LiveCanvas v2.1.1 – Pure HTML & CSS WordPress Builder

Create pages that load faster and perform better in search engines.

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LiveCanvas is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful web pages that successfully express your message while being lightweight.

No extra CSS or JS bloat: just plain Bootstrap 5.

In your hands is an advanced code editor.

If you don't like page builders in general, LiveCanvas is the only tool that can generate super clean, Bootstrap 5 compatible HTML5 code that you can fine-tune using the built-in live code editor.

You can rely on these technologies

Without vendor lock-in, LiveCanvas allows you to use standard web languages ​​like HTML and CSS in your designs, making you a better web designer, not a "plug-in heap".

Build your own or use inventory blocks.

LiveCanvas allows you to create beautiful web pages visually by combining HTML fragments (what we call "blocks"). It allows you to get started right away by using pre-made blocks or creating your own.Your imagination is boundless!


The advantages of SASS combined with the flexibility of the WordPress customizer

Advanced Responsive Website Layout

Effectively deliver your message to your audience using any device.

As you work on your project, LiveCanvas makes it easy to visually inspect what's happening at each breakpoint.
Rather than fix countless bugs after the fact, use the power of Bootstrap 5 to build things right from the start.

Features: LiveCanvas – Pure HTML & CSS WordPress Builder

  • Small footprint: A complete, turnkey web page creation solution that is also lightweight. No other plugins are required.
  • well made: WordPress with the Picostrap theme provides a solid, simple foundation for your website. No extra JS or CSS in the LiveCanvas plugin!
  • Handcuffs must be removed!: Most WordPress themes and page builders force you to reason with their reasoning. You come to enjoy more freedom. Code farmers are welcome to participate!
  • The front end is the only thing that matters: To modify text and pictures, just click on them. It's a lot more fun than tinkering with the backend to find out which hidden options panel changed the tab.
  • First, keep yourself safe by editing your history: LiveCanvas makes efficient use of the normal WordPress revision system: if you make a mistake, you can undo your work at any time.
  • Shortcodes must be used: Expand your toolset with all the usual suspects: easily insert your favorite well-known shortcodes into your custom designed pages.
  • Visual prototyping in a hurry: Create an easy way to prototype and perfect a great mobile-ready website.
  • HTML refinement and editing: Get all the HTML and CSS code samples you can find on the Internet and try them out in LiveCanvas. You don't have any clear boundaries.
  • Make your own blocks:Create a native library of custom HTML snippets that can be used in future projects.
  • Make headers and footers: If you want, you can build your headers and footers in LiveCanvas instead of using regular WordPress widgets.
  • cool animation: Try out all the HTML and CSS code samples available on the Internet and try them out in LiveCanvas. You don't have any clear boundaries.
  • Unsplash Photo Gallery: At your fingertips is an unlimited, free source of high-quality photos. Everything inside is an excellent source of inspiration. living canvas

Changelog: LiveCanvas – Pure HTML & CSS WordPress Builder

7 Dec 2021
New readymade sections
Added mp4 video block
Faster loading fix
Menu shortcode second level fix
Adds wp-media-id class to responsive images
Updated PUC library
Fixes editing on cover components
Message to alert user about OB problem ("The page loading seems to fail. This is generally due to peculiar host environments. Please reach support for advice.")
Backend Option to disable ob handling
Supports BootScore via options override

19 October 2021
Bugfix: template for lc_cpts is picked from child theme, parent theme, or built-in template

7 October 2021
Responsive images: Width, height and SRCSET on local & unsplash images
Code bar resizing fix
Bugfix: output buffering conditional fix
Better css reset for contextual menus ux
Loads readymades locally

2.0.5​ 28 June 2021
Save to Library feature: save custom sections and blocks from the frontend editor's contextual menus
Better compatibility with extra plugins that leverage shortcodes
Better compatibility with extra plugins that filter the content "violently" via PHP output buffering
Gutenberg Blocks are now being actively parsed (requires PicoStrap5 1.0.1 - or commenting row in picostrap/includes/cleanup.php to restore loading GT styles)

= 2.0.0​ =
28 May 2021
Compatibility with Bootstrap 5, when used with Picostrap5

= v1.8.5 =
No Changelog Found!

= v1.8.4 =
15 Jan 2020
Allow scrolling the preview while having the HTML or CSS editor on screen
Updated to Bootstrap Icons 1.3
[BUGFIX]: Added in get_posts block: output_featured_image_class="card-img-top"
Fixed plugin author tag
[BUGFIX]: delete container
[BUGFIX]: after editing text in asome boxes, scrolling was getting yanky
Learndash compatibility fix

= 1.8.2 =
Better export to HTML: inlines your custom Bootstrap build, and calls AOS for animations if necessary
Added to readymade headers: a header with search field
New default LC Footer with dynamic pages & posts listing
New dynamic pages block in Blocks > Wp Integration
New shortcode to pull custom field values in Blocks > Wp Integration
BUGFIX: Preview position in readymade sections Browser
ENH: Readymades: Header & footer sections are shown only when appropriate, by default
BUGFIX: tabber padding on post loop, images and image bg panels

5 Nov 2020
Picostrap Theme compatibility fix

14 Oct 2020
New features:
New Blocks added: Icons and text, Cards
HTML Code Editor: added button to Go to parent element to easily navigate all your code
Inline SVG icons: extensive support in all prebuilt HTML
Link target field added to Image and SVG icon editing panels so you can assign links to icons and images
To broaden compatibility with more BS4-based WordPress themes, a new backend option has been added to Enforce a built-in single template
UnSplash image search now allows for image format choice
Property groups in properties panel are now an accordion
Properties panel: the class field is enlarged on focus
New keyboard shortcuts
Added HTML lazy loading in gallery readymade sections
Shortcodes are now parsed in gt_blocks
Editor, when launched, adds a class to body of page beinge edited: “livecanvas-is-editing"
Better onboarding theme recommendation message
Image closing tag in posts loop shortcode
In the Preview, some classes like are now "blacklisted" - so that elements stay clickable separately
Sometimes saving error(b) was reported even if saving went good
After deleting elements, properties panel is closed
Adding a row to container, the title row gets lc-block where it should