension
* Added: Main plugin file renamed from 'master-elementor-addons.php' to 'master-addons.php'
* Fixed: Upsell coupon code typo issue fixed. 25% discount given. Also made the strings translatable
* Updated: "Total Number of Posts" on MA Blog Posts Pagination issue fixed
* Updated: "Pagination Alignment" on MA Blog updated and fixed
* Added: Added "Active" tab on MA Blog>Style>Pagination for styling Active pagination items
* Updated: Freemius Library Updated from v to v2.3.0
* Fixed: "responsive_icon.svg" icon not found on Console issue fixed
* Updated: Performance issue on Elementor Eidtor Speed increased. Re-factored files for lowest requests
* Updated: "MA Dual Heading" - Enable Icon condition issue fixed, General settings changed to Icon Settings

= v1.5.3 (28-09-2020) = 
* Fixed: MA Table Icon not working issue fixed
* Released: Floating Effects extension added
* Updated: Transfroms Extension updated. On previous there's lack of interactions and slow the Editor Process. Imrpoved the functionality and performance.
* Fixed: MA Advanced Accordion - Saved Section, Widget, Page Templates pro message shown
* Fixed: MA Current Time - Custom Date Format dropdown issue fixed. Changed to TEXT format
* Fixed: MA Countdown Timer - Datetime format issue fixed on Countdown timer. On previous time showing wrong format.
* Added: Tooltip "Visible on Hover" added on "MA Tooltip" and "MA Image Hotspot" extension

v1.5.1 (5-09-2020) 
Fixed: "Animated Gradient" repeater not working for Elementor v3.0 update issue fixed
Update: Template Importer support given for both Elementor v2.x.x and v3.x.x
Fixed: WooCommerce Checkout page style issue fixed
Fixed: Custom Breakpoints Panel height issue fixed
Fixed: Custom Breakpoints updated with native Elementor support. It works exactly like default Breakpoints.
Fixed: Custom Breakpoints - Section/Columns and all other elements Breakpoints support given.
Fixed: Custom Breakpoints - Section/Column Import Export also works now
Fixed: Header_Footer class not found on oceanwp and other Themes issue fixed
Added: Reply and Show Replies button margin option added