JetMenu v2.1.4 - Mega Menu for Elementor Page Builder

Even beginners can cope with building amega meniu using JetMenuinsert. This piece is also suitable for developers because of its multiple customization options, great intuitive interface and dazzling features!

Its main feature is the ability to build attractive menus with the JetMenu plugin without coding skills. Everything can be done in a smooth and simple way with its pre-built functions.

JetMenu Unleash your potential when creating uncommon mega menu items. And the process is fairly simple and has a lot in common with building pagesElementor. In fact, the same modules can be added to the menu as when using Elementor and populating the page with content.

This awesome menu plugin will make you want to discover your own creativity because it has so many versatile appearance settings.Add shadows to your mega menus, create dropdown menu items, use adjustable padding and borders, apply bold badges and use flexible backgrounds to create truly professional menus that will make a first impression on your website!

JetMenu has many more fancy features like really rich bright colors, multiple icons when designing menus.Menus created with the JetMenu plugin will be fully responsive, sharing the same responsiveness as the well-known Elementor content builder plugin.

Changelog JetMenu - Mega Menu for Elementor Page Builder

v2.1.4 - 19.11.2021
* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue

## 2.1.3 - 22.10.2021
* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue

## 2.1.2 - 08.10.2021
* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue

v2.1.1 - 04.09.2021
* Added: Additional style options for mega widget
* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue

v2.1.0 - 09.09.2021
* Added: Revamp Menu feature
* Updated: JetMenu refactoring and reengineering code
* Updated: Brand new Mega Menu widget
* Updated: Admin panel UI
* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue

## 2.0.9 - 03.03.2021
* Fixed: Elementor 3.1.2 compatibility issue

v2.0.8 - 18.11.2020
* Updated: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.4
* Added: Woocommerse compatibility integration module

v2.0.7 - 3.11.2020
* Updated: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.2
* Added: Use cache for tempate content option
* Fixed: iconpicker control iconset visible bug
* Fixed: RTL megamenu container position relative to item
* Fixed: WPML menu language swither for mobile menu
* Fixed: Elementor custom fonts console error

v2.0.6 - 6.10.2020
* Updated: JetDashboard Module to v2.0.0

v2.0.5 - 20.07.2020
* Added: Sub items dropdown layout for mobile view
* Added: Close After link navigation option for mobile menu
* Added: item attr compatibility for mobile menu items
* Added: keyboard compatibility for mobile menu instance
* Updated: Mobile view toggle button loader
* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue

v2.0.4 - 24.04.2020
* Added: Menu item icon svg option
* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue

v2.0.3 - 13.04.2020
* Updated: Ajax get menu item request. 12 hour transit cache has been added
* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue

v2.0.2 - 06.04.2020
* Added: Show Sub Menu Trigger option for mobile menu, now you can choose, which element could be a sub item trigger, menu item or submenu icon
* Added: Toggle position option for mobile menu(slide-out layout), now you can choose toggle global position on window screen( default, fixed-left, fixed-right )
* Added: Mobile menu items padding option to elementor widgets
* Added: Mobile menu elementor templates style options to elementor widgets
* Added: Mobile menu items state style options to widgets
* Fixed: minor JS/PHP issue