JetReviews - Reviews Widget for Elementor Page Builder v2.2.4

JetReviewsis a plugin for Elementor live page builder that helps to create comment blocks and rating bars in an intuitive and easy way.It allows building content with multiple styles and using different layouts for rating and comment blocks.

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JetReviews is a plugin for the Elementor live page builder that adds a reviews widget to the widget panel.You can drag and drop it to create comment content and place it anywhere on the page built withElementor.


Comment widgets are just what you need when considering adding an eye-catching rating bar and comment block that displays percentages, stars, and more.With just a few clicks, this widget has various ways to express your thoughts and share your views on different issues.

fully responsive

The plugin has a fully responsive look that makes it ideal for almost all types of screens, from mobile devices to tablets and desktops.

elegant design

If you are looking for a very powerful plugin to showcase reviews and create attractive ratings, this is it. Its design is well thought out to meet your needs.


One of the main advantages of JetReviews is that you can personalize its style to match your general web page appearance.

tipografia ordinata

When using JetReviews, you will be able to set a specific font for the Review widget block, customize font size, font weight, text decorations and many other things that define the impression the text makes.

Lots of layouts to choose from

By changing the position of the blocks, you will be able to create different comment layouts that look exactly the way you want.


Choose any color you want to use as the look of the comment widget and make it sparkle!

No requiere codificación

Don't bother learning to code to create beautiful comment blocks. With JetReviews, everything can be done using the Review widget interface.

Changelog JetReviews - Reviews widget for Elementor Page Builder

- Added: more label options for review listing widget
- Updated: minor fixes

- Updated: minor fixes

- Fixed: prevent php notices
- Fixed: RTL issues

- Updated: minor fixes

- Added: Users review source
- Added: JetEngine listing integration
Added: JetEngine Query Builder integration
- Added: Aggregate rating structure data
- Updated: minor fixes

- Updated: minor fixes

- Added: Expanded opportunities for guests
- Added: Review/Comments User verification
- Added: Stars type input rating for review form
- Added: pagination for review listing widget
- Added: Post metadata tools section
- Added: reCaptcha v3

- Updated: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.2


- Updated: pot file
- Updated: minor fixes


- Added: Advanced Review widget containing the Leave a review button, the List of approved reviews, the ability to comment the reviews by administrator.
- Added: JetReviews dashboard to WordPress console.
- Added: the ability to assign custom settings for every available post and adjust the behavior conditions for the reviews;
- Added: ability to rate and comment every review;
- Added: custom tables to store the reviews, metadata, comments, etc.
- Added: the ability to reply to both registered and guest users (optionally);
- Added: the ability to create review types. E.g., building a structure of fields with rating parameters.