Madara v1.7.3.1 - WordPress Theme for Manga

Madara is the first and most comprehensive WordPress plugin for creating manga websites. It's fast, reliable and scalable. Data is kept in the cloud, with options for Amazon S3, BlogSpot, and Imgur.Of course, you can save data on your website. It has a modern look and includes features like responsiveness, lazy loading, infinite pagination, SEO optimization, and RTL support.

You can modify the skin of the manga core plugin by changing the theme, or you can add extra functionality by exploring our manga marketplace.

Demo: HTTPS://'m afraid-busy-theme-Master Ma/

Features: Madara – WordPress Theme for Manga

  • Einfach zu bedienen und schnell: You don't have to worry about coding because we've prepared sample data to help you save time with easy one-click setup.
  • buy one get two free: Everything is great and the price is the best I've seen. Just buy one get two free, which includes the basic MANGA plugin and MADARA theme.
  • RESPONSIVE: It looks great on any device. Adapts to a variety of screen sizes, including mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • RTL support: Don't worry if you or your clients read from right to left; we serve people all over the world.
  • Пагинация с помощью AJAX: Loading additional content without refreshing the page is a must-have feature for current sites and should please all comic book fans.
  • テキストとビデオ用のIFrame: Supporting text and video iframes in each chapter giving users additional transfer options is a key feature that sets us apart.
  • Comic information: Provide enough information to satisfy manga fans, such as author, genre, tag, ranking and artist.
  • Multiple types of widgets:Many widgets and shortcodes are preinstalled. Widgets come with additional features not found in other themes.
  • Filter and search: Use this premium plugin to search by categories, tags, custom taxonomies, post types, published dates, or any combination of these criteria.
  • Multiple storage types:Comics may be kept in a variety of places, including websites and servers such as Amazon S3, BlogSpot, and Imgur.
  • broad conceptualization: The complete solution for comics websites is provided by a combination of add-on marketplaces for other themes, import tools and plugins for advanced features.
  • Search Engine Marketing Optimization: Do you want to increase your search engine ranking, traffic and visibility? Of course, isn't this correct? With the core plugin we have all the functionality we need to achieve this.

Changelog: Madara – WordPress Theme for Manga

Version 1.7.3 – 2021.10.08
#Add: “Family Safe” button (in Theme Option > Manga General Settings)
#Add: option to show “Manga Info” button all the time
#Update: new Thumbnail Size in Theme Options > Misc (to be used for Big Thumbnail layout on mobile)
#Update: show template overrides status in Manga > Support page
#Update: WP Manga Hero Slider can show 4, 5 items per slide
#Fix: CSS issues
#Fix: various issues with adding and removing chapter images from a chapter, together with WP FTP/SFTP Storage plugin updat

v1.7.2.1 – 2021.09.28
#Fix: unable to creat single text chapter
#Fix: minor bugs

v1.7.1.1 – 2021.09.19
#Add: option to change Item Width on mobile for Archives Item and Related Item (Theme Options > Manga Archives Page & Manga Detail Page > Item Width on Mobile Screen)
#Update: move New Chapters notification process to a cronjob, so adding new chapter will be faster
#Fix: cannot save User Settings form (in front-end)

v1.7.1 – 2021.09.09
#Add: option to delete all images within a chapter, without delete that chapter
#Add: option to update “Latest Update” time when adding more images to a chapter
#Update: support some features in WP Discuz plugin (admin reply on Chapter Comment), share Chapter URL
#Update: option to exclude specific Manga IDs in Front-Page Template
#Update: shortcode [manga_heading] to have “heading” parameter
#Update: option to specify Site Logo size (to support Google PageSpeed Insights score) – Theme Options > General > Logo Size
#Update: language file
#Fix: search by Alternative Name in Ajax search widget does not return results
#Fix: Ajax Chapter Paged navigation on Safari browser

Version 1.7 – 2021.08.15
#Update: improve WP Manga queries
#Update: support AMP plugin 2.1.3
#Update: “admin download novel” will generate the same .zip file structure as it is uploaded to Madara
#Fix: when edit a chapter, previous chapter values may appear in the fields

Version – 2021.08.03
#Add: option to reverse Blog Post navigation links (Theme Options > Single Post > Reverse Navigation)
#Add: option to hide Blog Post Featured Image and Post Excerpt in Post (Theme Options > Single Post)
#Update: ability to bulk move chapters to different volume
#Update: change lazy-load chapters list call, so it can be cached
#Update: child theme 1.0.2 to remove WP Widget Block Editor mode
#Update: language files for Madara-Core plugin and Madara theme
#Fix: minor bugs
#Fix: Front-Page template settings in WP 5.8

v1.6.6.4 – 2021.06.05
#Add: option to change Summary Layout in each series
#Update: support PHP 8.+
#Update: support Password Protected for all chapters in a series
#Fix: some minor layout bugs

v1.6.5.3 – 2021.02.20
#Add: option navigation Posts in the same taxonomy term (Theme Options > Blog > Blog Navigation – Same Taxonomy Term
#Fix: notice message in Theme Options
#Update: clickable parent link for off-canvas mobile menu
#Update: require minimum 6 characters for username when registering. Able to change this value using Filter

v1.6.5 – 2020.12.10 
#Add: option to disable Manga Views (in Manga Settings)
#Add: option to disable default Login / Register buttons on Header (in Theme Options > Header)
#Add: option to turn off Ajax Manga Search (in Theme Options > Search)
#Add: option to order bookmark items by New Chapter Released Date (in Theme Options > Manga General)
#Add: option to disable Manga Voting for Guests (in Manga Settings)
#Update: comments for chapter will not appear in Manga Comments
#Update: remove duplicated database queries, improve performance
#Update: add rel=”noopener” to Social Links for security enhancement
#Update: Read First/Read Last/Continue Reading buttons are moved to bottom of Manga Detail section on mobile
#Fix: title badge appears in SEO title
#Fix: Chapter Link in Search Results always has “style=paged”
#Fix: Chapters List is hidden on mobile for Novel/Video chapter
#Fix: Video Light on/off feature
#Fix: Next/Prev buttons do not work properly on iOS/Safari