JetBlog - Blogging Package for Elementor Page Builder v2.2.15

JetBlog is a powerful plugin that allows to enrich website pages with stylish content widgets.It displays your posts in the form of eye-catching and easily customizable text codes, smart tiles and smart lists.

Take your blog to a whole new level with the JetBlog plugin. It is specially designed for creating blog pages and adding multifunctional content modules.JetBlog is easy to use, allowing drag and drop to add content in minutes.This module is also perfect for web developers who want to add dynamic blog content to web pages and style them easily.

JetBlog will assist you with content customization, changing the content appearance to your liking, and creating full-fledged pages with posts, video layouts, and text code.Become an expert in creating blog pages and blog content with JetBlog! You don't even have to learn to code in order to use it, as everything can be done using its intuitive interface.

Changelog JetBlog - Blog package for Elementor Page Builder

* Fixed: widgets compatibility with new breakpoints
* Fixed: RTL issues

## [2.2.14]
* Fixed: prevent php warning
* Fixed: post title/meta typography issue
* Fixed: slick js dependencies issue

* Update: JetDashboard module to v2.0.8
* Added: output validation for html tags settings
* Added: Elementor compatibility tag
* Fixed: RTL and minor styles issues

* Update: JetDashboard module to v2.0.4

* Update: JetDashboard module to v2.0.

* Update: JetDashboard module to v2.0.2
* Fixed: Text ticker widget on safari
* Fixed: excerpt length on ajax in the Smart Posts List widget
* Fixed: compatibility with Elementor 3.0

* Added: `Order` and `Order by` controls in the Smart Posts List and Smart Posts Tiles widgets
* Fixed: prevent js error

* Added: an ability filter posts by terms for Custom post types
* Fixed: `Available Widgets` options
* Fixed: [Crocoblock/suggestions#1324](

* Added: an ability to use the %current_id% macros to exclude current post

* Added: `To Top` control in the Smart Posts List widget
* Fixed: not working pagination for CPT in the Smart Posts List widget

* Added: `Posts Offset` control in the Smart Posts List widget
* Added: an ability to use dynamic tags in the `Include posts by IDs` and `Exclude posts by IDs` controls
* Added: multiple improvements
* Fixed: [Crocoblock/suggestions/#970](