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Lists - WordPress guide and list themeA lot of time was spent providing extensive information, clearing up common misunderstandings, and developing step-by-step procedures to make it easier for everyone.Customize your website to your liking and you'll be surprised how useful Listar is.

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With this brand new version, you're sure to impress your audience with unique answers.Listar will help you manage a directory website, no matter how big or popular it is, in a great/great way.

Have you started a business recently? Listar - WordPress directory and listing theme invites you to try and grow with it.It's not just for business: this ongoing project needs to implement a number of predefined upgrades as soon as possible...


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All images used in the theme samples are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the final product.After installing the theme and (optionally) importing the demo content (grey), all images will be blank.


Listar is a WordPress directory theme with a unique style that emphasizes color contrasts, smooth curves, and eye-catching animations.The Bootstrap Grid System is used to power the layout, ensuring quick adaptation and a great navigation experience on any modern device or browser.

You can use Listar to design your own listing directory from scratch and doesn't require any technical expertise.You can arrange these listings by category and region, add facilities, post photo galleries, register addresses (locations) so you can create maps, and more.

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Listar - WordPress Directory and Listing Theme has received a lot of positive feedback since its release.We just wanted to say thank you to every customer who took the time to submit such valuable feedback.We promise to do our best and add more features and upgrades over time.

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Changelog: Listar – WordPress Directory and Listing Theme

Oct 25, 2021 – v1.5.3.1
> Quick Fix : Auto-login and page redirect after user registration and password reset.

Oct 19, 2021 – Version 1.5.3
> Added : Link (URL) field for Pricing Menu items.
> Added : Theme Options to set the initial zoom level for maps.
> Added : Theme option to control if the first accordion section of a single listing content must be pre-opened by default.
> Added : Page Option to set the minimum screen width for front page hero video.

> Fixed : Issue with Google Social Login. Requires manual plugin update: upload/unzip the Listar Social Login plugin to "wp-content/plugins/" folder.
> Fixed : Counter issue for listing terms (regions, categories, amenities).

Sep 20, 2021 – Version 1.5.2
> Added : Hero video for front page header. Accepts Youtube, Vimeo and .MP4 link.
> Added : Setting fields to front end page: set the start and end time for the hero video.
> Added : 08 new theme options to configure the listing search.
> Fixed : Flickering issue with main menu drop down.
> Improved : Listing search algorithm and search queries for better performance.

Jun 21, 2021 – Version
> Fixed : Minor issues raised after last theme update.

Apr 21, 2021 – Version
> Quick Fix : For issues raised from last update, related to Marketplace and Listar Pagespeed.

Apr 18, 2021 – Version 1.4.7
> Notice : The new version of Listar Directory was just launched, all theme previews will be updated shortly to reflect the new features.
> Added : New Front End Dashboard.
> Added : Marketplace integration. Listing owners can create stores and sell products. Website owner set comissions and make profit with third party stores.
> Added : Store Inquiries and Notifications.
> Added : Sidebars for Woocommerce Archive and Woocommerce product pages.
> Added : Optional breadcrumbs for Woocommerce pages.
> Added : Theme options to configure Woocommerce sidebar positions.
> Added : Vendors widget to list Marketplace stores.
> Added : Shopping menu for Theme Options page.
> Added : Marketplace menu for Theme Options page.
> Added : Stats charts for Marketplace stores and Administrators.
> Added : Vendors can create their own discount Coupons.
> Added : New menu links for logged in users (administrator and vendors): Become a Vendor, Marketplace Dashboard, Marketplace Settings, Store Dashboard and Store Settings.
> Added : Listing owners can create articles for blog via new Front End Dashboard.
> Added : Integration of Listar Pagespeed settings with WP Fastest Cache plugin.
> Added : New 'Videos And Other Media' fields for listing submission form, allowing mixed gallery of multiple videos and iframes.
> Added : Theme option to preset rating stars for the rating categories.

> Fixed : Issue with Operating Hours for Safari browser (Add Listing form).
> Fixed : Rest slowness when saving listings with the WordPress back end editor.
> Fixed : Issue with Jetpack form VS Listing Review form.
> Fixed : Importing issues raised after latest updates for One Click Demo Import plugin.

> Improved : Change the position (left/right) for blog and shop sidebars.
> Improved : Replaced Powered Cache by WP Fastest Cache as recommended cache plugin. Just activate Listar Pagespeed in Theme Options, no need to configure WP Fastest Cache (except CDN details).
> Improved : Listar automatic cache generator converted to hidden Cron task, no more need to watch the process.
> Improved : Multiple videos (video gallery) are now available and not limited for Youtube: Vimeo and direct link for video files (like .mp4) will be accepted.
> Improved : Sequential third party plugin setup wizard launch after first theme install: Marketplace setup and Woocommerce setup.
> Improved : Interface for listing form fields on WordPress editor (back end).
> Improved : All required pages are now created automatically for Woocommerce, WP Jobmanager and other plugins.

Apr 05, 2021 – v1.4.6.3
> Quick Fix : For One Click Demo Import recent changes.
> Quick Fix : For Jetpack comments module.
> Official Update : Intended for next 10 days, delayed because of complex integration with a third party plugin. Very relevant features coming soon!

Fev 25, 2021 – Version
> Quick Fix : JavaScript height equalization for columns of squared Call to Action widgets.
> Quick Fix : Minor design issues related to the last update.

Fev 05, 2021 – Version
> Fixed : Fail issue while updating the theme.