MagicForm v1.6.0 – WordPress Form Builder

MagicForm - Powerful WordPress form builder

You can now make your fantasy format! Test it out with MagicForm - WordPress form builder to satisfy your guests and yourself.

Drag and drop builder

The legendary drag and drop multi-section form builder.Wizardry Form is the easiest WordPress module that allows to make basic and complex forms in a draggable format from components spanning various sections.

Demo:https: // code form-next-generation-WordPress-form-builder / 26795741


Without a doubt, you can use PayPal or Stripe to get installments from your customers. Coordinate installments with your form and start installments today.

multi-step form

You can add as many strides to your form and make as many pages as you want. Making forms on WordPress that your guests will love is easy.

The Limitation Principle of MagicForm - WordPress Form Builder

Make savvy forms with just a few snaps. Impress your guests with dynamic components. You can display new queries based on the appropriate response, or you can reduce the selection.


You can now make pdf records based on accommodation information. You can send this document using the Send Email or Auto Reply activities.

What Makes Magic Form Different?

With 15 years of programming and promotion experience, we realize how important forms are to upgrading your communication with your guests, which is why we work hard to configure forms for you that are quantifiable, easy to use, and snappy.

  • Convenience: You can now easily use savvy tables and pivot based on your decisions.
  • Performance optimization:We take your performance worries away with a fast dashboard and UI.
  • incredible build: We know our client's prerequisites. We're creating highlights that make them happy and we'll never stop!
  • Dynamic form components:Don't want to see new queries that depend on answers or hide them? Our forms are currently very savvy.
  • You can plan:The main limitation of planning forms using grid and group structures is the constraint of your creative mind.
  • Multilingual support: You can freely change the title, errors and warnings of the table. It is prepared for unknown dialect switches.

Easy to understand interface

Completing the latest forms for all gadgets will keep your guests from stress. Our admin board and client configuration will keep everyone happy.

work before the subject

You are free on the plan. You can make the theme with the tone and line you like. Or then again, you can also pick a topic you like from the many moments.

MagicForm Column Layout - WordPress Shape Builder

Your form rules! You can add up to 4 segments. Furthermore, you can expand on any desired page or area.

MagicForm Form Builder Element - WordPress Form Builder

  • single line text
  • Paragraph
  • Email
  • pick list
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Telephone
  • date picker
  • time picker
  • upload files
  • Name
  • enter number
  • Address
  • Password
  • country list
  • bar slider
  • пользовательский HTML
  • terms of use
  • Button
  • send button
  • Group
  • Net
  • reCaptcha
  • Google Map
  • star
  • rating scale
  • hidden input
  • Signature
  • field calculation
  • Product list
  • Shortcut selector

Features MagicForm Form Builder - WordPress Form Builder

  • Create shapes without coding
  • Preview while building
  • repeating elements
  • add label element icon
  • Labeling system for form entries
  • Archive form - doesn't work
  • movable element
  • Logical Verification System
  • Column layout for complex forms
  • Conditional logic to show / hide fields
  • group element
  • Automatically set form values
  • Add attachments
  • Junk forms and entries
  • side by side elements
  • Export entries directly to a ..xls file
  • google verification code
  • Social Science Fund. Protect
  • XSS protection
  • Responsive
  • fully translatable
  • Form data submitted by email
  • upload files
  • Send as attachment
  • import/export table
  • Pay with Stripe
  • Paypal payment

MagicForm Digital Signature - WordPress Form Builder

Your guests can put premium marks on your forms. It works equally well on tablets and phones.

multi-step form

You can include a variety of ways to form your WordPress site. You can determine the heading type and make as many pages as you want.

Adjust MagicForm Styles - WordPress Form Builder

You can adjust the form style. You can indicate inputs, markers, shadows, borders and whatever you want.

work before the subject

We improve your work. You can choose a form that works best for you, then you can practice and use it.

progress bar

On many page forms, you can add a progress bar each time you turn a page. You can also display it on the form, assuming you want.

MagicForm File Upload - WordPress Form Builder

Records can be transferred to your form. You can also use your records in reconciliation.

restrictive grounds

It only takes a few snapshots to make a savvy WordPress form. Shake up your meetings with dynamic components.

Unlimited forms and submissions

You can make countless forms and get apps. You can add unused tables to your document or hide them.

spam . insurance

Add Google's reCaptcha to protect your site from spam.

Easy to Embed MagicForm - WordPress Form Builder

Without a doubt, you can use WordPress shortcodes to add forms anywhere you need on your website, it doesn't make any difference whether it's a theme proofer or php code.

Form survey

You can view form entries and perspectives, just like conversion rates.

import and export

You can send components and pages on a form and bring them into another form at any time using the MagicForm WordPress form builder.

Coordinate to MagicForm - WordPress Form Builder

Have all email reconciliations ready. You can prefer the newsletter and have your autoresponder ready.

auto answer

You can send automatic alerts for dynamic content, and you can prepare information in forms to send to your guests.

Changelogs: MagicForm – WordPress Form Builder

= v1.6.0 - 26 May 2021 =
Multi file upload.
Settings password view problem fixed.
Select option values view problem fixed.
Email edit problem fixed.
Form dublication calculated field problem fixed.

= v1.5.6 – 14 March 2021 =
HoneyPot captcha.
File upload types problem fixed.
Mailchimp confirm email fixed.
Options sort problem fixed.

= v1.5.4 – 25 January 2021 =
Select list and country element Please select.
Password and key input view star.
Datepicker z-index fixed.

= v1.5.3 – 19 January 2021 =
Submission date format fixed.

= v1.5.1 – 16 December 2020 =
Email setting fixed.
Calculated field fixed.
Checkbox etc .other value view problem fixed.
Mail form data view problem fixed.
Export print page error fixed.

= v1.4.7 – 19 November 2020 =
Submissions errors fixed.
Product list php error fixed.
Paypal settings problem fixed.