JetStyleManager - Style manager for Crocoblock plugins v1.3.4

Manage Elementor page style settings

You'll love Elementor's JetStyleManager!

Full control over page styles

Define a specific set of style settings that can be used to change the appearance of the widgetElementor editor

Efficient server memory usage

Choose loads of lower editor levels with certain styling settings while improving your website performance

A new approach to management

Create, save pre-styled skins for Jet widgets for further use and reduce the time to style page layouts.

Speed ​​up your website

make the page loadYour website is 20-30% faster. Change the styling options available in Elementor by setting the editor load level feature for each installed Jet plugin.

Protect page design from unwanted changes

Define the number of styles for Jet widgets in Elementor and protect clients' websites from unwanted styling modifications. Make sure your styles are locked and preserved.

Reduce page styling time

Use a great opportunity to create, save and then apply a properly designed widget skin to the corresponding widget on any Elementor-built page and skip the styling phase.

Changelog JetStyleManager - Style manager for Crocoblock plugin

## 1.3.3
* UPD: sanitize function

## 1.3.2
* FIX: WP error in font manager

* FIX: WP error in font manager

## 1.3.0
* FIX: Saving post meta
* FIX: Font manager

* ADD: Integrated google fonts in typography control

* FIX: Block wrapper

## 1.1.4
* FIX: Typography control

* FIX: Up init action priority in gutenberg style manager

* FIX: Condition logic in gutenberg style manager

## 1.1.0
* ADD: Gutenberg compatibility
* ADD: Languages default file