MainWP Pro Reports Extension v4.0.7

The MainWP Pro reportThe plugin is a fully customizable reporting engine that allows you to generate reports you are happy to provide to your clients.

Professional client reports

The MainWP Pro reportThe extension combines the benefits of the free MainWP Child Reports plugin with a fully configurable reporting engine, enabling you to generate reports you'll be proud to deliver to your clients.

The MainWP Child Reports plugin will track and monitor all changes made to your subsites, and the Pro Reports Extension will compile that data and turn it into a PDF report that you can present to your clients.

We also realize that you probably don't want your clients to see everything logged by the plugin, so the extension allows you to hide the MainWP sub-plugin page while still letting it collect data.

do your report

Pro Reports Extension uses PHP templates to design and build professional reports with the data you want to present to your clients.

You can include as little or as much information as possible in the report. You have complete control over the amount or importance of the report.To personalize each report for each client, you can add your own text and photos.

You can even customize the report layout for each client and save it for future reference.You can also use the Pro Reports Extension to add custom material to your reports, such as contact information, photos, additional text, or anything else you want.

Once done, you can email your reports directly to your clients via the MainWP dashboard.

  • Create professional reports in seconds.
  • To help you get started, we provide pre-made professional templates.
  • Reports are automatically attached to emails in PDF format.
  • Quickly add/remove specific content from reports.
  • Template system with great flexibility
  • Create your own reporting branding.
  • It can be used with the original client reporting extension.

Changelog MainWP Pro Report Extension

= v4.0.7 - 12-20-2021 =
* Updated: DOMPDF library
* Updated: PHP 8 compatibility
* Updated: Support for the Lighthouse extension tokens

4.0.6 – 6-11-2021
Updated: General performance improvements

= v4.0.5 - 4-28-2021 =
* Fixed: An issue with sending reports for specific setups
* Added: 'mainwp_pro_reports_get_tokens_value' hook for extra logging
* Added: 'mainwp-reports-ga-chart-format-date' hook to allow date format change on GA chart
* Added: Support for Virusdie tokens
* Updated: General performance improvements

= v4.0.3 - 12-11-2020 =
* Fixed: An issue with sending scheduled reports
* Fixed: An issue with selecting a date range
* Fixed: An issue with a few incorrect tokens in default report templates
* Added: mainwp_pro_reports_filter_report_content hook

Version – 9-10-2020
Updated: MainWP Dashboard 4.1 compatibility