Magzine v1.6.0 - Elementor Review and Magazine Theme

Magzine is a WordPress review and magazine theme using the free Elementor plugin with over 5 million users. It has a drag and drop editor that allows you to easily create a website.

Elementor is limited in how your posts and pages look. This is when magazines get into the picture.You can easily make your own headers, footers, archive pages, search pages, comment articles and comment boxes using this theme. It also includes over 40 custom components.

You don't have to create your own website if you don't want to. The theme includes many pre-built websites (more coming soon). It's not just a collection of different landing pages.Each design includes everything you need, including headers, footers, 404 pages, post pages, category pages, and more.

Demo: HTTPS://theme Gongzi-element or-review-anding-magazine-theme/33098719

Features: Magzine – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme

  • website builder
  • Elementi di design (40+)
  • One-click import website
  • Check out unparalleled features
  • System with Unique Hub
  • already developed website
  • Free updates for the rest of your life
  • Highest quality support
  • RTL compliant
  • 100% Search Engine Optimization
  • Page performance has been improved.
  • Translation ready and multilingual

Changelog: Magzine – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme

Version 1.6 (03-Jan-21)
Update: Updated GhostPool Core plugin to v1.1
Update: Updated LayerSlider to v7.0.7
Update: Added option to disable ajax pagination in Items element
Update: Added option to associate forums/topics with hubs
Update: Added friend requests count to BuddyPress Friends menu item
Update: Templates used on frontend now shown as active on Website Builder page
Tweak: Removed default hub endpoints from demos not using hub tabs
Fix: Javascript in theme elements in backend editor not working

Version 1.5.1
Update: Updated GhostPool Core plugin to v1.0.1
Fix: When activating theme for the first time getting a critical error
Fix: Post types options now show post types excluded from search e.g. bbPress forums, topics, replies

Version 1.5
Update: Magzine Core plugin has been replaced by GhostPool Core plugin (Magzine Core should be automatically deactivated when updating the theme or activating the GhostPool Core plugin)
Update: Updated LayerSlider to v6.11.9
Update: Added counter to BuddyPress notification and message menu items
Update: Added more notification counter styling options in Nav Menu element
Update: Added the ability to style and move Post Excerpt read more link onto a new line
Update: Can now filter by individual site and user criteria ratings in Attributes Filter element
Update: Can now display taxonomy/term images using Featured Items element
Fix: Horizontal scrolling on Customer Review homepage  on smaller devices
Fix: Clicking on the Add Gallery button does not open media window
Fix: Deleting a site rating from within a post so post has none doesn’t remove average site rating
Fix: Division by zero pagination error in Items element in some situations
Fix: Demo post tags and menu not deleted when uninstalling demo content

Version 1.4
Update: Checkmark now shows next to imported demos (only works on demos imported after this change)
Update: Added search box to Magzine > Reviews page
Update: Added before and after title text options for Post Title element
Update: Added Contact Us page to Customer Review demo
Tweak: Only show WPForm styling options if using base and form styling WPForm option
Tweak: Improved consistency with hover/focus tab options on elements
Fix: News Ticker marquee scrolling off page on mobile devices in Tech Review demo
Fix: FontAwesome icons not showing on certain elements

Version 1.3
Update: Added Affiliates element
Update: Trending element renamed to News Ticker
Update: Added new slide animation to News Ticker (Trending) element
Update: Added offset option to Items, Slider, News Ticker (Trending) elements
Update: Added focus input field styling to Search Form and Search Button elements
Update: Add new Gutenberg block to load section templates
Update: Added avatar to Post Meta element
Update: Can now set column widths for individual items in columns
Update: Can now change the item template for specific items in Items element e.g. to add custom design for specific post or add advertisement
Tweak: FontAwesome fonts no longer loaded when not used
Tweak: Added more spacing around Gutenberg text editor
Fix: Error generated when saving profiles in backend
Fix: Current page not excluded in Items element on homepage
Fix: Dark overlay hover effect not working correctly
Fix: User ratings not being calculated correctly when using Add Rating element within page
Fix: Can still click on stars after adding rating

Version 1.2.1
Fix: Could not preview unpublished posts, pages and templates
Fix: Gutenberg errors generated when theme deactivated and plugin activated
Fix: Notice to update plugin to latest version not working

Version 1.2
Update: Added new user profile field to verify user
Update: Verify icon can be displayed in Comments and Show Comments elements
Update: Added option to not require review title, rating and good/bad points be filled in when submitting comment
Update: Message to login now shown in Comments element when user doesn’t have the correct user role to post
Tweak: Login form now redirects to the homepage when no custom redirect is set
Fix: Deleting comments doesn’t remove rating from posts average user rating
Fix: Images set to height of parent container not shown when selecting next page
Fix: When changing attribute name terms did not transfer to new attribute
Fix: Terms were not deleted when attribute was deleted
Fix: PHP 8 error when adding and editing comments with ratings
Fix: Items element set to load items from current query generated error when selecting next page in PHP 8
Fix: Show Comments element had redundant Format option

Version 1.1
Update: Added new Customer Review demo to Importer
Update: Updated LayerSlider to v6.11.8
Update: Added new Show Comments element
Update: Added new Google Maps element with the ability to display location data from custom fields
Update: Added new font icons to choose from
Update: Added ability to edit existing attributes
Update: Added options to only show specific post types and subtypes in search results (Magzine > Settings > Taxonomies)
Update: Added option to add before/after text to user votes in Show Rating element
Update: Added option show/hide comment count title in Comments element
Update: Added options to style initial comment and replies separately in Comments element
Update: Added “No Comments Found Label” option to Comments element
Tweak: Added validation check to good/bad points comment fields
Tweak: Whole form hidden after post submission
Fix: Could not post reply to comment when good/bad points fields used
Fix: Comment form was not hidden if multiple comments disabled and user has a comment
Fix: Items element individual grid item styling used mobile styling on tablet devices
Fix: Author Info element author name wasn’t linking to profile and showing incorrect name in some cases
Fix: WPForms styling issues
Fix: Unicode characters were shown for post meta dividers sometimes
Fix: Post submission form did not create posts when using multi ratings

Version 1.0.2
Update: Theme now requires PHP 7.3 and above instead of PHP 7.4 to install theme

Version 1.0.1
Fix: Theme website templates post type not supported by WPML
Fix: Custom field text field not shown when selected in Featured Item element
Tweak: Permalink rewrite rules automatically flushed after installing theme and importing demos