Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress v1.9.9

Lumise Product DesignerTool - WooCommerce/WordPress version is a professional product design tool created with HTML5 and JavaScript. This is the work of Envato's elite writer King-Theme.Lumise is designed to focus on user experience and provide an all-in-one solution for your print services business.Moreover, it offers many powerful special features and user-friendly interface that make it easy for your users to develop any idea.

Demo: HTTPS://code color-product-designer-my commerce-WordPress/21222684

Features: Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress

  • Excellent UI / UX: Lumise is a user-friendly program. We used to be a theme supplier, so we know what works best for consumers. Let's party with Lumise!
  • Prefab Design Templates: Create stunning design templates that can be used for any type of product. Set a fee for it and users can use it with a single click.
  • Inventory of clip art abounds: Do you have any concerns about clip art resources? Let us handle it so you can focus on other things you enjoy.There are more than 2 resource clip art for your clients: Pixabay and Openclipart, each clip art has more than 120k pieces. Amazing stock!
  • Design Export/Import: Customers can export designs and import them from another device to continue working on them or for inspection. You can export designs to build new templates or store them in your own data.It's all about getting used to!
  • Multilingualism: Lumise supports language switching. All languages ​​are managed and automatically translated through the admin panel, where you can add your own translated texts.
  • Support for mobile and tablet devices: Lumise runs as a true native application on mobile and tablet devices that are popular with consumers. Any device can place an order on your website.
  • After checkout, your design will be ready to print:Lumise supports a variety of print output formats, including PDF, SVG, JSON, and PNG. They all render in excellent resolution and are compatible with all printing devices.
  • Internet of Things: Your consumers can already get images from social profiles. We support Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • Carts designed to operate with any system:Lumise has a separate shopping cart system where you can add and update items and your CMS will handle the rest of the checkout process.
  • Desfazer refazer:Developing an app that looks like a desktop program is an excellent way to attract customers. Lumise allows you to redo/undo everything after the design is complete.
  • Text effect:Text can be curved, have a fisheye appearance, slanted, or bumpy, just to name a few.
  • filter effect: The Lumise filter is a handy tool for making local adjustments to your photos.These filters are named after a type of filter used to darken the sky in landscape photography, although their applications go far beyond that.
  • Cropable/editable photos: No matter what your object is, Lumise provides several ways to customize it. Crop photos, use filters, effects to emphasize objects, and even remove backgrounds.
  • Masked layer:Do you want your consumers to see the text? Don't worry, the mask layer will help them get it. This feature is awesome!
  • QR (Quick Response) Code:Personalizing your design with a QR code isn't a bad idea. Microphones that support QR code scanning allow customers' friends to easily access their information.
  • Auto capture:When you move a shape or layer, even if the grid is not visible, it snaps or "snaps" to the closest line intersection to the center point, or it snaps to another picture or layer.
  • editable area: Lumise makes it easy to select editing areas using mouse actions. You can also choose the radius of the area.
  • Supports multiple product types: No matter what your product is, if it has a print position, Lumise can apply a print area to it. Phone cases, sticks, mugs, posters and more... Lumise can handle them all.
  • Calculate the final print cost:Prices depend on the amount of text, colors or graphics used. There are several commonly used calculators for printing services; we offer them all. You can configure them easily.
  • Create product pre-templates: You can develop templates and apply them to products to sell quickly. Your customers only need to change the attribute value before purchasing the item.

Changelog: Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress

Version 2.0
Assistance in calculating the price per line.
Price calculation support for each character.
Ability to compute the price per square inch (cm).
Set font and a color limit for clipart, templates, images, and shapes.
Allows you to select a category for clipart and templates.
Move, remove, rotate, and scale objects are all available (for clipart, template, shape, font).
Allows you to select the component that displays on each product.
Allows you to select the display list of menu options and toolbars.
Update calculate the price with Text, Clipart, Images, Upload.
Update calculate the price with one color.
Update calculate the price with the size of area design.

Version 1.9.9
What's news
Compatible Woocommerce, Wordpress new version and PHP8.
Able to remove the full color column from the Printing type.
View in Lumise editor feature (Woocommerce + Lumise order).
Display color picker table on mobile show up.
The small thumbnail image in the Cart icon does not match the actual design product.
Text is misdirected when selecting alignment.
Stock miscalculation both before and after purchase.
The Library (Images addon) is compatible with the Printing type.
Display design images when utilizing the Share feature.
Download mock-up of a variable product.
"Crop the image” when replacing photos on a mobile device.
Wrong display product color when selecting Start new product.
Compatible with multiple servers to support multi-language translation.

Version 1.9.7
What's news
Multi language for attribute
Change variation in editor
Atribute in product base
Thumbnail of product in editor
Menu on mobile with Chinese
Share design
Button "Update position" for design area in backend

Version 1.9.5
What's news
Change variaiton on Lumise editor(product variable create with Woocommerce)
place to enter the license for addons
Thumbnail stage on editor
Update core to support new version of addon vendor
Update core to support addon Prinful

Version 1.9.3
Curved Text

Version 1.9.2
What's news
Lumise Theme
Confirm the license for addon (vendor + bundle)
Config variation Woocommerce
Count color
Preview custom font with no-latin

Version 1.9
What's news
Support Woocommerce Variable
Export PDF with Bleed and Crop
Download design with base for each product
Editor work on Iframe(include editor on page)
Only show design thumbnail on cart page
Fix bugs
Download include base on editor
Translate language
Attribute package
Improve editzone

Version 1.7.6 (1 Oct 2019)
My design
Mobile mode
Export PDF
Add new template with PNG and JPG file
QR code on mobile
Replace image
Text mask on mobile

Version 1.7.5 (27 Jun 2019)
Product base attributes, more flexible & powerful. Custom price for each option, set default value, advanced quantity
Optimized editor to work with super large images
Auto zoom product to fit the screen
Change the param ?product= to ?product_base= on the editor to fix the error 404
Incorect editzone config after saving product
Large number of variations
Export template: adding params to support the correct display of objects

Version 1.7.3 (2 Dec 2018)
Auto fit product image with screen
Upload large font files
Double objects
Upgrade checkout process
Auto corect font name for custom upload fonts
Upgrade database structures

Version 1.7.1 (22 Oct 2018)
What's new
Variations system allows custom price, printing, design
Addon system, we open hooks & filters for build addons
New attributes system
New "my designs" system & auto save for it
Export fully PDF with vectors
Links view & download designs in emails
Select sizes for printing in product setting
Lock design template, only edit exist objects (an option in tab possition to lock it for Admin only)
Custom JS code from backend to run on editor page
Manage the uploaded images of product base
Thumbnail stage
Print download under png, svg, pdf
Fix bugs
Lost design when checkout again after editting
Portrait / Landcapse size print export
Viewing product in screen sizes and mobile
Setting default google fonts
Google auto transalte API
Print options for downloading
Clear draft after checkout, reset to default design in mobile
Lock design template, only edit exist objects (an option in tab possition to lock it for Admin only)
Link to print in Woocomerce orders
Show Lumise quantity in customer's email order
Clear draft after checkout, reset to default design in mobile
Portrait / Landcapse size print export
Options in print to show all without limit zone

Version 1.6.6 (12 July 2018)
Fix bugs
Fix shipping calculation with Woocommerce
Fix RLT language support on mobile and tablet
Fix Thumbnail error on the cart page(Woocommercer version 3.4.x)
Fix upload template, clipart and product image

Version 1.6 (4 April 2018)
What's new
Set the packages checkout for product base (Place qty for each package at a dynamic price)
Advanced print type size & color, add more or delete column
Export design by inch
Set min/max quantity for total
Set label for stages
Set number of stages
Set the prefix for file name download
Min & max dimensions setting for images can be added
System status
Fix bugs
When checkout, the large data causes db error
Broken the print design link for orders backend
Crop image large width in mobile devices
Scroll select products on mobiles devices
UTF-8 characters, Custom Fonts, Letter spacing for export SVG
Help tabs menu for unicode content
Count colors
Export PDF for large width product
Fully export to SVG for AI (text, images, vectors)
Active the print type as default to avoid error message