MainWP BackWPup Extension v4.0.2.1

You can use the MainWP BackWPup extension to control the BackWPup plugin settings for all subsites directly from the MainWP dashboard.This includes the option to create backups for your kid's website, and even build a backup plan directly from the MainWP dashboard.

You can also choose to use BackWPup Extension as your main backup option, which will replace the MainWP backup panel with a new BackWPup page, keeping your dashboard clean.

Why use BackWPup?

BackWPup is one of the most popular WordPress backup solutions. You can use BackWPup to schedule automatic backups of your WordPress installation.You are responsible for deciding what will be saved where and when. BackWPup is an all-in-one WordPress backup solution!

Features: MainWP BackWPup Extension

  • Backup the entire database
  • Backup all data
  • List all plugins you have installed and save.
  • Various storage solutions for backup
  • Back up changed folders differently
  • Database optimization and compression
  • Management of backup files
  • WordPress Multisite Support
  • Email log reports

Backup your website.

Keep your website data safe by backing up and avoiding potential disasters.

You can manage all your backups from one location.

Backups can be managed and scheduled directly from the dashboard.

easy to use

All the great features included in this extension are simple and easy to use.

Changelog: MainWP BackWPup Extension

Version 4.0.4 – 3-18-2021
Fixed: Compatibility with the latest BackWPup plugin

Version – 9-10-2020
Fixed: jQuery version compatibility issues
Updated: MainWP Dashboard 4.1 compatibility

Version 4.0.2 – 5-6-2020
Fixed: multiple cosmetic problems
Fixed: multiple translation problems
Fixed: problems with hiding and unhiding the BackWPup plugins
Fixed: Angular show event error
Fixed: S3 bucked dropdown menu problem

Version 4.0.1 – 11-22-2019
Fixed: multiple usability problems
Fixed: incorrect download backup link
Fixed: a problem with saving some premium options
Fixed: a problem with loading backups data
Added: support for new options

Version 4.0 – 8-28-2019
Updated: extension UI/UX redesign
Updated: support for the MainWP 4.0

Version 1.4 – 1-26-2018
Added: support for a new CLI Command

Version 1.3 – 12-8-2017
Fixed: an issue with inserting unwanted characters in backup file name
Added: new Amazon S3 options
Removed: Dropbox API v1 authentication due Dropbox API v1 retirement

Version 1.2 – 2-17-2017
Added: Support for the upcoming MainWP Dashboard feature

Version 1.1 – 5-6-2016
Updated: relative path to log folder

Version 1.0
Initial Release