JetCompareWishlist For Elementor WordPress Plugin v1.4.3

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Miscellaneous Product Area

Select the parameters for which you want to compare products.

Advantages of logged in users

Wishlists are reserved for registered customers only.


if you are aElementos ProUsers, you can still use this plugin as it is fully Pro compatible.

Passen Sie ein beliebiges Element an

You can even adjust the smallest details of your website using the features of JetCompareWishlist.

Compare button

Let your customers add cherished products to the comparison table.

wish list button

Use this widget to add a wish button to enable your customers to save their favorite items.

Compare count button

The number of products added to the comparison table is now within your sight.

wish list count button

You can never have enough wishes. This button lets you know how many items have been added to your wishlist.


Build a comparison table to simplify user selection.


With this widget, you can display a wish list on your page.

Changelog for Elementor WordPress Plugin JetCompareWishlist

* Fixed: Minor bugs.

### 1.4.2
* Fixed: Missed buttons icons in JetWooBuilder Products List/Grid widget.

### 1.4.1
* Fixed: Elementor motion effects in Wishlist widget;
* Fixed: Widget localize data.

* Added: Compatibility with Elementor Custom Breakpoint;
* Added: Hide empty count functionality in Count Button widgets;
* Added: Cookie store type;
* Fixed: Wishlist & Compare Buttons widget in listing grid with the source of WC_Product_Query.

### 1.3.5
* Updated: String translation;
* Updated: Register widgets category;
* Fixed: Critical error after the product added to list was deleted form site;
* Fixed: Wishlist&Compare Buttons after ajax loading.

### 1.3.4
* Added: Text trim functionality for wishlist title;
* Added: Elementor require version warning;
* Updated: JetDashboard to 2.0.6;
* Updated: String translation.

* Added: Additional output validation;
* Fixed: Functionality for not login users;

* Updated: JetDashboard options labels;
* Fixed: Count buttons SVG icons color;
* Fixed: Buttons display in up-sales archive cards when variation chosen;
* Fixed: WooCommerce hooks for themes compatibility.

### 1.3.1
* Updated: String translation;
* Fixed: DB Updater.

### 1.3.0
* Added: Wishlist widget card presets;
* Added: Upgrader;
* Fixed: Not a product ID in Compare&Wishlist sessions;
* Fixed: Wishlist widget remove button position when featured image is empty.

### 1.2.4 
* Added: filter `jet-cw/template-functions/compare-custom-field/$field_key` for handling custom fields values;
* Tweak: Compare and Wishlist getting data;
* Fixed: Minor bugs.

* Added: Custom fields in Compare Table widget;
* Added: Difference controls in compare table widget;
* Updated: JetDashboard to 2.0.6;
* Updated: String translation;
* Fixed: WPML module error;

* Added: JetWooBuilder product card template in Wishlist widget;
* Added: Cell highlight functionality in the Compare Table widget;
* Updated: JetDashboard 2.0.5;
* Updated: String translation;
* Fixed: wrong products counter when added product not publish;
* Fixed: Undefined variable in quick view popup;
* Fixed: Compare table scrolling.