MainWP Clean and Lock

MainWP clean and Lock Extension is a simple but effective extension to remove useless parts from your MainWP dashboard site.It also restricts access to WP-Admin and even redirects non-wp-admin pages to the new site, hiding your MainWP dashboard.

All of these modifications can be made without change. htaccess file; everything is handled by the extension!

Redirect 301

Make the dashboard's homepage inaccessible to everyone but you. Set a redirect URL to which all non-wp-admin page hits will be redirected, effectively hiding your dashboard site.

Lock Dashboard

In this area you can manage who has access to your MainWP dashboard. No need to manually update yours.htaccess file, the extension allows you to restrict access to the wp-admin page and wp-login. php to the specified IP address.

If you access your WordPress admin from multiple places, you can set additional IP addresses to access your WordPress admin by adding one IP address per line.

For your wp-admin page and wp-login. php, you can also add a secondary login and password; this is useful if you have a dynamic IP but still want to give your site extra security.

Changelog: MainWP Clean and Lock

Version – 12-6-2021
Updated: Added favicon.ico and site haelth checks in redirection excludes

Version – 9-10-2020
Updated: MainWP Dashboard 4.1 compatibility

Version 4.0.1 – 10-9-2019
Fixed: issue with blocking install requests
Removed: feature for hiding WP Admin menu items

Version 4.0 – 8-28-2019
Updated: extension UI/UX redesign
Updated: support for the MainWP 4.0

Version 1.3 – 8-25-2017
Fixed: redirection conflict with the Managed Client Reports for WooCommerce plugin

Version 1.2 – 3-17-2017
Fixed: multiple translation issues
Added: option to exclude certain pages from the 301 Redirection feature
Added: extension help tab
Added: extension help tour
Updated: extension style to match MainWP Dashboard style
Updated: responsive style

Version 1.1 – 2-17-2016
Fixed: Bug when using special character at starting of HTTP basic password
Fixed: Translation issue
Added: An auto update warning if the extension is not activated
Added: Support for WP-CLI
Added: Support for the new API management
Updated: “Check for updates now” link is not visible if extension is not activated

Version 1.0 – 10-2-2015
Updated: Refactored code to meet WordPress coding standards

Version 0.0.9
Added: Custom language domain
Updated: CSS Style

Version 0.0.8
Updated: Quick Start Guide layout

Version 0.0.7
Added: Support for the API Manager

Version 0.0.6
Fixed: issue with cronjobs being redirected

Version 0.0.5
Added: Additional Plugin info
Added: Help notices
Added: CSS Updates

Version 0.0.4
Redirection to the Extensions page added after activating the extension
PHP Warning fixed
Extension Icon edited

Version 0.0.3
WordPress Dashboard page redirection bug fixed

Version 0.0.2
Unlock Feature Added
Username hidden in login popup

Version 0.0.1
Initial Release