JetFormBuilder - Address Autocomplete Addon v1.0.5

A dynamic plugin that suggests up to 5 locations to autofill address fields.

Address autocomplete field block

A new field type appears in the field settings. For smooth operation, please select this field type in the form settings.

Allow multiple countries

You are welcome to set search restrictions for multiple countries at the same time.

custom style

Apply styling settings to the Google Maps search widget built into Elementor and Gutenberg.

different place types

Limit the places to search by these five place types - Geocode, Address, Institution, Region, City.

Changelog JetFormBuilder - Address Autocomplete Plugin

## 1.0.5
* FIX: compatibility with JetEngine Maps
* Tweak: Removed unnecessary hook

## 1.0.4
* FIX: Unable to switch to the next page in multi-step form

## 1.0.3
* Tweak: add license manager

## 1.0.2
* FIX: Correct saving global options

## 1.0.1
* ADD: The ability to disable google maps api js