Listeo v1.8.07 – Directory & Listings With Booking – WordPress Theme

Listeo - Directories and Listings & Bookingswith front-end user control panel,Built-in appointment system, Privacy clutter and many other amazing features!

No paid coverage and no coding knowledge required.

Build a professional directory and classified site such asTripAdvisor, Yelp, Airbnb, booking. com, Tripping, FlipKey, HomeAway or similarare minutes!

➝Free OpenStreetMap support for autocomplete maps and locations -No more using paid Google APIs!


Listeo User Dashboard - Directories and Listings with Subscriptions

Listeo has a user-friendly UI dashboard to easily manage listings, bookings, packages, profile details and private messages.

Advanced booking system

  • Lease: The user can select the check-in date, the number of guests, and send a reservation request to the host. After the server accepts the request, the user can be charged the full amount at the time of booking.The server can manage calendar availability and set different rates for specific days.
  • Service: Through Listeo, users can book restaurants, car washes, barbershops, and more. If the server doesn't set an interval, they can choose a specific date or time.They may also require advance reservations.
  • Event: Online ticketing system for any type of venue or event. Users can add event listings to your website and sell tickets for those events.

Monetize Your Website with Listeo - Use Booked Directories and Listings

Monetizing your website is no longer a myth, anyone can do it. with LisztYou can charge your clients for each listing submission, offer package, or monthly subscription- this is your choice.

That's not all!You can charge for any booking service!

Eg: If the owner of the apartment booking service sets a flat rate of $50 per day and you set a 10% fee for the booking service, you will receive $5 and pay the rest ($45) to the supplier.Suppliers will receive an additional "Wallet" page in the dashboard where they can view a summary of earnings from bookings, payment history and setting up payment methods.

Several card providers

Are you disappointed by the Google Maps API price?You can use alternatives such as OpenStreetMap, MapBox, Bing Maps, Thunderforest or HERE.

Additionally, Listeo supports the location autocomplete provided by OpenStreetMap, which means you don't even need to use the Google API. It's exclusive to Listeo - not in other themes!We developed it carefully using UX/UI best practices and it works as well as Google's autocomplete.

Private Messages - Listeo - Directories & Listings & Bookings

ListeoComes with an intelligent private messaging system where users and list owners can connect with each other.


Users can add reviews to determine the quality of goods and services at local stores. All comments can be moderated or edited. Additionally, owners can reply to comments added by visitors.

automatic notification

You can set up automatic email notifications for reservations, payments, listing expiry, and other notifications. The content of the message can be easily changed in the options!

One-click demo installation

Installing demo content has never been easier. You can install Listeo in just a few clicks!

iCal Sync - Listeo - Directories and Listings & Bookings

The Listeo feature tool allows you to sync your bookings and availability across different platforms.

This This means that if someone makes a booking through Listeo, your availability will change at the time of booking. com or Airbnb CalendarPrevent overbooking and help you stay organized.

Other Unique Features Listeo - Directories and Listings with Bookings

  • Guest and owner user roles
  • google verification code
  • AJAX powered search results
  • View Smart List
  • private information
  • request list function
  • Revolution Slider
  • WP Bakery Page Builder
  • Contact Form 7 Compatible
  • Over 2000+ icons available
  • various types of lists

Changelog: Listeo – Directory & Listings With Booking – WordPress Theme

Version 1.8.05
NEWButton on vendor store header to vendors listings

NEWDark mode support for Dokan

NEWOption to disable selected product categories from Dokan (Listeo Core -> Dokan)

NEWOption to set which user role should have new users if Dokan is active (both Vendors and Owners have the same capabilities)

NEWSmall fixes for Dokan and it’s add-ons (more coming soon plus better support for Dokan Pro)

NEWNew options for how the Keyword Search works (Listeo Core -> Search/Browse Options)

NEWNew “Payment Option” for listing, allows users to not require online payment for booking requests (there’s new email for that too in Listeo Core -> Emails)

FIXFixes for Setup Wizard

FIXFix for mini cart error if WooCommerce is deactivated

FIXFix for coupon prices calculations

FIXFix for date format in listing expiration

FIXFix for formatting issue when editing review

FIXOther minor fixes & improvements

Version 1.8
NEWMulti-Vendor Marketplace
FIXSeveral minor fixes

Version 1.7.07
NEWOption to set default listing thumbnail (Customize -> Listing List Options)
NEWOption to require strong password (Listeo Core -> Registration)
FIXFix for coupons validation
FIXFix for setting wrong status after editing review
FIXFix for slow keyword search
FIXFix for Submit Form issue on PHP 8.0
FIXFix for Setup Wizard issue on PHP 8.0

Version 1.7.03 
WooCommerce Shop Demo → – addon to directory website, site admin can create shop with his own things related to his directory business
UI/UX improvements to cart, checkout and order confirmation page
Some minor issue fixes

Version 1.7.02
PayPal Split Payments! Check how it works and how to configure it
new “External Booking” Widget that adds a Book Now button that can redirect to 3rd party sites, add the field for that to your Add Listing Form using Listeo Editor -> Submit Form, find ‘External Booking link’ field.

Version 1.6.33
Option to display different taxonomies the same way as Features section in single listing. Check Listeo Core -> Single Listing for this new option
Small fixes and improvements for latest functionality changes

Version 1.6.30
New Classifieds Listing type
New Classifieds Owner Widget
Support for GeoApify for geocoding and location based search (Listeo Core -> Map Options)
Option to delete Review in Dashboard -> Reviews
New Instant booking option to require payment first before instant confirmation (Listeo Core -> Booking Options -> ‘For “instant booking option” require payment first to confirm the booking)
{listing_address},{listing_phone},{listing_email} tags available in email templates with booking confirmation
Fix for disappearing avatar
Option to search for listing in My Listings page
Revamped Custom fields for Listing Types with Icon options

Option to connect Listing type taxonomies to Listing Categories

Version 1.6.25
New Taxonomy List widget for Elementor
New email sent to guest after successful payment for booking
Filters for Listing Packages Manager
Option to set language for Google Reviews
Option to show Google Reviews rating instead of Listeo reviews rating
NEWOption to set how long Google Reviews should be cached
Fix for editing booking data in wp-admin -> Bookings
Option to set phone/email fields as required/not required in Listeo Core -> Booking Options
Other small fixes & improvements

Version 1.6.22
NEW Password strength meter on registration form Screenshot
NEW Date range picker remembers selected dates from search forms and they are auto-selected on listing pages in booking widget
FIX for blocking today’s date on availability calendar
FIX for search by date and location issue with ‘post__in’ and ‘post__not_in’
FIX for sort by status in Dashboard -> Bookings
FIX for login popup on booking widget if header login button is disabled

Version 1.6.20
New Home Hage
Google Reviews Implementation – How to use: Google Reviews Docs
Google Maps Address autocomplete now shows also businesses and establishments, not only address
Fix for booking widget calculation not happening if “end time” enabled
Uploading gallery sets automatically first image as Featured, if none is selected
Fix for renewing expired reservations from rental type listing
Showing status of listing on wp-admin -> Listings
Added missing post statuses for Quick Edit on Listings
Fix for Add Listing Pricing table to not be affected by filters from 3rd party plugins
Fix for currency on Listings menu section
Fixed translations for Listeo Elementor
Fixed stripslashes for Listeo Form editor on custom options field
Added option to sort listings alphabetically (Listeo Core -> General)
Fix for pagination on Listing Packages
Fix for some widgets using deprecated Scheme_Color on newest Elementor

Version 1.6.18
Fix for booking outside of opening hours in timepicker booking option
Fix some translations in Listeo Elementor

Version 1.6.15
WooCommerce update
Improvements for Bookings admin screen
Fix for custom currency filter in pricing section
Option to set default value for some elements in Listeo Editor -> Add Listing Form
RevolutionSlider update
Fix for rental date range availability issue when selecting as end date the start date of other booking
Fix for individual coupons validation
Fix for translation of ranges in date range picker in Bookings page
New Listing Package Manager (in Listeo Editor) where you can edit to which package listing is assigned
Fix for required input in user registration

= Version 1.6.11 =
Important security updates
Improvements for ical sync

= Version 1.6.07 =
Fix for icon picker in categories
Fix for payment due date not including timezone
Fix for expiration date calculation when changing package for listing

= Version 1.6.06 =
Fix for Packages Manager
Several fixes for glitches with Listing Packages Options and dark mode

= Version 1.5.05 =
Fix for new select2 placeholders
Fix for select2 multiple CSS issue
Fix for double review notice
Fix for Expired bookings
Fix for recaptcha v3 on reviews

= Version 1.5.04 09/01/2021 =
NEW: Replaced dropdowns script to more user friendly & working on mobile devices solution (chosen.js with select2)
– make sure to clear cache after that update

= Version 1.5.03 07/01/2021 =
Fix for wrong calculation of Total Cost in booking
Fix for disappearing map in Firefox
Fix for number format on already formatted numbers

= Version 1.5 - 18/12/2020 =
NEW: Elementor Compatibility!
NEW: Possibility to use custom SVG Icons in listing categories
NEW: Option to disable heavy-weight icon set (saving over 1.5MB)
NEW: Updated FontAwesome v4 to v5

= Version 1.4.4 =
NEW: New home page template
NEW: Editing review will make it status change to pending now
NEW: Latest version of WPBakery and RevolutionSlider included