JetElements Dynamic Data Addon - Use Dynamic Data in JetElements Widgets v1.3.1

JetElements dynamic data plugin. The key to adding dynamic content to JetElements widgets
once you useJetElements, You can add different types of content+40Multifunctional widget. combineJetThemeCorePlugins and "magic button" functionality, JetElements becomes a more powerful tool.

You canmagic button" library.

However, so far, it's all about static content and how it looks.
With JetEnginePlugins, now everything has changed, the Crocoblock team has finally introduced the idea of ​​using dynamic content, not only inElementor, But also in the JetElements widget.
Right now, there is7Basic JetElements widget that supports dynamic content provided by JetEngine:

  • Advanced Carousel;
  • image layout;
  • folder;
  • price list;
  • лизгач;
  • recommend;
  • timeline.

Each of these widgets can output dynamic content added using JetEngine.


This feature is highly needed when displaying recommendations, price lists, schedules for projects or activities.
Just imagine how easy it becomes to manage your client's testimonials, when everyone needs to make changes or add new testimonials, just type in what's already setmeta field(Or, say,Repeater field) From the WordPress dashboard.

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Download JetElements Dynamic Data Addon - Using Dynamic Data Nulled in JetElements Widgets v1.3.1

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