LoginPress PRO v2.5.0 (+Addons) – Custom Login Page Customizer

The LoginPress PROThe plugin for WPBrigade contains many fields to change settings in the WordPress login page layout.You can completely change the appearance of the login page, even login error messages, forgotten error messages, registration error messages, password reminder messages, and more.

The LoginPress plugin will make you and your users feel like part of a custom login page and site layout.

The LoginPress plugin is built using the Customizer API, and it is becoming more and more popular to see any changes in the WordPress layout in real time.So, with LoginPress, you can see the changes on the login page immediately.

LoginPress PROLogin setup is very simple and requires no programming skills. Simply specify parameters for each element in the login form and create a new custom login page in seconds

Demo:https://login press.pro/

Funktionen LoginPress PRO - Custom Login Page Customizer

  • WPBrigade's pre-designed templates are simple and one-click away. you can use them
  • Login page supports Google Fonts
  • You can easily change the logo image, update the header text, add links, customize the size and space.
  • Edit the landing page background, add your favorite image to the background. You can add your favorite color
  • You can style login fields, buttons, labels and colors. Almost everything comes in one form.
  • Introduce new reCAPTCHA functionality. Protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass easily.
  • You can change any error message, whether it's a login form, a forgotten password form, or a registration form.
  • Custom CSS areas can customize the login page in a more advanced way.
  • Customize your login page in a more advanced way with our custom JS section. Add your JS there and make your login page more advanced.
  • Add login page footer area in form field

Changelog LoginPress Pro - Custom Login Page Customizer

= v2.5.0 - 9th November, 2020 =
* New Feature: Introducing Google reCAPTCHA V2 Invisible.
* New Feature: Introducing Google reCAPTCHA V3.
* Bugfix: Date formate fix on license key deactivation.
* Compatibility: Compatible with WordPress 5.5

= v2.4.0 - 16th July, 2020 =
* Bugfix: Video background issue on mobile for several templates.
* Bugfix: Google reCaptcha issue resolved on "Password Reset" Form.
* Enhancement: Added a filter `loginpress_prevent_forcelogin` to prevent force login.

= 2.3.3 - 24th June, 2020 =
* Bugfix: Google reCaptcha server base error.
* Enhancement: Sort Google Fonts.

= 2.3.2 - 16th January, 2020 =
* Enhancement: French Language added in LoginPress Pro.

= 2.3.1 - 20th November, 2019 =
Bugfix: Remove typo ";" from login templates.
Enhancement: Update admin email verification layout.

= v2.3.0 - 15th November, 2019 =
New Feature: Added a new PRO animated template.
Compatibility: Compatible with WordPress 5.3
Enhancement: Portuguese (Brazil) Language added in LoginPress Pro

= 2.2.2 - 23rd October, 2019 =
Bugfix: Firefox CSS conflict with premium templates.
Bugfix: License key deactivation.
Enhancement: Added a filter loginpress_exclude_forcelogin to exclude the page's (with: ID or slug) from Force Login feature.
Enhancement: Italian Language added in LoginPress Pro.

= 2.2.1 - 17th August, 2019 =
Bugfix: Download LoginPress Pro - Stuck - when you install LoginPress Pro without Free version.

= 2.2.0 - 10th August, 2019 =
Bugfix: RTL Login templates.
Enhancement: Important Security update.
Enhancement: Update Google reCaptcha supported languages.

= 2.1.5 - 23rd July, 2019
Bugfix: Login form background issue with Corporate Template CSS issue.
Bugfix: SSL issue fix for Add-Ons.