JetBooking - Booking functionality for Elementor v2.3.5

Great for those who want to offer rentals or reservations or services on a daily basis

Create product pages and listings in just a few clicks

Connect the booking plugin withJetEngine, JetThemeCore or ElementorProYour page is ready!

Filter your projects by availability, attribute characteristics, and more

Discover how flexible all JetBooking's options are, allowing you to set conditions and features that allow your visitors to choose and find items based on their needs and requirements.

Create an extended booking form

Enrich your website with eye-catching booking forms, the easiest way to gather all the required information from your visitors, so you can handle it from the backend.

Customize booking notifications after sending the form
Use JetBooking with best-in-class services to sync your schedule, automate processes and add hooks to your forms.

  • Google Calendar
  • Integromat
  • Zapier

Changelog JetBooking - Booking feature of Elementor

* FIX:Synchronizing calendars

## 2.3.4
* FIX:Error of check-in-out fields when submitting a form

* FIX: JetFormBuilder compatibility

* FIX: Price per 1 day/night

* FIX: iCal compatibility

* ADD: JetFormBuilder plugin compatibility

* ADD: Default apartment price value
* FIX: Booking Availability Calendar

* FIX: Init check-out field

* FIX: Check-in/check-out field in booking form

## 2.2.0
* FIX: iCal post count
* ADD: Select the first day of the week
* ADD: compatibility with php 5.6 +

## 2.1.2
* UPD: Added localization file

* FIX: WC product creation.