JetFormBuilder - Save Form Progress Addon v1.0.4

Prevent lost form progress

Save Form Progress is a JetFormBuilder plugin that automatically saves form progress if there is any interruption.This is a browser-specific plugin for logged in users and visitors.By enabling only one toggle called "Save Form Progress", you'll be able to protect job requisitions, orders, support requests, incident registrations, investigations, request a quote, and other form types.

Local storage of form values

Saving form values ​​to local storage means that the form progress will be stored in the browser and linked to the form ID.


Calculation results can be pre-saved and further updated based on data entered in table fields.

Triggering conditions

The plugin is meant to save triggered form conditions that match the data inserted into the form fields.

Active step in a multi-step form

If the form is abandoned, the completed steps will remain visible on the progress bar.

Uploaded media files

The plugin saves all media files attached to the form before breaking.

autocomplete fields

Save data in select fields (select autocomplete plugin) and address (address autocomplete plugin).

Changelog JetFormBuilder - Save Form Progress Plugin

## 1.0.4
* Tweak: Removed unnecessary hook

## 1.0.3
* Tweak: add license manager

## 1.0.2
* ADD: Ability to clear local storage on successful form submission

## 1.0.1
* FIX: Get form id on change value