JetTabs - Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder v2.1.15

JetTabsis an efficient plugin that allows adding stylish tabs and accordion blocks to web pages and enriching them with various content that can be built using Elementor widgets.The plugin is easy to use and customize, with multiple styling options.

Discover new horizons in building content with the JetTabs plugin. This powerful pluginElementor Live Page BuilderUse to create labels, accordion blocks and even image accordions with vertical and horizontal layouts.
When using JetTabs, you'll be surprised how easily you can create content and put it into well-structured tabs and accordion blocks, while making your web pages look clean and elegant.

use with elements

The JetTabs widget allows adding content using the Elementor live page builder.You can add images, text paragraphs, headings, dividers and many other content elements to tabs and accordion blocks by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired area.


Take the opportunity to create tabs and enrich them with a variety of content built with Elementor using gorgeous tab widgets that make it possible to organize content in a smart way and make it look sleeker.

Classic accordion

If you're optimizing the look of your web pages and want to create classic blocks with expanded content created with Elementor, the accordion block will be a milestone in your creative work.

Image accordion

Explore the opportunity to enrich the accordion blocks with vivid images.This widget is designed for building creative and eye-catching content that puts all the goodies in one place at a time.


Enjoy an easy-to-use block switcher that works with templates built with Elementor and displays them, giving visitors the ability to switch between content!

vertical and horizontal layout

Experiment with different layouts and find one you like to deliver ideas the way you need them!With JetTabs you don't have any limitations in organizing your content, these widgets make the process not only easy but worthwhile to provide vertical and horizontal layouts for different things.

Rich style settings

JetTabs is the perfect solution for those who value style and want their content to be perfectly structured.The plugin has various styling settings that allow changing typography, colors, adding box shadows and borders.

perfect design

You really don't need to learn coding to create your page's unique design using JetTabs with the Elementor live page builder.See for yourself how easily everything can be done with just a ton of styling and content options!

fully responsive

JetTabs gives you the opportunity to make your website content fully responsive. It will look great on a variety of screens, whether it's desktop, tablet or mobile.

RTL support

With JetTabs you can change the text direction from left to right to right to left! Its widgets fully support RTL and are easy to use no matter what language the user speaks.


JetTabs is a multilingual plugin that is really easy to use for people all over the world! use with itWPML pluginEnjoy it in your native language!

Changelog JetTabs - Elements and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder

[2.1.15]( - 20.12.2021
* Fixed: rtl compatibility
* Fixed: minor issues

[v2.1.14]( - 02.12.2021
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2911](
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#3351](
* Fixed: widgets compatibility with new breakpoints
* Fixed: rtl compatibility
* Fixed: minor issues

* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2584](
* Fixed: prevent php warning

## [2.1.12] - 04.03.2021
* Fixed: [Crocoblock/suggestions#2751](

## [2.1.11] - 03.03.2021
* Added: JS triggers on ajax load template
* Fixed: image alt attribute in the Image accordion widget
* Fixed: Elementor 3.1.2 compatibility issue

[v2.1.10] - 14.11.2020
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.4

[2.1.9] - 11.11.2020 
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.3

[v2.1.8] - 06.10.2020
* Update: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.0

[v2.1.7] - 17.07.2020
* Added: ability using dynamic tags in the Image Accordion widget
* Added: [Crocoblock/suggestions#651](
* Updated: JetDashboard Module to v1.0.16
* Fixed: prevent Rest API error notice

[v2.1.6] - 25.05.2020
* Added: filter hooks for compatibility with the JetPlugin Dynamic Data Addon plugin

[v2.1.5] - 14.05.2020
* Added: multiple improvements
* Fixed: the ability to change the tab by clicking on the anchor link

[v2.1.4] - 30.03.2020
* Added: `Control CSS ID` control in the Tabs and Accordion widgets
* Added: responsive control to the Orientation control in the Image Accordion widget
* Fixed: minor js issues