MainWP Virusdie Pro Extension 4.0.0-beta2

MainWP Virusdie extensionUse Virusdie, a powerful, user-friendly and professional-grade antivirus software for your website. It helps you monitor all your sites directly from the MainWP dashboard.

Repair and protect all your hacked sites

Virusdie has only one focus - protecting your website. Virusdie has an extremely extensive database and a range of technologies to detect viruses and threats.Virusdie can detect viruses and website vulnerabilities, which makes it different from other antivirus or defense products.

accurate reporting

With its extremely low false positive rate (less than 0.0002%), Virusdie gives you more peace of mind than using a website antivirus solution.

Why Use Virus with MainWP?

→ Virusdie Free Tier

Through our partnership with Virusdie, we are able to get additional benefits for the free tier:

  • Sign up on Virusdie. com - 1 site virus scan, monthly.
  • Register via MainWP Virusdie extension: All sites on your MainWP Dashboard are scanned weekly.

Additional Virusdie Free Benefits:

  • Weekly email notifications
  • Automatically upload Virusdie's sync files without FTPing to individual sites
  • Scan results displayed directly on your MainWP dashboard

Changelog: MainWP Virusdie Pro Extension

Version 4.0.0-beta1 – 4-7-2021
Beta 1 release