JetFormBuilder - Select Autocomplete Addon v1.0.3

Adjustment of dynamic autofill values ​​in select field types.

Autofill select fields and save time

Select Autocomplete is a JetFormBuilder plugin that suggests possible options for matching an input to a Select field type. Can be applied to any front-end form, but only for select fields.

Supplement the plugin's type-ahead search behavior with an AJAX loading option.

You can receive the latest data every time you make a request to the server. For busy sites, it's a win-win.Opt-in to autocomplete for shipping and billing forms, order submissions, booking forms, and more.

Changelog: JetFormBuilder – Select Autocomplete Addon

## 1.0.3
* Tweak: Removed unnecessary hook

## 1.0.2
* Tweak: add license manager

## 1.0.1
* FIX: allowed guests to use autocomplete
* Tweak: added js hook `jet.fb.select_autocomplete.options`